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Jamaica. By: Ava Hirs. Map. Charts & Graphs. Human & Physical Features.

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By: Ava Hirs

human physical features
Human & Physical Features

There are many human and physical features in Jamaica.A human feature in Jamaica would be the 85,000 doctors in Jamaica. With this in mind, there are only about 2,682,000 people living in Jamaica. As result, Jamaicans don’t usually live for a long period of time. For this reason, their life expectancy in Jamaica is only 60.6 years of age.The U.S.A’s life expectancy is 78.2. That is a 17.6 year age difference. The total area in Jamaica is 4,244 square miles. Compared to the U.S. that is pretty small with the U.S.A’s total area of 3,794,083 square miles. Jamaica would be able to fit into the U.S.A. almost 895 times! In conclusion, Jamaica has some very interesting facts about its human and physical features.


Did you know that the Jamaican flag was adopted on August 6,1962, right after Jamaica gained independence? There are many interesting facts about the Jamaican flag. For example, the black triangles represent the adversity Jamaica has overcome and for hardships they make have in the future. The green triangles represent hope and agriculture. The golden diagonal cross stands for the mineral health in Jamaica and sunlight. The flag is symbolized by the motto, “Hardships there are, but the land green, and the sun shine.” Next, lets talk about some interesting flag facts. To begin with, the original design for the Jamaican flag was a horizontal striped pattern with the same colors as the current flag. Later, this flag was rejected because of its similarity to the flag of Tanganyika. In conclusion, the Jamaican flag has very interesting facts and history.


š-The government type in Jamaica is a constitutional parliamentary.

š-The leader of the national democracy movement is Michael Williams.

š-The chief of mission is Ambassador Pamela E. Bridgewater. (seen on bottom right)

š-The head of the government is prime minister Portia Simpson. (seen on top left)

š-The common law system is based on the English model.


There are many different religions practiced in Jamaica. One religion is Roman Catholic. It was founded in Israel by Jesus Christ in 30 A.D. They have one god, their father who is part of the Holy Trinity. Roman Catholics have all sinned. Therefore, they are separated from god. Salvation to them, is through faith in Christ, and from making sacraments and accomplishing good work. Roman Catholics believe they will either have eternal life in heaven or will be in temporarily purgatory. Another religion practiced in Jamaica is Jehovah’s witness. It was founded by Charles T. Russell, in 1879. Jehovah is the one and only God. There is no Trinity and Christ is the first creation of God. Jehovah’s witnesses believe that salvation is through faith in Christ and obeying Jehovah’s laws. In the distance, they think that the end of the world is near. In conclusion, there are some interesting religions practiced in Jamaica.

animals plants natural resources
Animals, Plants & Natural Resources

There are some stimulating animals, plants, and natural resources in Jamaica. A popular bird found in Jamaica is called the Red-billed streamertail(seen on top left).These animals are known for their caring and helpful personality. As a result, they are often called the doctor bird. Another interesting animal is the Jamaican fruit bat. Aside from other bats, the Jamaican Fruit Bat doesn’t have a tail. Scientists say that even if they did have a tail it wouldn’t be used for anything. A popular plant grown in Jamaica is the Aloe Vera(seen on bottom right). It produces two substances: gel and latex. These two substances are often used in medicines. Another popular plant grown in Jamaica is a Croton. Crotons are best known for their bold bright color. This makes them great house plants for decoration. A natural resource used in Jamaica is limestone(seen in midd Limestone is a sedimentary rock composed of calcite and aragonite. Another natural resource often used in Jamaica is the gypsum rock. Gypsum is a soft sulfate mineral composed of calcium sulfate dihydrate. To sum it up, there are some very remarkable animals, plants, and natural resources in Jamaica.

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