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British character and manners

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British character and manners - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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British character and manners. 制作人:初 05 本 1 班 戴霞 梁妙玲 陈炎芬 杨林. The British Character and English Humour “ The British are definitely romantic,    much more romantic than Italians ..." .

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British character and manners

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    1. British character and manners 制作人:初05本1班 戴霞 梁妙玲 陈炎芬 杨林

    2. The British Character and English Humour “The British are definitely romantic, •    much more romantic than Italians ..." 

    3. The British are often viewed as the most boring people in the word. They wear unimaginative formal clothes, eat tasteless food, practise slow sports and have a peculiar sense of humor which is usually not understood by foreigners.

    4. They are also said to be conservative, reserced and cool. Indeed, the British ae not very open or spontaneous. They do not kiss or embace by way of greeting so as not to allow familiarity. They always keep a cetain distance and are not willing to manifest their feelings and emotions.. It is not easy to make friends with them but once you have made a friend, it is a friend for life.

    5. The best British characteistics

    6. The British say thay their best characteristics ae culture, courtesy and consideration for the needs of others. Indeed, they are very polite. They always queue when they are waiting for a busy and hold the door open fo the person behind them. Also, the British bobies have a reputation of begin the friendliest and helpful polieman in the world. On the other hand, English football fans are regarded as hooligans and vandals able to tear stadiums into pieces. Generally speaking, however, the British are well-manneed. It is also tue that they care fo the needy, as there are a lot of charity organizations all over Britain.

    7. British manners

    8. In Britain you will find most people are kinder to you if you behave politely, respecting local people and customs. You may sometimes upset people by things that you say or do, even if these things seem perfectly normal in your own culture.

    9. eg: Queuing fairly is important inthe UK: if someone was therebefore you, let him/her be served first

    10. Manners are ImportantDOs and DON'TS (Taboos) in England

    11. DOS Do stand in line Do take your hat off when you go indoors (men only) Do say "Excuse Me“ Do Pay as you Go Do say "Please" and "Thank you“ Do cover your Mouth Do Shake Hands Do say sorry Do Smile Do Drive on the left side of the road Do open doors for other people

    12. DON’TS • Do not greet people with a kiss • Avoid talking loudly in public • It is impolite to stare at anyone in public.Do not ask a lady her ageDo not pick your nose in public • Avoid doing gestures such as backslapping and hugging Do not spit.Do not burp in public • Do not pass wind in public • It is impolite speak with your mouth full of food • Do not ask personal or intimate questions Never eat off a knife when having a meal.

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