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First Amendment

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First Amendment - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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First Amendment. Freedom of Religion Religion and the Constitution Class 8-422 Ms. Acevedo-Coppa. Introduction.

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First Amendment

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first amendment

First Amendment

Freedom of Religion

Religion and the Constitution

Class 8-422 Ms. Acevedo-Coppa


For many years there have been Supreme Court cases that have shaped the definitions of religious liberty in America. What does the First Amendment say about religion? You will have the opportunity to investigate a court case about this topic using technology. You will also conduct your own research of similar cases and then produce a power point presentation of your findings.


You will respond to the following questions:

  • What rights do we have under the first amendment?
  • What are the limits on freedom of religion in the united states?
  • What is the difference between free exercise (practice of religion) ad government support to religion?
  • What is the primary question of Welsh v. Boy Scouts of America (1993)?
tasks continued
Tasks continued

Look up each vocabulary term


You will break into groups of four:

  • One person will find out what the First Amendment says.
  • One person will locate information about Welsh v. Boy Scouts of America (1993).
  • One person will find illustrations and pictures related to the topic or case.
  • One person will find facts about the practice of religion in the United States.
group project
Group Project

After investigating cases on freedom of religion your group must use the information that you’ve researched and produce a power point presentation.