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WorkSkills: OSCA2 User guide PowerPoint Presentation
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WorkSkills: OSCA2 User guide

WorkSkills: OSCA2 User guide

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WorkSkills: OSCA2 User guide

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  1. WorkSkills: OSCA2 User guide BTEC Assessment Team, November 2008

  2. This presentation covers Having correct access Registering as the Lead IV Withdrawing as the Lead IV Practice portfolio

  3. How to check if someone has OSCA2 access Step 1: Click here to see all the people with an EOL account at the centre BTEC Assessment

  4. Step 2: If you want to check OSCA2 access for a specific person, click on their e-mail address Step 3: Scroll down and you will then be able to see if that chosen person has got OSCA2 access BTEC Assessment

  5. Registering as the Lead IV Step 5: The Lead IV should then hover over ‘Registration’ and click on ‘Register’ Step 4: Click on the OSCA2 menu on the left hand side of the EOL homepage which will then take you to the OSCA2 system (opposite) BTEC Assessment

  6. Step 6: The Lead IV then needs to either click on ‘I Agree’ or ‘Cancel’. If they Cancel they will be directed back to the OSCA2 homepage. BTEC Assessment

  7. Step 8: The Lead IV will also (within an hour) receive an e-mail confirmation with a subject heading of ‘Registration Confirmation’. Step 7: If the Lead IV agrees to the T & C the OSCA2 system will confirm their registration. BTEC Assessment

  8. Withdrawing as the Lead IV Step 9: Follow steps 4 and 5 and then click on the ‘View your registrations’ link Step 10: The Lead IV can then withdraw by clicking on the ‘Withdraw’ link and then clicking ‘OK’ on the warning message. They will then receive confirmation on the OSCA2 system and will also receive an e-mail confirming their withdrawal as the Lead IV BTEC Assessment

  9. Practice portfolio Step 11: Hover over ‘Activities’ and click on ‘Exemplar Material’ Step 12: Click on the ‘Work Skills Window 1’ link. Please note that Lead IV’s can also see the various dates of the training exercise on this area of the page BTEC Assessment

  10. Step 13: Click on ‘Training Exercise Materials’ Step 14: The Lead IV will then be able to click on any of the ‘Assessment Materials’ links and the ‘Verifier’s Commentary’ links BTEC Assessment

  11. Next steps for Lead IVs • Plan which assessment window you should enter for: for certification during January – March you must enter assessment window 1 • At step 13 select “Assessment Exercise Materials” and follow the instructions in the documents • Centre Lead IVs may only attempt standardisation ONCE. Saving any responses to any questions counts as one attempt and therefore they should plan to complete all the exercises by the end of the window. BTEC Assessment