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Holes. Holes. Author Louis Sachar. Scrap Book created by: Will Launius. Setting: Camp Green Lake. Stanley Yelnats “Caveman”. Movie . Book. Armpit. Zig-Zag. Zero. X-Ray . Magnet. Squid. Camp Employees. Mr. Padenski- . Warden-. Mr. Sir-. Problem and Solution.

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Louis Sachar

Scrap Book created by: Will Launius

Setting: Camp Green


Stanley yelnats caveman
Stanley Yelnats “Caveman”



Camp employees
Camp Employees

Mr. Padenski-


Mr. Sir-

Problem and solution
Problem and Solution

  • Stanley is accused of stealing shoes and has to go to camp green lake for a consequence. But the shoes were just thrown over the overpass and hit Stanley in the head.

Problem and solution1
Problem and Solution

  • Stanley’s family is cursed with bad luck because his no good dirty rotten pig stealing great -great grandfather Elya Yelnats because he didn’t carry Madame Zeroni up the mountain to drink the water. So Stanley carries zero up the mountain to gods thumb and finds Sam’s onion garden and they find the treasure when they get back to Camp Green Lake and the curse is lifted from his families name.

Problem and solution2
Problem and Solution

  • The boys are supposed to be digging holes to build character. But they are actually looking for the treasure from kissing Kate Barlow.