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Chain Inspection & Maintenance

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Chain Inspection & Maintenance - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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TM. Chain Inspection & Maintenance. If Chains Are Not Carefully Inspected for Wear And Properly Maintained, Ultimately They Will Fail. What Will Chain Inspection and Proper Maintenance Do For Your Lift Truck Fleet?. Determine Chain Condition Promote Maximum Service Life of Chain.

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what will chain inspection and proper maintenance do for your lift truck fleet
What Will Chain Inspection and Proper Maintenance Do For Your Lift Truck Fleet?
  • Determine Chain Condition
  • Promote Maximum Service Life of Chain
determine chain condition
Determine Chain Condition
  • Elongation
  • Rust Corrosion
  • Cracked Plates
  • Protruding Pins
  • Misalignment
  • Chain Anchor and Sheave Wear or Damage
  • Chain elongated 3% or more should be replaced

This lengthening of the chain could reduce its strength by as much as 18%

chain wear gauge
Chain Wear Gauge
  • This tool is used to measure the lengthening of chains
  • When the points on the gauge appear at the center of the pin ends, the chain condition is acceptable
  • If the points on the gauge appear opposite the center of the pin ends, the chain is worn out and should be replaced
rust corrosion
Rust Corrosion
  • May cause side plate cracking and reduced load carrying capacity
  • Chains must always be completely protected by a film of lubricant
cracked plates
Cracked Plates
  • Repeated heavy loads over a period of time may crack the plates and eventually break the chain
  • The chains must be replaced if a crack is discovered
protruding pins
Protruding Pins
  • Heavy loaded chains operating with little lubrication generate friction between the pin and plates
  • Over time, pins will slowly work out of the chain causing chain failure
  • Is determined by a wear pattern on pin heads and outside plates
  • Will damage the chain and sheaves and cause internal friction in the chain
chain anchors and sheaves
Chain Anchors and Sheaves
  • Check chain anchors for wear, damage, and incorrect alignment
  • Anchors with worn or broken fingers must be replaced
  • Chain anchor pins and their retention should be checked and pins replaced as necessary
promote maximum service life
Promote Maximum Service Life
  • Inadequate maintenance accounts for most complaints of unsatisfactory chain performance
  • Each lift chain should be checked after every 8 hours of operation and inspected and lubricated after every 250 operating hours
  • Do not try to repair worn sections or splice a new or used piece of chain
  • Replace complete chain, if wear is indicated
  • Replace lift chains in pairs
why replacement of both chains is mandatory
Why Replacement of Both Chains is Mandatory
  • Older chain could sustain fatigue cracks
  • Older chain has experienced stretch
  • Chain anchor adjustments may not be sufficient for the new chain
  • Chain wear will be uneven, thus accelerating wear on new chain
  • New chain will have less rolling resistance
when you select unisource chain you choose
When You Select UNISOURCE Chain, You Choose . . .
  • Durability/Reliability
  • Availability
  • Economy
durability reliability
  • An extensive quality control system assures consistent high quality and durability
  • Every component from raw materials to the finished product is thoroughly inspected
  • Roller and leaf chain both comply with ANSI standards
  • Chain is pre-lubricated with a rust inhibitor and lubricant
unisource chain is designed for
UNISOURCE Chain Is Designed For:
  • High fatigue strength
  • Long service life
  • Resistance to wear
  • Compact design-optimum size/strength ratio
unisource chain availability
UNISOURCE Chain Availability
  • Conforms to ANSI requirements
  • Available in common sizes and types
  • Stocked in bulk quantities
unisource chain economy
UNISOURCE Chain Economy
  • Cut and shipped in the manufacturer’s specified lengths
  • High quality chain at everyday low pricing
  • Single source for your lift truck chain requirements
unisource chain warranty
UNISOURCE Chain Warranty
  • Backed by the UNISOURCE Parts Warranty
    • 6 months from date of installation
    • No operating hour limit during the warranty period
what will you receive from the inspection
What Will You Receive From The Inspection?
  • A complete chain inspection will be performed at your location by qualified dealer staff
  • You will receive a management report summarizing the chain condition and recommended action for each truck in your fleet