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an overview of adult rape in nashville l.
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An Overview of Adult Rape in Nashville PowerPoint Presentation
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An Overview of Adult Rape in Nashville

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An Overview of Adult Rape in Nashville
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An Overview of Adult Rape in Nashville

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  1. An Overview of Adult Rape in Nashville Presented by: The Adult Sex Abuse Unit Metropolitan Police Department Nashville, Tennessee

  2. Introduction Rape - a frightening crime. Who are the victims of rape? Who commits the crime of rape? When and where do most rapes occur? What are the truths about rape; what are the myths?

  3. Month, Day & Time • You can be the victim of rape any time of the year.

  4. Rape occurs every day of the week.

  5. Rape can occur at any time of day, but occurs with greater frequency during the late evening and early morning hours.

  6. Weapons • Weapons are used in only 10% of reported rapes. Cutting Instrument8.47% Firearms1.4% Force or Coercion89%

  7. Reporting & Drug Use & Relationships • 29 % of those who reported rapes did so over 24 hours after the incident. • Drug or alcohol use was indicated in 26% or the rapes reported to the Adult Sex Abuse Unit. • The Victim and the Suspect had some form of acquaintance in 69% of the rapes reported.

  8. Location 74 126 80 83

  9. West East South Central Numbers of Rapes by Patrol Zone

  10. About the Victim Other African American Caucasian Hispanic

  11. Average age of our victims was 29.

  12. About the suspects Other African American Caucasian Hispanic Unknown

  13. The estimated average age of our offenders was 23.47 years old.

  14. Summary Rape can happen any time of year, with a possible increased risk in the fall. Rape happens every day of the week, with an increased risk on weekends. Rapes are most likely to occur during hours of darkness, with the greatest number occurring near midnight.

  15. Summary (cont’) • 29% of rapes were reported over 24 hours after the incident. • Only 10% or reported rapes are facilitated by weapons. Physical force, trick or intoxication are used 89% of the time. • In 69% of the rapes reported to the Adult Sex Abuse Unit the victim and the suspect were acquainted to some degree. • Drugs or alcohol were a factor in 26% of the rapes reported to our unit.

  16. Lowering Your Risk of Being a Victim of Rape At Home In Public Dating and Social Situations What To Do If You Are the Victim of a Rape

  17. At Home • Never open your door to a stranger. • Never let a stranger into your home. Utility workers, police officers and similar workers will not mind if you call to confirm their identities. • Do not put your name on your door or mailbox.

  18. Home (cont’d) • Be aware of your surroundings as you enter and leave your home. • Install outdoor lighting. • Install deadbolt locks on all doors. Secure windows with track locks. • Get acquainted with your neighbors - watch out for each other. • If in doubt about safety - call the police.

  19. In Public • Walk with purpose and with a confident air. • When necessary, wait for an escort. • Avoid blind corners and shrubbery. • NEVER accept rides from strangers. • If you suspect someone is following you, go to a busy, well lit area.

  20. In Public (con’t) • Always keep your car locked. • Park in well lit areas. • Stay sober and alert. • Do shopping, etc. during day or early evening hours. • Trust your instincts. If a person or place feels dangerous, it probably is. Don’t stop and get away.

  21. Dating or Social Situations • Never tell a blind date or someone you really do not know where you live. Meet them at a safe place. Always drive your own car. • Stay sober. • Do not do drugs. • Don’t leave your drinks unattended. Keep your drinks with you or dump them.

  22. Dating or Social Situations (Con’d) • Don’t accept a beverage someone brings you unless you watched it being made or you open it yourself. • Go out in groups of friends, and don’t leave anyone behind. • Do not go home with strangers or new acquaintances, no matter how nice they seem. • Don’t tell strangers or new acquaintances where you live.

  23. What to do if you are a victim of rape. • Go to a safe place, but if at all possible (only if safe) stay at the crime scene (area where rape occurred) and wait for police to come to you. • Dial 911 immediately. • Do not shower, drink, smoke, or change clothing.

  24. What to do…(con’d) • Do not clean up or alter room / area in any way. • If you are going straight to the hospital, try to bring a change of clothes.

  25. What Happens After You Dial 911 • A uniformed officer will most likely be the first to come to your location. • If reported within 72 hours of the assault, a detective will be called. He or she may come to where you are, or directly to the hospital. • A report will be made to document what has happened.

  26. A counselor who specializes in assisting victims of rape will be called out to talk with you. • If the report is made within 72 hours of the rape, a medical legal examination will be performed at either Metro General or Baptist Hospitals. The exam is conducted by specially trained nurse practitioners. The purpose of this exam is to collect evidence of the rape and to attend to your health needs as a result of the assault (STD’s / pregnancy / injuries sustained). Since clothing may have evidence, the nurse will most likely collect your clothing.

  27. A detective will talk to you at length about the assault and may request that you write out a statement. The decision whether or not to prosecute lies primarily in your hands. Just because a report is made, does not mean that you have to prosecute. • Follow up with the detective will be done as the case necessitates, including attempting to identify the suspect. • If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to call our office at 862-7540.