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Educational Technology Center (ETC) PowerPoint Presentation
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Educational Technology Center (ETC)

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Educational Technology Center (ETC)
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Educational Technology Center (ETC)

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  1. Educational Technology Center (ETC) Computer Lab and Testing Center Room 520 Reid Center Presentation by Letisha Houston, Educational Technology Assistant

  2. What does the ETC offer? • 10 computers & 2 printers for general use for students, faculty, and staff • Internet surfing & researching • Typing papers • Using MS Word, Excel, or Power Point • Course- or Program-specific software such as NCLEX and Respiratory simulations

  3. What else does the ETC offer? • Proctored electronic testing for students in courses that require it • A place for students of certain Distance Learning courses to turn in assignments • Some technical assistance • Typically a relatively quiet environment

  4. Common Misconception • The ETC staff cannot assist with questions relating to IQ Web, E-mail, or Blackboard • For assistance with these three areas: • Visit the Distance Learning & Instructional Technology department (DL&IT) in room 508 • E-mail • Call 540-985-4046 (DL&IT helpline) • Staff Members assisting with these areas include: Bridget Moore, Nanette Deberry, Mark Raby, & Jennifer Becker

  5. Policies, Please… • Maintain the quiet atmosphere while using the ETC • Do not use tobacco products in the ETC • No food or drink at the computers; you may leave food or drink on the table next to the lab door • Turn cell phones OFF or on Silent; take phone calls outside the lab

  6. Policies continued… While Testing is in Progress… • No cell phone calls • No talking • No printing • Keep the ETC door closed • Respect those who are testing • Do not enter the ETC for general computer use if the “CLOSED for Testing” sign is up outside the lab door

  7. Types of Tests Proctored in the ETC • Blackboard Tests (for certain classes or programs) • ATI Tests (for certain classes or programs) – ATI stands for Assessment Technologies Institute, LLC * Note: Your instructor or program director will notify you either via e-mail or instructions within your Blackboard course, or both, if you need to come to the ETC for proctored electronic testing.

  8. The Testing Process, Part 1 • Instructor or program director notifies student that he/she needs to take a proctored electronic test in the ETC • Instructor gives a deadline by which the student needs to take a test, and instructs whether or not the student needs to make an appointment at the ETC • Student makes an appointment, if required, and comes in to take the test during the testing period and during the ETC testing hours

  9. The Testing Process, Part 2 • Student checks in and shows ID to ETC staff member • Student signs in and leaves all belongings in the ETC office • Student follows the ETC staff member’s instructions to open and start the test • Student takes the test • Student signs out, fills out a Comment Card, and collects his/her belongings when finished

  10. Testing Hours Posted in 4 Locations If you want to know the current semester’s testing hours, you may check one of the 4 key locations: • ETC Office Door • ETC Bulletin Board • On Student Central under the “ETC” button • Within your instructor’s Blackboard course if he/she has required you to take proctored electronic tests in the ETC

  11. Other Items to Note • Computers are provided at a first-come, first-serve basis for general use • Computers are provided at a first-come, first-serve basis for testing without prior appointment • Computers are provided first for testing appointments, second for testing without appointments, and lastly for general computer use • The ETC is under video surveillance

  12. Location and Hours • Location: Reid room 520 • Computer Lab Hours: 24/7 • Regular Office Hours: • Monday – Thursday 8 a.m. – 5 p.m. • Friday 8 a.m. – 4:30 p.m. • Testing Hours: change every semester * * Check one of the four best locations for the current semester’s testing hours…

  13. Questions?? CONTACT: Letisha Houston Educational Technology Assistant Phone: (540) 224-4895 E-mail: