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What is Poverty?

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What is Poverty? - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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What is Poverty?. Poverty is hunger Poverty is lack of shelter Poverty is being sick and not able to see a doctor Poverty is not knowing how to read Poverty is not having a job Poverty is fear for the future Poverty is living one day at a time Poverty is powerlessness

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what is poverty
What is Poverty?
  • Poverty is hunger
  • Poverty is lack of shelter
  • Poverty is being sick and not able to see a doctor
  • Poverty is not knowing how to read
  • Poverty is not having a job
  • Poverty is fear for the future
  • Poverty is living one day at a time
  • Poverty is powerlessness
  • Poverty is lack of representation
  • Poverty is lack of freedom
  • Poverty is a situation people want to escape
  • Poverty is a call to action
2009 federal poverty guideline
2009 Federal Poverty Guideline

For families with more than 8 persons, add $3,740 for each additional person

poverty in minnesota
Poverty in Minnesota

Individuals experiencing poverty in Minnesota:

506,000(2008 US Census bureau)

563,000 (2009 US Census bureau)

poverty and race 2008
Poverty and Race 2008

Poverty rate among white Minnesotans:


in the nation

poverty and race 20081
Poverty and Race2008

Poverty rate among African Americans in Minnesota:


in the nation

poverty and gender 2008
Poverty and Gender2008

1 in 4 women

over 16 years of age is experiencing


poverty and gender
Poverty and Gender

A single


household with children under age 5 is 12 times more likely to be experiencing poverty

2009 poverty data
2009 Poverty Data

Check for state and local data

child poverty in the united states in 2009
•Overall child poverty rate of 20.7%

•Child poverty rates by race

•African-American: 35.7%

•Hispanic: 33.1%

•Asian: 14.0%

•White: 11.9%

American Indian: NA

Child Poverty in the United States in 2009
poverty rate percentage 1999 2009
Poverty Rate Percentage 1999-2009
  • Mississippi 5.0% increase
  • Georgia 4.4% increase
  • South Dakota 4.4% increase
  • Minnesota 4.0% increase
  • Missouri 4.0% increase

A Minnesota Without Poverty Purpose:

  • Build
  • Organize
  • Mobilize

A statewide movement

to end poverty in Minnesota by 2020

a common foundation
A Common Foundation:

Shared Principles forWork on Overcoming Poverty

what can you do
What can you do?

Sign on in support of the vision

to end poverty by 2020

Receive updates and

action alerts.



—and counting!

what can you do1
What can you do?

Sign the pledge to cut U.S. poverty in half in ten years—by 2020

what can you do2
What can you do?

Join the group page:

A Minnesota Without Poverty

on Facebook

what can you do3
What can you do?

Recognize causes of poverty:





what can you do4
What can you do?

Address poverty

  • Service
  • Education
  • Advocacy
what can you do5
What can you do?


  • Arts and Media
  • Business Catalyst
  • Development
  • Public Policy
  • Education
what can you do6
What can you do?


with Legislators

what can you do7
What can you do?

Host an informational gathering in your home—invite some friends and AMWP leaders will provide the conversation.

what can you do8
What can you do?

Read and support

Legislative Commission to End Poverty recommendations (

legislative success 2006 2008
Legislative Success2006-2008

Legislative Commission to End Poverty in Minnesota by 2020

legislative commission s recommendations
Legislative Commission’s recommendations:

Restore work as a means

out of poverty


Legislative Commission’s recommendations:

Modernize system of education


Legislative Commission’s recommendations:

Develop measures to monitor efforts

legislative results 2010
Legislative Results2010

Budget shortfall

Ladder Out of Poverty bill passed

ladder out of poverty task force
Ladder Out of Poverty Task Force
  • Increase opportunities
  • Expand Family Assets for Independence in Minnesota (FAIM)
  • Eliminate predatory financial practices
  • Provide incentives
  • Provide financial literacy
  • Increase community engagement
2010 2011


Arts Search for ENOUGH

  • What does enough look like? Sound like?
  • What is enough?
  • How do we experience enough?
  • Is there enough for all?
2010 20111

Statewide Gathering

December 9, 2010


Five Sites in Minnesota--Web-linked

Report on status of poverty

Call to action

Art Exhibit—”In Search of ENOUGH”

In Search of Enough

Arts Exhibition

Bethlehem Lutheran Church-Minneapolis

in search of enough
In Search of Enough

Arts Exhibitions:

Dayton Avenue Presbyterian Church

St. Paul (March 31-May 18)

Minnetonka Lutheran Church

Minnetonka (May 18-July 30)

2010 20112


A Discussion Guide for People of Faith

Online at

  • Enough of the Basics of Life
  • Enough Creation and Environment
  • Enough Economy
  • Enough Equality and Community
  • Enough Time
  • Enough for All
2011 legislative agenda
2011 Legislative Agenda

We believe there is enough

for all to have enough:

  • Streamline and strengthen Safety Net
  • Raise revenue in fair and balanced approach
  • Create jobs and economic opportunities
  • Support “Ladder Out of Poverty” legislation
2010 20113

Micro-Enterprise Catalyst Partnership

with Congregations or other community groups

(Implements aspects of Recommendations 1,3, 4

of the LCEP report)

summer fall 2011
Summer-Fall 2011


1-2 day events in five

Congressional Districts (1,3,5,7,8)

Arts—Poverty Data—State and Federal Issues—Conversation with Elected Officials—Local Involvement

enough for all campaign
Enough for All Campaign
  • Rochester August 10-11
  • Minnetonka October 22-23
  • Minneapolis November 10
  • Grand Rapids Early 2012
  • Staples Early 2012
public action
Public Action

Production of three videos starring the Minnesota Church Ladies in


“Budget Holes and Hot Dish”

“Wedding Cake Conundrum”

“Public Policy Pickles”


We believe there is enough

for all to have enough,

if we all do our part.