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Independent Living. Committee on Healthy Families January 8, 2008. Overview. Brief history and background Children and Young Adults Eligible for Independent Living Services Federal and State Funding Independent Living Transitional Services Critical Checklist – Survey Results

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independent living

Independent Living

Committee on Healthy Families

January 8, 2008

  • Brief history and background
  • Children and Young Adults Eligible for Independent Living Services
  • Federal and State Funding
  • Independent Living Transitional Services Critical Checklist – Survey Results
  • Comparing Outcomes for Young Adults
  • Extending Foster Care Past Age 18
brief history and background
Brief History and Background

Federal Law

  • Independent Living Program established (1986)
    • Initially funded at $45 million – grew to $70 million
  • Chafee Foster Care Independence Program (1999)
    • Capped entitlement of $140 million
    • Requires 20% non-federal match
    • States have flexibility within general purposes of law
    • Permits states to extend Medicaid coverage to age 21
  • Education and Training Vouchers (2001)
    • Discretional funding around $46 million
    • Up to $5,000 in federal funds for postsecondary education or training
    • Requires 20% non-federal match
brief history and background4
Brief History and Background

State Law

  • Foster care services to complete high school or GED authorized up to age 21 (1980)
  • Expanded to include postsecondary education (1988)
  • Road to Independence Act (2002)
    • Services for youth age 13 to 18
      • Pre-Independent Living services (age 13 to 15)
      • Life skills services (age 15 to 18)
      • Subsidized independent living (age 16 to 18)
    • Services for young adults age 18 to 23
      • Aftercare support services
      • Road to Independence (with Medicaid to age 21)
      • Transitional support services
brief history and background5
Brief History and Background

State Law – Enhancements since 2002 have:

  • Expanded Road to Independence eligibility to include former foster children adopted after age 16
  • Expanded Medicaid eligibility to age 21 for all former foster children
  • Provided liability exemptions to persons signing for foster child to get learner’s permit
  • Expanded definition of life skills to include financial literacy and credit management
  • Permitted courts to order that youth age 16 to 18 who have completed a financial literacy class may establish bank accounts
  • Established the Independent Living Services Advisory Council to make recommendations to the Legislature and Department
funding overview
Funding Overview
  • Federal funds for state fiscal year 2007 - 2008*
    • Chafee funds $7.4 million
    • ETV funds $2.6 million
  • State funds for state fiscal year 2007 – 2008
    • Required Match $2.5 million
    • Additional GR $14.9 million
  • Total budget for State Fiscal Year 2007 – 2008
    • Federal and State $27.4 million
  • Legislative Budget Request for 2008 – 2009
    • Additional State $16.8 million

*Note that federal appropriation for federal fiscal year 2007 – 2008 has not been adopted. Federal funds currently under a continuing resolution.

eligible youth and young adults
Eligible Youthand Young Adults

Potentially eligible (as of 12/21/2007)

  • Age 13 to 18 4,685
  • Age 18 to 23 3,941

Road to Independence

  • Number of 18 to 23 year olds receiving Road to Independence payments (as of October 2007) 1,520
independent living survey
Independent Living Survey
  • Items included:
  • Life Skills
  • Housing
  • Education
  • Employment
  • Health
  • Corrections or Juvenile Justice
  • Case Plan, Aftercare and Transitional Services

6,776 Total surveys

4,014 Under age 18

2,672 Age 18 and older

selected results
Selected Results

Life Skills

selected results12
Selected Results


Note: Response rates on employment related questions were below most other areas of the survey

selected results14
Selected Results

Corrections or Juvenile Justice

selected results15
Selected Results


selected results16
Selected Results

Case Plan, Aftercare and Transitional Services

further analysis
Further Analysis

The attached charts show a comparison of selected outcomes on survey respondents age 18 and older divided by whether the respondent received a Road to Independence payment in August 2007.

percent who have experience at least one night of homelessness in past year
Percent Who Have Experience At Least One Night of Homelessness in Past Year

Road to Independence: n=1,162

Not Road to Independence: n=1,049

percent who have completed twelfth grade or more
Percent Who Have Completed Twelfth Grade or More

Road to Independence: n= 1,128

Not Road to Independence: n=1,027

percent reporting any employment on survey caution high number of blank entries
Percent Reporting Any Employment on Survey(Caution – High Number of Blank Entries)

Road to Independence: n=697

Not Road to Independence: n=528

percent with any earnings on unemployment insurance wage files
Percent With Any Earnings on Unemployment Insurance Wage Files

Road to Independence: n=1,195

Not Road to Independence: n=1,256

percent who have been arrested in the past twelve months
Percent Who Have Been Arrested in the Past Twelve Months

Road to Independence: n=1,182

Not Road to Independence: n=1,092

foster care beyond age 18
Foster Care Beyond Age 18
  • Can legislature do this? Yes
  • Potential issues include:
    • funding (no additional federal funds).
    • licensure (foster homes and residential group care).
  • There are advantages and disadvantages.
  • Illinois has extended foster care with positive results.