the history of the zator carp n.
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The history of the Zator Carp PowerPoint Presentation
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The history of the Zator Carp

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The history of the Zator Carp - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The history of the Zator Carp
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  1. Thehistory of the Zator Carp

  2. The carp isn’t our native fish! Domesticated in the Danube Delta and China in the fifth century BC

  3. Came to us ... ... in the 12th and 13th century, brought by the Cistercian Order from Bohemia and Moravia

  4. KING OF PONDS The beginnings of carp farming in Zator go back to the fourteenth century when the first carp ponds were built close to the Vistula and Skawa rivers.

  5. PONDS OF ZATOR Ponds of Zator are among the oldest in the carp country breeding centers. The total pondsarea covers approximately 2,000 hectares. The largest pond, with the area of 78 ha, is Pilawa.

  6. ZATOR - the oldest carp breeding center in Poland

  7. Whythe Royal Carp?

  8. The carp is the most important of all the fish. Its taste was appreciated by the Polish kings who frequently ordered the fish to be served - hence the farmers gave an ordinary carp a new name "the royal carp“. However, following the historical data, only the carp from Zator should have the right to carry the royal name.

  9. Tasty fish A clean and rich natural environment affects the excellent qualities and good reputation of the fish. The carp from Zator, thanks to its delicious taste, is bought by many customers, especially around the Christmas season.

  10. Autumn fishing The Zator fish farming has been running for centuries in the traditional way, only wooden carts and horses have been replaced by tractors.

  11. Thank you for your attention