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Word List
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Word List

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  1. Word List Fatimids Isma‘ilis/“Seveners” ‘Ali ibn Abi Talib imam Imamis/“Twelvers” Isma‘il Ja‘far al-Sadiq (d. 765) batiniyya Muhammad ibn Isma‘il batin (inner meaning)

  2. Word List shari‘a (Islamic Law) ‘ilm (divinely-inspired knowledge) taqiyya (dissimulation) mahdi (fore-ordained leader) Qarmatians

  3. Word List Timeline 909 ‘Abd Allah takes Qayrawan. Proclaimed caliph with title “al-Mahdi.” 909-53 Caliphate of al-Mahdi. 951 Fatimids arrange for Black Stone to be returned to Mecca. 958-60 Fatimids consolidate hold on N. Africa. Berbers Fatima Umayyads

  4. Word List Timeline 953-75 Caliphate of al-Mu‘izz. 969 Jawhar takes Fustat. Builds al-Qahira (Cairo). 973 Al-Mu‘izz arrives in Cairo. al-Azhar Mosque hajj (greater pilgrimage)

  5. Timeline 996-1021 Caliphate of al-Hakim bi-Amr Allah. 1000 Al-Hakim murders Barjuwan, takes control of Fatimid state. 1003 Al-Hakim orders destruction of churches. 1009 Destruction of Church of the Holy Sepulchre.

  6. Timeline 1006 Al-Hakim fights off invasion. 1012 Al-Hakim becomes ascetic. 1017-18 Al-Darazi preaches that al-Hakim is God. Dies at hands of Turkish troops. Followers flee to Syria, becoming the Druze. 1021 Al-Hakim vanishes. 1171 End of Fatimid caliphate.

  7. Object List Carved wood plank, originally gilt. Wall decoration of West Fatimid Palace. Cairo. Second half of the 11th c. (F) Mosque of al-Azhar, Cairo. 10th c. Exterior View (F) Mosque of al-Azhar, Cairo. 10th c. Plan. (F) Mosque of al-Azhar, Cairo. 10th c. Exterior view. Courtyard view. (F) Mosque of al-Azhar, Cairo. 10th c. Interior view. (F) Mosque of al-Azhar, Cairo. 10th c. Ornamental details. Stucco work. (F) Mosque of al-Hakim. Cairo. 11th c. (F) F = Ferret, A = Archnet

  8. Object List View of courtyard of the Mosque of al-Hakim. (A) Mihrab of the Mosque of al-Hakim. Cairo. 11th c. (F) Al-Aqmar mosque, Cairo. 12th c. Exterior view. Façade. Finished 1125. (F) Al-Aqmar mosque, Cairo. 12th c. Exterior view. Entrance arch. (F) Al-Aqmar mosque, Cairo. 12th c. Exterior view. Front façade. Finished 1125. (F) Bab al-Futuh. Exterior view. 11th c. Cairo. (F) Bab al-Nasr. Cairo. (F) F = Ferret, A = Archnet

  9. Object List Fatimid tombs at Aswan, Egypt. 11th and 12th c. (F) Fatimid tomb at Aswan, Egypt. 11th and 12th c. (F) Ceiling of Capella Palatina. Palermo, Sicily. Example of Fatimid art. (F) Feasting ruler and attendants. Capella Palatina. Palermo, Sicily. 12th c. (F) Buddha sheltered by a naga, Angkor period, 12th century, Cambodia Bronze; 6 1/2 in. (16.5 cm). (Metropolitan Museum of Art: <http://www.metmuseum.org>.) Scene at a well from Capella Palatina: Palermo, Sicily. 12th c. (F) F = Ferret, A = Archnet

  10. Object List Ceiling painting of Capella Palatina: Palermo, Sicily. 1140s. (F) Mantle of Roger II, Norman king of Sicily, made by Muslim artisans for coronation. 12th c. (F) Textile - Mugassab used for ‘aba (robe), made for al-Musta‘li. 11-12th c. (F - two slides) Detail of medallion. Fatimid period, 969-1171. (F) Acid-back medallion. Fatimid period, 969-1171. (F) Same ‘aba - dorsal motif with inscription. (F) Jewelery: pendants. 11th c. (F) F = Ferret, A = Archnet

  11. Object List Rock crystal ewer. Fatimid caliph al-‘Aziz. 975-96. (F) Rock crystal ewer. 10-11th c. (mounting is European, 17th c). (F) Rock crystal ewer. 11th c, with Venetian silver mount from the 13th c. (F) Rock crystal bottle. 13th c. (F) Rock crystal bottle with gilt silver mount. 17-8 cm h. 10th c. Egypt. (F) Rock crystal bottle, bevel cut. 10.5 cm. 11th c. Egypt. (F) Rock crystal pendant (silver mounting is 18th c. German). (F) F = Ferret, A = Archnet

  12. Object List Glass bowl with dark blue ibexes. 10th c. (F) Spherical bottle, glass with bird design. 10.4cm. Early 11th c. (F) Cameo (raised-relief) glass fragment, Fatimid period, 969-1171. (F) Earthenware dish with lustre decoration. 11th c. (F) Lustreware; cock fight; Fatimid period (969-1171). (F) Lustreware wrestling scene. 11th c. (F) Grammar treatise fragment, Fatimid period, 969-1171. (F) F = Ferret, A = Archnet