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LMTM 2006. Kathryn Leonardo 8 th Grade Roseboro-Salemburg Middle School Sampson County, NC. North Carolina & The 1980 Presidential Election. Competency Goal 8

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Lmtm 2006

LMTM 2006

Kathryn Leonardo

8th Grade

Roseboro-Salemburg Middle School

Sampson County, NC

North carolina the 1980 presidential election
North Carolina & The 1980 Presidential Election

  • Competency Goal 8

    The learner will evaluate the impact of demographic, economic, technological, social, and political developments in North Carolina since the 1970's. 

  • Objective 8.02

    List economic and technological advances occurring in North Carolina since 1970, and assess their influence on North Carolina's role in the nation and the world.

  • Objective 8.03 Describe the impact of state and national issues on the political climate of North Carolina.

North carolina the 1980 presidential election1
North Carolina & the 1980 Presidential Election

  • Skills Competency Goal 3

    The learner will acquire strategies to analyze, interpret, create, and use resources and materials. Objectives3.01 Use map and globe reading skills. 3.02 Interpret graphs and charts.

  • Skill Competency Goal 4

    The learner will acquire strategies needed for applying decision-making and problem-solving techniques both orally and in writing to historic, contemporary, and controversial world issues. Objectives4.01 Use hypothetical reasoning processes.4.06 Draw conclusions.4.08 Develop hypotheses.

  • Skill Competency Goal 5

    The learner will acquire strategies needed for effective incorporation of computer technology in the learning process. Objectives5.01 Use word processing to create, format, and produce classroom assignments/projects.

Lesson one the teacher may need to supply background knowledge
Lesson One: the teacher may need to supply background knowledge

  • World Events:

  • NationalElections:

  • A Procedural Guide to the Electoral College

Lesson one background con t
Lesson One: background con’t knowledge

1980 Presidential Election:

Lesson two nc economy
Lesson Two: NC Economy knowledge

Textiles, Hog Farming, & Furniture

  • Click on the link below for an overview of the industry in NC.

  • Click the sidebar links to read more about: textiles, hog farming, and furniture

  • Click on the sidebar Dimensions of Globalization to read a brief overview of how these NC markets was affected by globalization

Lesson three nc economy
Lesson Three: NC Economy knowledge

  • NC unemployment statistics 1979-1981

To access this data go to:


Click : Local and Unemployment Statistics Most Requested Stats {the blue box}

Scroll and click on: North Carolina

Click on: North Carolina, seasonally adjusted and retrieve data

Click on: include graphs and go

Lesson four putting it all together
Lesson Four: Putting it all together knowledge

  • Today the students will culminate the previous days studies and {hopefully} be able to make connections between world events, NC economics, and the voter decisions of 1980

Day five presentations

  • Today the students will present one-page research conclusions.

  • Topic:

    How did the economy of NC in the years previous to 1980 impact NC voters in the 1980 Presidential election? [Include world events as well as the emerging global market in your supposition]

Rubrics knowledge

  • Presentation Rubric

    Click here MyRubric.xls

  • Report Rubric

    Click here MyRubric.xls.htm