Serving nonprofits in rural communities
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Serving Nonprofits in Rural Communities - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Serving Nonprofits in Rural Communities. Liz Moore Dana Schaar Jahner National Council of Nonprofits Member Meeting 2014. Defining Rural. U.S. government has at least 15 different definitions Any place with fewer than 50,000 inhabitants and not located adjacent to an urban area

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Serving nonprofits in rural communities

Serving Nonprofits in Rural Communities

Liz Moore

Dana Schaar Jahner

National Council of Nonprofits

Member Meeting 2014

Defining rural
Defining Rural

  • U.S. government has at least 15 different definitions

    • Any place with fewer than 50,000 inhabitants and not located adjacent to an urban area

    • Any place that’s not in a town or city with more than 2,500 residents

  • Rural states vs. rural areas

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Serving nonprofits in rural communities

States: Sq. Miles vs. Nonprofit 990 Filers

Philanthropic divide
Philanthropic Divide

Philanthropic divide1
Philanthropic Divide

Philanthropic divide2
Philanthropic Divide

What are the strengths of working in rural nonprofit communities for sas
What are the strengths of working in rural nonprofit communities for SAs?

  • Strong informal networks

  • Close relationships between agencies and between nonprofits and the people in the community

  • Know how to get things done on a shoestring

  • Collective sense of the needs in the community

  • Close ties between sectors (private, public, nonprofit)

  • People are looking out for each other

  • Trust that comes from a shared history

What are the challenges of serving rural communities for sas
What are the Challenges communities for SAs?of Serving Rural Communities for SAs?

  • Resources required/dearth of resources

  • Rural philanthropy

  • Volunteers

  • Cultural differences in different parts of state

  • Engaging a statewide board

  • Working with local networks

  • When crisis hits a rural area (Bakken oil boom)

Association resources training
Association Resources: Training communities for SAs?

  • Lack of professional trainers or consultants

  • Not able to make money

    • Don’t have number of NPOs that can afford the fees to make it a source of revenue

    • Even in larger communities hard to cash flow

  • Technology has its limits

What rural boards of directors look like
What Rural Boards of Directors communities for SAs?Look Like

  • Same 10 people

    • Working on younger board engagement – on horizon for MNA

  • States are aging

  • Many nonprofits are just the boards

  • Tool: NDANO developed checklist of annual requirements primarily for volunteer-run nonprofits

Addressing challenges geography
Addressing Challenges: Geography communities for SAs?

  • Plan for travel in budget

  • Try to get out as much possible – at least one time per year, travel impacted by weather

    • Montana – seven communities plus east; North Dakota – six communities

  • Town Hall meetings – only requires one staff member

    • Public policy as focus

  • Training – focus in larger communities

  • Meeting space

    • MNA: bring people to conference room space – professionalism

    • NDANO: no-cost space – college, library, etc.

  • Technology not the same – doesn’t create community

Addressing challenges culture
Addressing Challenges: Culture communities for SAs?

  • East vs. West in MT and ND

    • Staff familiarity with two parts of state (Liz from eastern MT)

    • Go in first with questions and get temperature before bringing services

  • Find an ambassador in local community

  • Use board members as ambassadors

    • Membership recruitment – Tool: matrix

    • Training PR

    • Representing needs of community to SA

  • Take time necessary for relationships

Addressing challenges rural philanthropy
Addressing Challenges: communities for SAs?Rural Philanthropy

  • Having champion like Senator Baucus

    • Advantage: we know our congressional delegation and they know us

  • Few funders– easy to talk with

  • MNA: funders tour – bringing in regional funders

  • Community foundations – local philanthropic presence

  • Endowment Tax Credit

Addressing challenges lack of professional trainers
Addressing Challenges: Lack of Professional Trainers communities for SAs?

  • Promote webinars that are already available – NTEN, IdealWare, discounts when possible

  • Obtain grant funding to reach remote parts of state

  • Pro-bono if possible

  • Go with trainer into community – help shape trainers’ expectations in terms of how many will attend and what community capacity is currently

  • MNA: need/desire to find funding for person in eastern MT

Addressing challenges sa board
Addressing Challenges: SA Board communities for SAs?

  • Meet quarterly – conference call meetings twice per year

    • Make travel easier – in person in August and on phone in February

  • Travel is part of their contribution

  • All committee meetings are conference call

Addressing challenges local networks
Addressing Challenges: Local Networks communities for SAs?

  • Networkers Cohort

  • Monthly conference calls

  • Met at annual conference

Rural crisis bakken oil boom
Rural Crisis: Bakken Oil Boom communities for SAs?

  • Infrastructure

  • Workforce

  • Affordable housing

  • Crime

  • Healthcare

  • Philanthropy

Thank you

Thank You! communities for SAs?

Session summary will be posted on National Council of Nonprofits website