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Edible and Non-edible Robert Dennis Joshua Wimberly PowerPoint Presentation
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Edible and Non-edible Robert Dennis Joshua Wimberly

Edible and Non-edible Robert Dennis Joshua Wimberly

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Edible and Non-edible Robert Dennis Joshua Wimberly

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  1. Plants at Rose Bay Edible and Non-edible Robert Dennis Joshua Wimberly

  2. Plants at Rose Bay There are so many plants at Rose Bay. Some you may eat and some you will die from or get real sick. The idea of this show is to tell you which ones are edible and which are not.

  3. Plants at Rose Bay So if you get stuck out in the woods then you will know which to eat and which not to eat. There are many people out in the world that will grow some of the wild plants .

  4. Plants At Rose Bay Salads Salad is defined as a dish made of green vegetables, meats, or fruits, tossed with a dressing. You can do this with wild plants as will as farmed ones.

  5. Plants at Rose Bay The list of the salad plants are almost endless. The bad part about the field guide deals with mature plants.

  6. Plants at Rose Bay Poke Poke can be eaten. It has lots of common names such as poke sallet, pigeon berry, inkberry, redwood, scoke, pocan, cancer, jalap,garget ,pokeweed,redwood. coming soon

  7. Plants at Rose Bay Pokes are very well known by different peoples for different reasons. To some it was a valuable edible plant. To others, a medicinal plant ,and to still others it was an extremely poisonous plant. For those who don’t recognize this plant, it is a large, rank perennial that grows up to be eight to nine feet tall.

  8. Plants at Rose Bay Poke was used as many things over the years. The soldiers in the Civil War had used the juice berry as ink to write there letters to home. That is where the name”inkberry” had came from. Some of the letters that were wrote are still readable to this day in archives around the world.

  9. PLANTS AT ROSE BAY Not all plants can be used for as many things as the others. Some are also used to eat and are also poison like the sumac. For the sumac there are different types of plants. One is poison and the other is used for species. There are many types of sumac but only one type is poisons.

  10. Plants at Rose Bay A good way to tell if a plant is poisons is if the animals will eat them or if they wont eat them. Most plants that animals eat are not poisons to humans. That is not always true some animals have grown immune to the toxin of a plant.

  11. Plants at Rose Bay Acorns Acorns are a good treat for squirrels as will as for humans. The acorns will taste different from tree to tree. They will keep for long time so they are good for camping and other long outdoor activities.