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Regional Seminar “Promoting Firearms Marking” December 1-2, 2010 San José, Costa Rica Jamaica’s M arking Practices and Procedures. Kevin Blake Jamaica. Background. Jamaica has no firearms manufacturer All licit firearms in Jamaica are imported Classifications of licit firearms

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Kevin blake jamaica

Regional Seminar “Promoting Firearms Marking”December 1-2, 2010San José, Costa RicaJamaica’s Marking Practices and Procedures

Kevin Blake



  • Jamaica has no firearms manufacturer

  • All licit firearms in Jamaica are imported

  • Classifications of licit firearms

    • Private – belonging to:

      • Private security organizations, private investigators and private security trainers

      • Licenses firearms holders

    • Government - belonging to:

      • Police

      • Military

      • Correctional services (prisons)


  • Private licit firearms – Firearms Licensing Authority (FLA)

  • Established in 2005 by an Act of Parliament as a statutory organization within the Ministry of National Security.

  • Streamlines and standardizes the granting, renewal and revocation of firearm licenses and all the attendant processes thereof.

  • Serves to modernize and regulate the licensing of firearms in Jamaica.

  • The centralized administrative body and database repository for all license firearm holder

Firearms act
Firearms Act

  • Jamaica is a signatory to the Inter American Convention

    • Cabinet has not yet ratified the convention as all conditions are not satisfied

  • Currently repealing and replacing the firearms act with the new firearms and explosive act

    • This will provide an avenue to:

      • Satisfy all conditions in the signed Inter American Convention

      • Legislate the firearms marking procedures

Implementation committee
Implementation Committee

  • Ministry of National Security

  • Ministry of Finance (Customs)

  • Jamaica Constabulary Force

  • Jamaica Defence Force

  • Firearms Licensing Authority

Things to do
Things to do

  • Survey of sites for Dot Pen Markers

  • Preparation of sites

  • Establish a national signature

    • Date of import

    • Country

    • Dealer

  • Installation of Dot Pen Markers

Things to do1
Things to do

  • Mark all firearms of newly issued licenses

  • Mark all unmarked firearms of existing license holders during the process of annual renewal

    • Annual renewal is done on the date of birth of licensee

    • Within a year all private firearms can be marked

  • Aiming at commencing markings by March 2011