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ICT Week. Information Communications Technology. 8 th – 12 th April. Monday 8 th April. The Walton Class will have their classes in ICT Room 2 for today.

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ict week

ICT Week

Information Communications Technology

8th – 12th April

monday 8 th april
Monday 8th April

The Walton Class

will have their classes in

ICT Room 2 for today

All students can join the following group to take part in daily quizzes, receive interesting facts and be in with a chance to win an end of week prize:




Students and teachers are encouraged to contribute to the site, enjoy!

The New School Website is now Live and

can be viewed online at:

tuesday 9 th april
Tuesday 9th April

The Newton Class

will have their classes in

ICT Room 2 for today

At Lunchtime Mr. Collins and his 2nd year students will be demonstrating how they use the iPad and Music Apps – any interested students attend

Teacher EdTech training after school



A basic Donabate Community College App is now available and can be accessed by typing the following address into your internet browser:

The App can be saved to your home screen and will work across all smart phone and tablet devices

wednesday 10 th april
Wednesday 10th April

The Edison Class

will have their classes in

ICT Room 3 for today

Ms. O’ Hagan’s TY students will sit their SAGE Computer Exam from 09:40 – 10:50

in ICT Room 2

Mr. Collins group will be demonstrating the iPad again in the assembly area

at lunch

Here are some facts about wasted & recycled paper:

Each ton of paper recycled can save 17 trees, 3 cubic yards of landfill space and 7,000 gallons of water

Almost half of all commercial waste in Ireland is paper - over 500,000 tonnes.

The pulp and paper industry is the world's fifth largest industrial consumer of energy and uses more water to produce a tonne of product than any other industry.

An average two and a half tonnes of paper waste is generated in a small 15 person office each year.

What has this got to do with ICT Week?

Well, instead of handing out or receiving paper

when it’s possible try to provide it in digital format

In school you are provided with a personal unlimited server storage space. You can also use Edmodo which has unlimited storage and file sharing ability

Notes generally end up in the bin or at some stage get lost. By practicing good file management you can hold onto all your notes for as long as you like!

thursday 11 th april
Thursday 11th April

The Tyndall Class

will have their classes in

ICT Room 3 for today

TY Students + F1 Teams visit HQ in the City. Departing at 11:40

Primary School students arrive at 1pm for an afternoon programming workshop with 15 Franklin students

friday 12 th april
Friday 12th April

The Franklin Class

will have their classes in

ICT Room 2 for today

Workshop with Dr. John McKenna from School of Computing. 9am – 10:30 in room B36-37

12:50 – 13:30 Awarding of Prizes for ICT Week