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Working Group on Archives and Records Management

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Working Group on Archives and Records Management - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Working Group on Archives and Records Management. WGARM. WGARM Activities . Appraisal Decision Assistance Phase I - Dec. 2002 Phase II - Dec. 2003 Digital Archives Programme Phase I Strategic Plan - February 2004 Phase II Implementation - Pilot 2004/05, Full 2006/07

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Working Group on Archives and Records Management

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Presentation Transcript

WGARM Activities

  • Appraisal Decision Assistance
    • Phase I - Dec. 2002
    • Phase II - Dec. 2003
  • Digital Archives Programme
    • Phase IStrategic Plan - February 2004
    • Phase II Implementation - Pilot 2004/05, Full 2006/07
  • Archive Research Centre as Common Depository, Dec. 2004
  • Harmonization of Archives and Records policies and procedures, Dec. 2005
  • Other important projects which would require additional funding
    • Vital Records Protection, Disaster Recovery Plans, Plan for Integrated Records, Documents and Archives - Field Advice

Appraisal Decision Assistance

  • Phase I - Final Consultant Report - Dec. 2002;
  • - Review and approve results- Mar./Apr. 2003
  • Phase II Follow up - May-Dec. 2003
  • Provide GAP Analysis
  • ConsolidateRetention Schedules
  • Identify and Collect Missing Series
  • Develop, Reconcile and Apply Appraisal Values
  • Phase III Implementation - April2004
strategic plan for a digital archives programme dap
Strategic Plan for a Digital Archives Programme DAP
  • Project Definition and Scope
  • Project Overview
  • Project Status
digital archives programme dap definition
Digital Archives Programme, DAP Definition
  • The Digital Archives Programme is a combination of policies, procedures and technologies that will facilitate the proper management, appraisal/retention and preservation of digital records and provides for the long term access and use of materials with archival value.
  • Preservation requires active management that begins with record creation.
digital archive programme
Digital Archive Programme





Roles &


project scope
Project Scope
  • Digital records created or received in UNPO NY offices and identify issues related to digital records created away from NY that may impact on DAP effectiveness.
  • Digital records of archival value but contains elements that interact with all records; identify Electronic Document Management System, (EDMS), and Electronic Record Management System, (ERMS), issues that effect DAP performance.



Dig. Rec.

Other Loc.





project overview
Project Overview

Strategic Planfor a Digital Archives Programme

1) DigitalAssessment

2) DAPDesign

3) Implementation Plan

1 digital assessment
1) Digital Assessment
  • Review and analyse the current policies, procedures, practices and the business context related to records, their creation, management and preservation;
  • Describe the current core UNPO information systems and technical platforms;
  • Review current initiatives and practices undertaken to identify, maintain and preserve digital records.
2 dap design
2) DAP Design
  • Draft policies/procedures and identify requirements that will support the preservation of digital records;
  • Identify technical standards and architectures that will enable digital archiving including preservation strategies;
  • Identify high level electronic records management, document management and digital preservation strategies;
  • Develop various Functional Model(s) that can be applied as appropriate by the UNPOs;
  • Identify management roles and responsibilities;
  • Provide maintenance and monitoring strategies.
3 dap implementation plan
3) DAP Implementation Plan
  • High level approach that links current technical and administrative infrastructure to the proposed DAP;
  • Specific/practical steps that lead to implementation for selected alternate models;
  • Scaleable and phased approach;
  • Includes cost benefit and risk analysis of various proposed models.
current project status
Current Project Status

Action Plan/Milestones/Schedule

  • EOI/RFI - EOI on the PD website, RFI forwarded to interested vendors with a closing date of 13 Nov. 2002.
  • SOW - RFI evaluated, shortlist created, Statement of Work finalised based on RFI responses - mid Dec.
  • RFP - Procurement Division to send out RFP by mid-March.
estimated project timeline
Estimated Project Timeline
  • RFP issued - Mid March 2003
  • RFP closing - end April 2003
  • Evaluation and recommendation - May/early June 2003
  • Contract Negotiations - mid June/Early July 2003
  • Vendor start up/completes Work Plan - end July;
  • Vendor completes Digital Assessment, DAP Design, Implementation Plan - Jan. 2004 (120/170 days);
  • Vendor Completes Presentations, Work Plan Phase II - Feb./March 2004 (20/40 days)