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Party Jump USA

Party Jump USA

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Party Jump USA

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  1. Party Jump USA Bringing The Party To You! 2526 N. Ontario St. Burbank, CA 91504 Toll Free (818) 565-5525 Fax (818) 848-0353

  2. The Inflatable Industry is a young and thriving industry made by those entrepreneurs who make it their business to put a smile on peoples faces. Bounce house rentals have become extremely popular in the past 10 years. Inflatables have become so affordable for renting, that many parents choose to make their kids happy by getting one for their special occasion. The widespread popularity of inflatables is evident through the robust increase in startup rental companies throughout the nation. Believe it or not, inflatable rentals is a multi-billion dollar industry, and as more and more people become accustomed to renting inflatables, the industry will inevitably continue to grow. If you are in need of some extra cash, or if you are looking for a thriving industry to invest money or start a business in then you have found the business opportunity you're looking for! The Inflatable Industry www.PartyJumpUSA.cominfo@PartyJumpUSA.comPhone (818) 565-5525 Fax (818) 848-0353

  3. Saturday and Sunday are the busiest rental days of the week making inflatable rentals a good part-time start up business. Start up business owners can make about $2,200/month, working mainly weekends and not having to quit their weekday job. Party Jump USA helps inflatable rental companies with the marketing endpoint so startup companies can start making reservations from the day they receive their products. We understand that marketing a company can be a very expensive process, so we have made a way (through our advertising opportunity) for startup companies to market themselves for Business Opportunity their local areas with a minimal cost that anyone can afford. We help people by teaching them the essentials from maintenance, safety, best rental procedure, etc., so business owners won't have to learn through trial and error. So if you are interested in a business opportunity where you can work part time, or even full time, and see profits after your initial expense (from purchasing inflatables) after the first 3 months, than contact us now and we will get you started! www.PartyJumpUSA.cominfo@PartyJumpUSA.comPhone (818) 565-5525 Fax (818) 848-0353

  4. Benefits Include: • Part-Time Work • About 80-90% of reservations are for the weekend making it possible for startup business owners to have a main full-time job during the weekday. • Low Startup Costs • An inflatable rental business can get setup and running for under $10,000.00, which is very cheap when comparing to other industries. • Great ROI (Return on Investment) • Business owners can expect a return on their initial investment after only a couple of months, with profits in the first year of business! • Low Overhead Costs • The substantial expenses for the industry are limited to advertising and storage. Most business owners start from their own home, and the advertising opportunity offered by Party Jump USA helps reduce advertising costs. • Owning Your Own Business • Feel the satisfaction of owning your own business and being your own boss with the opportunity to grow and be successful. • Putting a Smile on Peoples Faces • Business owners feel the most joy from the knowledge that their service brings fun and joy to their customers and their event. Business Opportunity www.PartyJumpUSA.cominfo@PartyJumpUSA.comPhone (818) 565-5525 Fax (818) 848-0353

  5. General Business Process: • Making Reservations • Business owners usually take reservations over the phone. E-commerce, however, is a fast growing process to take reservations, and a very good administrative program is offered by Rental Pad, Inc. • Delivering Orders • Usually business owners make delivery’s themselves to take in all the profits, however, as the business begins to grow deliveries are usually taken by employees or independent contractors. • Pickups are almost always scheduled the same day, at night, making the reservation a one day rental. • Payment Process • Payments are usually taken with C.O.D. or with credit card payments online. • Cleaning Inflatables • Usually part-time business owners clean the inflatables during pickup, that way they don’t have to inflatable the jumper a second time. • Marketing the Company • More information is given on the following page. Business Opportunity www.PartyJumpUSA.cominfo@PartyJumpUSA.comPhone (818) 565-5525 Fax (818) 848-0353

  6. Marketing a company is not a one day thing. It involves dedication, hard work, and a good advertising campaign. Some of the methods business owners use are business cards, banners, direct print, local YellowPages or WhitePages books, television commercials, radio, website, and online search sources and directories. Every company should explore their advertising campaign based on their financial capabilities. In the past decade society has moved towards an Marketing/Advertising age of technology where fast paced information is provided through wireless computers and telephones that are capable of accessing the internet for a quick search of local companies. Therefore, the advertising industry has quickly moved towards internet advertising methods like search engines and directories, and they have proved to be the most effective and cheapest methods. A lot of companies fail because they fail to market themselves successfully. Party Jump USA offers companies an opportunity to takeadvantage of capturing their local market by being the ONLY company advertised for that city. This advertising opportunity ensures that companies are able to market themselves successfully to their local cities. So what does Party Jump USA’s online directory service offer? The next slide will cover this in more detail. www.PartyJumpUSA.cominfo@PartyJumpUSA.comPhone (818) 565-5525 Fax (818) 848-0353

  7. The Online Directory • Advertisements in Party Jump USA get exposure in over 13 online search sources, which include: • • • • AOL Yellow Pages • MSN Yellow Pages • Yahoo! Local • Yahoo! Yellow Pages • • MapQuest • • • • Microsoft Live Search • • Marketing/Advertising www.PartyJumpUSA.cominfo@PartyJumpUSA.comPhone (818) 565-5525 Fax (818) 848-0353

  8. What Features Does the Directory Provide? • Dedicated City Advertisement • Inflatable rental companies will be the ONLY inflatable provider advertised for that city, meaning they will not be paying for advertisement and at the same time competing with other inflatable providers. Companies get full referrals for the cities they advertise in. • Detailed Company Profile • Ability to add detailed information about the company, including contact information, pictures, logo/banner, as well as the ability to login and edit your content and information whenever you want. • Contact Us Submission • Customers requesting information from the company will be directed to fill in a contact submission form which is directly forwarded to the inflatable rental company. • Full Tracking Capabilities • Tracking of unique visitors, number of clicks, number of contact submissions, as well as graphs and the capability to export information. • In a sense customers get a DEDICATED WEBSITE with all the bells and whistles. FAQ’s www.PartyJumpUSA.cominfo@PartyJumpUSA.comPhone (818) 565-5525 Fax (818) 848-0353

  9. Why Shouldn’t I Just Advertise Myself? • That is a very good question. There are a couple or really good reasons why advertising with Party Jump USA gives inflatable rental companies an advantage over advertising themselves. • Price Difference • Inflatable rental companies advertising through Party Jump USA end up paying much less than they would if they advertised themselves. • No Competition • When you advertise by yourself with the search sources mentioned, you are listed with other companies, meaning when someone goes to search they will be provided numerous companies that service that area. With Party Jump USA, you are the only inflatable rental company advertised for that city, meaning you get a marketing advantage over your competition. • Dedicated Webpage • Companies advertising in Party Jump USA get a dedicated webpage. This is essential for marketing yourself online, especially if you do not have a website up already. • Information, Support, and Training • The experienced team at Party Jump USA, which has over 14 years of manufacturing and rentals experience, will teach companies all the latest safety procedures and practices, rental training, and support for marketing and running your own business. FAQ’s www.PartyJumpUSA.cominfo@PartyJumpUSA.comPhone (818) 565-5525 Fax (818) 848-0353

  10. What is the Payment Process Like? • Businesses advertising in Party Jump USA get to choose the length of their contract term and how much they want to advertise. There are three different terms to choose; Month-to-Month, 6 Month, and 12 Month • Month-to-Month • If you want the flexibility to advertise or cancel at any given time, or prefer not to be in a longer contract term, then you get the option to advertise and pay at a month-to-month basis. • 6 Month Term • If you prefer a term that is not a year long, or if you want to advertise only during the warmer seasons then you get the option of the 6 month term. This 6 month term gives you a 16.67% discount, or 1 free month, for purchasing the longer contract term. • 12 Month Term • If you prefer to pay for advertisement for a whole year and have an advertising advantage in your desired city for the whole year, than you get the option of the 12 month term. This 12 month term gives you a 25% discount, or 3 free months, for purchasing the year long contract term. • Businesses also get the following discounts for advertising in multiple cities. • 2-3 cities = 30% off • 4-5 cities = 40% off • 6+ cities = 50% off FAQ’s www.PartyJumpUSA.cominfo@PartyJumpUSA.comPhone (818) 565-5525 Fax (818) 848-0353

  11. Still need some more help/information? Don’t hesitate to contact our friendly and experienced representatives for more information and clarification. Phone (818) 565-5525 Fax (818) 848-0353 Open Monday – Friday 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM PST Contact Us