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WORKSKILLS. LEVEL 1 & 2. N Wray. What is Workskills?. WorkSkills is a new BTEC qualification from Edexcel that has been developed after extensive research and consultation with employers, training providers, schools and colleges.

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LEVEL 1 & 2

N Wray

what is workskills
What is Workskills?

WorkSkills is a new BTEC qualification from Edexcel that has been developed after extensive research and consultation with employers, training providers, schools and colleges.

A recent survey showed that many employers wanted graduates with a positive attitude and wider employability skills to succeed in the workplace. The report suggested that, ‘these wider employability skills should include:

Personal Life Skills,

Sustainable Employability Skills,

Work Placement Skills and

Skills for Business

WorkSkills provides these skills.

edexcel s vision
Edexcel’s Vision
  • “to equip young people and adults with the skills to obtain employment and build confidence so that they can retain jobs and improve life chances for themselves and their families. WorkSkills builds on the ABC of employability - Attitude, Behaviour and Communication - to develop the skills that employers are looking for”.
what is the aim of workskills
What is the Aim of Workskills?
  • The aim of WorkSkills is to deliver the skills that will enable people gain and retain a job. The units build on the skills already taught in schools and colleges, and offer the opportunity to recognise these skills with a formal BTEC qualification.
  • WorkSkills encompasses work placement, interview techniques, teamwork and vocational skills, as well as the soft skills that employers look for, such as adaptability, eagerness to learn and a can-do attitude.
how to gain approval for workskills
How to gain Approval for Workskills
  • You must show an intent to offer and at which level (1, 2 or both) and (Award ¼ GCSE, Certificate 1 GCSE and Diploma 4 GCSEs)
  • If you enter at the lower AWARD you can upgrade and pay the difference.
  • Gaining OSCAR2- you have to complete an online assessment so that you are able to assess pupils work accurately. (Usually achieved by the centres Quality Nominee)
who is workskills aimed at
Who is Workskills aimed at?
  • WorkSkills appeals to a number of different learners, both adults and 14- to 19-year-olds.
  • Adult learners can include job seekers, parents returning to work, graduate trainees, offender learners, and people who are looking for a complete career change.
structuring workskills
Structuring Workskills
  • IT can be structured as a stand alone lesson in the KS4 Curriculum or as a Intensive Intervention Tool.
  • The flexible structure of WorkSkills allows learners to choose as many or as few 10-hour units as is right for them, to put together tailor-made BTECs at Award, Certificate or Diploma level.
what choices are available
What choices are available?
  • There are up to 30 stand-alone units, from Entry 3 to Level 2, that can be used in a variety of qualifications.
  • The units, typically 10 hours each, are flexible and can be combined to create qualifications of different sizes and at different levels to suit the needs of the individual learner.
example units
Example Units
  • Unit 1 Alternatives to Paid Work 10 GLH (E3, L1, L2)
  • Unit 3 Managing Your Own Money 20 GLH (E3, L1, L2)
  • Unit 5 Searching for a Job 10 GLH (E3, L1)
  • Unit 4 Searching for a Job 10 GLH (L2)
  • Unit 7 Preparing for an Interview 10 GLH (E3, L1)
  • Unit 6 Preparing for an Interview 10 GLH (L2)
credit values
Credit Values?
  • What is a CREDIT?
  • A 10 Guided Learning Hour (GLH) Unit = 1 Credit

10 GLH = 1 CREDIT?

how is workskills assessed
How is Workskills assessed?
  • There are no external assessments. All assessments will be conducted internally by you the teacher, and go through the normal process of Internal Verification.
  • EDEXCEL say that they have a ‘drop in’ at any moment to assess the centres process of Workskills and to assess the quality of the students work
  • At either Level Entry 3, Level 1 or Level 2 the cost is the same.
  • Award = £18
  • Certificate = £28
  • Diploma = £45
  • Single Unit Accreditation = £9
  • Late Entry = £128
what s next
What’s next?
  • Show an intent to offer Workskills with Edexcel.
  • Attend ½ day training for Workskills.
  • Gaining OSCAR2. (Lead Verifier usually the centres Quality Nominee)
  • Choosing the Correct units and Level for each pupil following Workskills.
  • Writing assignments using unit specifications.
  • Having a good marking and Internal Verification process in place.
useful resources
Useful Resources
  • (for sample assignments)
  • Workskills Activator Work experience booklet Level 1 and 2( From Heinemann)
  • Level 1 ISBN 9781846903366
  • Level 2 ISBN 9781846903359
      • Tel No- 0845 6301111