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Clyde Gateway. Presentation East End Housing Associations Forum Keith Pender Project Manager, Glasgow City Council. Introduction.

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clyde gateway

Clyde Gateway


East End Housing Associations Forum

Keith Pender

Project Manager, Glasgow City Council

  • Clyde Gateway is a major regeneration project covering the inner east end of the City and crossing the River Clyde to include parts of South Lanarkshire. It extends to approximately 830 hectares (2050 acres).
  • There were 5 main partners involved in the strategic development of the project, namely:
    • Glasgow City Council
    • Scottish Enterprise National
    • Scottish Enterprise Glasgow
    • Scottish Enterprise Lanarkshire
    • South Lanarkshire Council

However, since the preparation of the business plan, Communities Scotland has been invited to play a full part of the emerging project strategy and is regarded as a full partner. Other organizations may also be invited to participate at partner level once the strategy is more defined.

why clyde gateway
Why Clyde Gateway?
  • Opportunity
    • M74 and East End Regeneration Route
    • extensive vacant and derelict land, providing capacity for growth
    • Proximity to City Centre

- 12 Miles of Waterfront Land

    • National Indoor Sports Arena / leisure uses.
  • Need
    • Population declining faster than rest of city / region
    • Low economic activity – only half working age in employment
    • Nearly 30% of derelict land in Glasgow / South Lanarkshire
    • Significant drainage infrastructure and contamination constraints

But requires commitment & major Public Sector intervention.

goals and objectives
Goals and Objectives
  • Goal 1. Create Sustainable Place Transformation
  • exploit benefits of major roads infrastructure
  • create a high quality safe environment
  • develop quality in building and public realm
  • address the issues of contaminated, vacant and derelict land
  • reverse migration and increase population
  • promote urban design quality
  • Goal 2. Increase Economic Activity
  • create economic opportunity
  • promote an inclusive, skilled and adaptable workforce
  • create jobs and opportunity for local people
  • increase economic participation rates
  • diversify the local economic base
  • promote business efficiency measures
goals and objectives5
Goals and Objectives
  • Goal 3. Develop Community Capacity
  • engage with local communities
  • secure re-population
  • develop skills and learning programmes to support community participation
  • secure partnership working to deliver community programmes
strategic context
Strategic Context
  • Clyde Gateway is one of 3 flagship initiatives within Glasgow Metropolitan Area
  • Priority within Glasgow and Clyde Valley Structure Plan
  • Priority within National Planning Framework for Scotland

Locational Context





what is clyde gateway

Key Facts

What is Clyde Gateway?

Total Project Area

Approx. 830 hectares

(2050 acres)







Isle of Dogs

progress to date
Progress to Date
  • July 2003 – Project Manager appointed
  • September 2003 – Masterplanner, Economic Consultant and Geotechnical/Transport Consultant appointed
  • June 2004 – draft Development Framework presented
  • August 2004 – Ernst and Young appointed to prepare business case
  • December 2004 – project signed off by Steering Group, to be ratified by partners’ Committees and Boards
net investment programme
Net Investment Programme
  • Expenditure
    • Acquisitions £40 million
    • Strategic £88 million
    • Infrastructure £69 million
    • Professional fees £11 million
    • Sub total £208 million
  • Income
    • Land Receipts £119 million
    • Less developer abnormals £44 million
    • Net income £75 million
  • Total Net Investment £133 million
economic returns
Economic Returns

Total New Investment £1.6 billion

New employment 22,000 FTE

Of which local people 5,500 FTE

Increase in GDP from new employment £477 million

Increase in Income from new employment £378 million

Increase in Local Tax Revenue £15 million per annum

Construction employment 5,240

Of which training places 525



Over 25 years

What is a realistic market share for Gateway to target?

  • Business Space – 400,000 Sq M:
      • 10% Regional share; 30% City share
  • Residential – 10,000 housing units:
      • 7% Regional share; 13% City share
  • Commercial/Retail
      • Local markets only
  • Leisure/Sport
      • National/Regional projects
  • Public Investment10 years
  • Outcomes 25 years
  • Critical milestones
    • M74 decision March 05
    • EERR planning submission Nov 04
    • National Arena decision Confirmed
    • M74 Business Relocations Operational
    • Statutory Adoption of Masterplan Underway
    • Acquisition Strategy Underway
outline delivery structure
Outline Delivery Structure

Strategic Board

Key Public Sector Partners

(SE; GCC; SLC; CS; Scot Exec)

Clyde Gateway




Executive Team

Management; Project Development; Delivery;



Scottish Water




New Leaf


Local HA

Education Authority

East End Partnership

Operational Delivery

Partnership Group


Delivery Plan

  • Clyde Gateway is an ambitious 25 year programme to regenerate the East End of Glasgow and parts of South Lanarkshire
  • It will involve a multi agency partnership concerned with physical development, business development, development and re-skilling of local people and community involvement
  • The aim is to transform the area into one where it becomes a sought after city location, establishing itself as one of the foremost places in West Scotland to live and work, supporting Glasgow’s ambition to be a world class city region