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The Max Stern Academic College of Emek Yezreel PowerPoint Presentation
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The Max Stern Academic College of Emek Yezreel

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The Max Stern Academic College of Emek Yezreel - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The Max Stern Academic College of Emek Yezreel Location Emek Yezreel College In Yezreel Valley (Emek Yezreel), in Israel ’ s northern region; a few miles from Afula Background 1965: College established to meet local adult education needs in the north

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Emek Yezreel College

  • In Yezreel Valley (Emek Yezreel), in Israel’s northern region; a few miles from Afula
  • 1965: College established to meet local adult education needs in the north
  • 1973-1994: served as a regional branch of Haifa University
  • 1994: Israel’s Council of Higher Education recognized College as an independent academic institution authorized to grant B.A. degrees in several academic fields
max stern college mission characteristics
Max Stern College Mission & Characteristics
  • College’s mission is to narrow social gaps in Israel by providing undergraduate education to “first generation” students – young people from Jewish and Arab families for whom higher education was not in past generations a viable option.
  • Promotion of culture, industry and opportunity in Israel’s northern “peripheral” areas.
  • Idyllic, informal campus atmosphere supplemented by the opportunity to gain a solid, accredited B.A. degree.
academic departments
Academic Departments
  • Economics and Business Management
  • Behavioral Sciences

-Psychology, Criminology, Education

  • Health Administration
  • Human Services
  • Social Sciences and Multidsciplinary Studies

- Computers and Information Systems

- Communications

- Jewish People and World Culture

- Women and Gender Studies

  • Sociology & Anthropology
  • Political Science
  • Over 70 full time staff members; more than 200 part-time staff members

* Faculty members are involved in community development projects, as part of the College’s mission to narrow gaps, and develop Israel’s peripheral northern area

  • Currently 3600 B.A degree students
  • Jews from kibbutz and moshav communities, cities and low income development towns; new immigrants and “veteran” Israelis
  • Non-Jewish student population is 23% of student body
  • Student body is a microcosm of Israeli society; level of interaction on campus is a model of coexistence between Jewish-Arab groups

Community Involvement

At the Max Stern

College of Emek Yezreel

During the 2006-2007 academic year, a record number of students are involved in community involvement projects – 1200 students.

Community involvement projects, operated by the College's Dean of Students office, relate to three main subject areas:

1. Initiating and promoting projects to empower select population groups, and integrate them in academia.


Community Involvement

At the Max Stern

College of Emek Yezreel

2. Initiating and promoting projects which involve students in community spheres, in specific areas of expertise.

3.Integrating students in existing projects operated by organizations, social welfare and education institutions, and cultural frameworks.


Production of statistical yearbook for northern region; cost NIS 300,000

  • Keda Project: pre-academic studies program for immigrants from CIS
  • Forum for council heads from Jewish and Arab regions, in response to October 2000 events
  • Design for Children’s Ward of Ha-emek Hospital (by Goren Graphic School students)
  • Pre-academic studies in Hebrew, math and English for Arab students
  • Arab women empowerment project

Community Projects

community projects continued
Community Projects, Continued
  • Work by faculty members in local public school on classroom violence prevention. Work done with elderly care center
  • Academic and professional training program for public sector workers and security sphere workers; Ongoing one-day seminars on local, community issues
  • Student business initiative project in conjunction with Grinspoon Foundation of Springfield MA
  • Action Research team empowerment project with local Arab and Jewish communities, including Umm al Fahm
  • Connections with Hartford, Southern New England, Sarasota and other North American Jewish communities, partly in conjunction with Partnership 2000

Empowerment Projects for Select

  • Population Groups
  • * Single parent empowerment project, in collaboration with the Sacta- Rashi- Foundation. 13 students. Single parent participants receive economic assistance (tuition aid), and tutorial support provided by outstanding College students
  • * Academia Project, in collaboration with the Academia Foundation and the Sacta-Rashi Foundation; 17 participants. The project's goal is to empower students from the periphery; participants receive tuition aid, and tutorial help provided by outstanding College student peers, and individualized help
  • * In the Academia and Katzir projects, students are involved in community involvement projects within the Perach framework, or the College's community involvement unit

Special Projects Initiated by the

Dean of Students Office

* Environmental Affairs activities

* Reading skills project for third graders – students support elementary school pupils who have been identified as having reading skills issues, Support is given on an individualized level, with professional supervision

* Tutorial lessons for College students and pre-academic studies students; provided by outstanding College student peers

Emerging educational leadership project ((מח"צ– Perach participants receive professional training in social leadership, relating to community empowerment areas.


Special Projects Initiated by the

Dean of Students Office

* Documentation and filming of Holocaust survivors – especially for Communications students

* Writing of life stories of senior citizen residents of the Jezreel Valley


Involvement of Students in Existing Community

Activities Undertaken by Organizations/Social Welfare

and Education Institutions

Arab and Jewish students are linked with organizations and institutions from the region, on the basis of their interests, abilities, places of residence, and other criteria. Some such activity spheres include

* Civil Guard

* Support for children and youth with special needs, connected with a variety of NPOs

Women's Organizations*

* Assistance to New Immigrants in Jewish Agency absorption centers

Assistance for senior citizens *


Special Projects Initiated by the

Dean of Students Office

* Horizons in the Valley Project – social counseling and individualized support for new immigrants from Ethiopia, who are enrolled in pre-academic studies at the College

* Children and youth at risk

* Individual and group tutoring – afternoon activity in primary schools and community centers


Campus lay-out and dimensions

Located in Afula

  • 25,000 meters of built-up facilities
  • 6 classroom buildings
  • Academic and regional library
  • 2 administrative buildings
  • 1200 parking spaces
  • Student services center
  • 2 cafeterias
  • 72 classrooms
  • 3 auditoriums
  • 18 computer labs
  • Photography studio
  • 4 TV-Film editing studios
  • 2 radio studios
  • Dormitories
  • 6,500sq. meters
  • 280 beds
  • Public facility club,
  • laundry, offices, mail room
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