what is the best option for you a condominium n.
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What is the Best Option for You A Condominium or a Home PowerPoint Presentation
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What is the Best Option for You A Condominium or a Home

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What is the Best Option for You A Condominium or a Home - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Deciding on where to spend your life can be a big decision. For many, it comes down to the bases of should your rent or own a condominium or should you purchase your own home? \nhttp://bentleyluxurycondos.ca/\n

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what is the best option for you a condominium

What is the Best Option for You?

A Condominium or a Home

Deciding on where to spend your life can be a big decision. For many, it comes down to

the bases of should your rent or own a condominium or should you purchase your own

home? Once you have narrowed down where you want to live and your basic budget,

the type of housing you want is the next big factor. There are both positive and

negatives that come with both forms of housing and deciding on the perfect choice for

you should take some serious thought.

For those who are considering a condo, there are many advantages to this type of

home. This style of housing has become more and more popular over the past few

years. Even more prestigious towns, like those found in the Edmonton area, have

begun building new condominium options. A huge benefit to this style of housing is that

you will on average be near local shops, restaurants, recreational facilities, and more.

one of the biggest benefits to living

One of the biggest benefits to living in a condominium is that you have relatively low

maintenance. For many, you will only be responsible for the basic upkeep of the interior

of your home and those who own the building will cover any other upgrades or repair

work. This can be even more attractive for those who are living alone or younger

couples. Another big benefit is that condos often have common areas for residents,

such as pools, gyms, parks, etc., that can be used and are great for recreational


Of course, this housing option sounds great but also does come with some negatives.

One negative is that there can be some hidden fees with condominium owning. Many

companies will have residents pay an association type fee that helps cover

maintenance throughout the building. Something you should consider is the cost of

these fees and remember that this would cover a lot of the maintenance you would have

to do on your own if you owned a home.

Another thing to remember is that there are some rules and restrictions that come with

living in this style of home that residents must follow. These are rules you would not

have to follow in your own home, but are usually not ridiculous to follow. Others avoid

condominiums because they do not have the customization of owning your own home.

However, this will differ by complex and many offer upgrades or customization options

to residents.

Many of the advantages of owning your own home are mentioned above, but another

big one is that you are in complete control of what happens to your residents. Of course,

if you buy an already built home, it can be challenging to remodel the home to fit your

specific needs or wants. Building a home from the ground up can be a huge undertaking

that many do not want to take on. It can also lead to a lot of extra costs and fees that

you will not have with a base condominium price.

For many families, especially those with pets and children, a home can seem like a

better option. This is because they are often more spacious and have better outdoor

areas for playing or taking your pet. This can be a deciding factor for those searching for

a new housing option, but should not rule out condominiums completely. Some condos

offer larger floor plans for larger families and are extremely spacious, and many also

have outdoor recreation areas that you can enjoy as well.

One of the biggest decisions you will have to make in your adult life is where you plan to

live. For many, it comes down to buying a condominium versus building or buying a

home. There are endless things to consider when making this decision and the final

factors come down to your personal wants and needs.

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