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A Center for Independent Living (CIL) PowerPoint Presentation
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A Center for Independent Living (CIL)

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A Center for Independent Living (CIL)
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A Center for Independent Living (CIL)

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  1. A Center for Independent Living (CIL) • CFI is a CIL as mandated by the Rehabilitation Act, USDOE, 1978 Reauthorization. • CILs are private, locally governed nonprofits that exist to assist persons of every age and every disability live as independently and self-sufficiently as possible. • CILs are part of the greater Independent Living Movement which promotes the Independent Living Philosophy. The IL Philosophy asserts that all persons have the right to live independently with full integration and participation in the community, and to make their own choices regarding life and care.

  2. A Center for Independent Living (CIL) • Approximately 600 CILs in the U.S. • 22 in Missouri & 13 in Kansas • CFI serves metro KC on both sides • CILs are “cross-disability.” • CILs serve ages birth to end-of-life.

  3. CFI’s Five Core Services • Information & Referral • Independent Living Skills Training • Peer Support • Advocacy/Self-Advocacy/Systems Change • Community Integration (De-Institutionalization)

  4. CFI’s Mission The mission of the Coalition for Independence (CFI) is to facilitate positive and responsible independence for all people with disabilities by acting as an advocate for individuals with disabilities, providing services, and promoting accessibility and acceptance.

  5. Menu of Programs & Services • Independent Living Services (5 core) • Home & Community-Based Services • CFI Assistive Technology Center • Universal Design Housing Network • Representative Payee Program • Youth Empowering Themselves (YET)

  6. Home & Community-Based Services • Alternatives to Nursing Home Placement • Consumers Live Independently • MO & KS Medicaid Waiver Services • Case Management • PCA Payroll Services • Access to All Other CFI Services

  7. CFI Assistive Technology Center • CFI Assistive Technology Center is one of the largest of its kind in the Midwest. • Assistive technology devices, evaluations and trainings • State-of-the-art adaptive equipment and software for computers • High-Tech and low-tech assistive equipment for every need • Durable Medical Equipment (DME) reuse/recycling program where used items such as wheelchairs, crutches, commode chairs, shower chairs, positioning devices, and a host of other DME items are made available at nominal cost.

  8. CFI Assistive Technology Center • Information & Referral – equipment, funding resources, legislative issues • Demonstration Centers • Evaluation & Equipment Training – communication, computer and environmental access • Adapted Toy Lending Library • Presentations & Workshop Trainings • Recycled Durable Medical Equipment

  9. “As a versatile tool, AT can help a child participate in activities and interact with materials in ways that may otherwise not be possible. Early childhood is an especially important time in a person’s life when missed learning opportunities may mean delays in cognition, communication or social development.” Linda Robinson, Family Center on Technology and Disability Newsletter Assistive Technology (AT)

  10. Augmentative Communication • Referral • Family, therapist or physician contacts CFI for intake questionnaire – sent to family or case manager • Intake questionnaire returned with therapy notes, doctors script, copies of insurance cards and consent form • Once all information received, appointment scheduled • Funding • MO & KS Medicaid & Medicare • MO & KS Vocational Rehabilitation • Private Insurance (varies by insurance plan) • Alternative funding resources for equipment – Sertoma, Firsthand Foundation, Kids Assistive Technology – Missouri, UCP

  11. Recycled Durable Medical Equipment Types of Equipment: • Mobility – manual/power wheelchair, walker, crutches, cane, etc. • Positioning – Stander, Gait trainer, Stroller, Car Seat, Adapted Tricycle, Corner chair, etc. • Daily Living – shower chair, commode, grab bar, reacher, etc. • Vehicle modifications – hand controls, ramps, lifts, etc. All items have small fees associated to help offset program costs

  12. Recycled Equipment(continued) How to GET it • Call Matt at CFI – 866-201-3829 • Request equipment with any specific needs (ie, laterals, seatbelt, tray, etc.) • If equipment is for a child, Matt must speak with therapist or physician, or have something in writing specific to measurements and need • Once identified, schedule time to pickup item and sign release form How to GIVE it • Call Matt at CFI – 866-201-3829 • Arrange to drop off at one of CFI’s offices, or have CFI schedule a truck pickup • Receive thank you letter acknowledging tax credit for donation to a 501c3

  13. Universal Design Housing Network (UDHN) UDHN provides advocacy, education and consulting related to the architectural and engineering design concept known as Universal Design.

  14. What is Universal Design? “Universal Design is the design of products and environments to be usable by all people, to the greatest extent possible, without the need for adaptation or specialized design.” Center for Universal Design

  15. Universal Design in Housing • Can be incorporated, to at least some degree, in all sorts of home building projects • Most useful when incorporated at the beginning, but can be used when remodeling the home

  16. Why Universal Design ? • Create more accessibility, visitability, and convenience. • Support the ability to Age in Place • More function for all of us, because accommodates wide range of: • Cognitive, visual, hearing, mobility and agility functioning; and • Persons of varying heights, widths, and ages. • Safer for everybody.

  17. Some Examples of Universal Design Features

  18. Can Also Be Retrofitted! Universal Design features can be retrofitted to existing homes through a remodeling process known as Home Modification.

  19. Representative Payee Services CFI Representative Payee Services provides payee services for Social Security beneficiaries who are required to or simply prefer to have a qualified agency manage their financial affairs. CFI is approved by the SSA as an Organizational Representative Payee.

  20. Youth Empowering Themselves (YET) • YET is a program serving students with disabilities in area school districts. • YET provides programs for High School, Middle School and Elementary School aged students. • Programs include leadership, transition to adult life, self-esteem, diversity, and mentorship.

  21. You Are Invited!!! CFI is holding a series of special eventsin your honor! Be our special guest as you tour one or both of our impressive facilities during one of our open house events planned just for you and your staff!