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Incident Qualifications & Certification System PowerPoint Presentation
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Incident Qualifications & Certification System

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Incident Qualifications & Certification System - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Incident Qualifications & Certification System. Housekeeping & Intros. Start and End times Breaks – Be back on time Restrooms, coffee, lunch Cell Phones OFF. Housekeeping & Intros. Introductions Name Where you work Job, daily and IQCS role Past experience with SACS or Redcard

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Incident Qualifications & Certification System

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housekeeping intros
Housekeeping & Intros
  • Start and End times
  • Breaks – Be back on time
  • Restrooms, coffee, lunch
  • Cell Phones OFF
housekeeping intros3
Housekeeping & Intros
  • Introductions
    • Name
    • Where you work
    • Job, daily and IQCS role
    • Past experience with SACS or Redcard
  • Expectations of this week
  • Identify the Qualifications Documents
    • 310-1
    • 5109.17
    • Agency Policy
    • Field Manager Course Guide
    • NWCG Training
    • Other training
terminology setid
Set ID = Who you work for







SetID = Position Criteria

NWCG0 = 310-1

FS000 = 5109.17

Agency Specific Positions

BIA00, BLM00,

FWS00, NPS00

Terminology - SetID

SetID is a key field in IQCS used in a variety of situations.

terminology setid6
Terminology – SetID

NWCG0 SetID – used for tables that all users access:

  • Location Table – There is one table for all addresses in IQCS. This is the Location Table or Location Code.
terminology org codes unit ids
Organization Codes are Agency defined

Unit ID’s are Interagency defined

BIA – AAA01100 = SD-CRA – Cheyenne Agency

BLM – MT05016 = MT-DFD – Dillon F.O.

FS – 08020000 = KY-DBF – Daniel Boone NF

FWS – 21542 = TX-BBR – Big Boggy NWR

NPS – NE1700 = ME-ACP – Acadia NP

Terminology - Org Codes & Unit IDs

Org Codes are the next key field after SetID. Unit IDs are attached to the Org Code.

terminology emplid
Terminology – EmplID

Empl ID or employee id is a system generated number that replaces SSN. The SSN is held in IQCS but is not visible to the account manager once the employee is added to the system.

The Empl ID is a key field in IQCS.

terminology competencies
Terminology - Competencies

In IQCS “Competencies” refers to position criteria.

  • Fitness
  • Refresher
  • Training
  • Task books
  • Prerequisite Experience
terminology cpx
Terminology – CPX

CPX = Complex Prerequisites

Any position with an “or” statement in the position prerequisites.


or ICT4 + Strike Team Leader

+ any Single Resource Boss

(one must be Crew or Engine)

17 pathways to ICT3

terminology tpx
Terminology – TPX

TPX = Complex Training pathways

  • Forest Service only at this time.
  • Developed to identify alternate training pathways as defined in the 5109.17.
    • i.e. SEMG requires S-270 OR S-271
    • Defined on the position code table
module 1 navigation
Module 1Navigation
  • Access IQCS
  • Navigate IQCS – define menu structure
  • Understand the search capabilities
  • Retrieve, View, and Update Data
  • Describe how to search on a given topic within PeopleBooks
module 2 add employees
Module 2Add Employees
  • Add a non-employee to the system.
  • Training Officers with Account Manager roles can.
    • Define groups.
    • Assign responders to groups.
    • In 2006 Enroll by group.
module 3 incident responder development plan irdp
Module 3Incident Responder Development Plan - IRDP


When the supervisor and employee develop an IRDP in IQCS a training plan is created for each employee with short and long term goals.

This could assist the training community in scheduling training.

module 4 training logistics
Module 4Training Logistics
  • Create a Training Course Session.
  • Select Cadre, Facilities, Equipment, Supplies, Expense Type, and modify an Agenda
  • Enroll students & Develop and Update a Training Roster
  • Add training to employee’s training record
  • Review an employee’s training record and training competencies
  • Complete a Course Session
  • Record Results
  • Run training reports
module 6 developmental events
Module 6Developmental Events


  • Initiate a Task Book for an Individual
  • Document Position Performance Assignment
  • Certify taskbook
module 8 nomination process
Module 8Nomination Process

Complete the nomination process.

  • Complete and Submit Nomination Form
  • Prioritize the Nominees
  • Select & Enroll Nominees
module 9 training administration
Module 9Training Administration

These are control tables that the users can modify.

  • Enter new facilities and vendors
  • Enter new instructors
  • Track Instructor history by employee and course
module 10 workforce analytics organizational needs
Module 10Workforce Analytics/Organizational Needs


  • Locate and apply the Model to identify Position Targets
  • Enter Position Targets by Group
  • Enter Position Targets by Unit
  • Run associated reports
module 11 control tables
Module 11Control Tables


  • Review purpose of Control Tables
  • Discuss various Control Tables
  • Discuss how to Add/Modify control table data
module 12 reports
Module 12Reports
  • Recap Reporting Generation Process
  • Discuss Data Permission over Reports
  • Review list of Reportsavailable to IQCS users
iqcs live
IQCS Live!
  • Sign in to IQCS Production
  • Change your Password
  • Enter course sessions
  • Enter instructors
  • Enter Facility information