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Cashing in With Content

Cashing in With Content

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Cashing in With Content

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  1. Cashing in With Content Examples of sites effectively leveraging content to boost sales Compiled by Michelle Manafy, Editor of EContent and Intranets as part of a Women’s ECommerce Association’s Wire Side Chat Many of these examples are covered in more detail in the book, Cashing in With Content: How Innovative Marketers Use Digital Information to turn Browsers into Buyers by David Meerman Scott, edited by Michelle Manafy.

  2. www.alloy.comUsing content to build a relationship, before going in for the sell.

  3. www.alloy.commade 4 you shows styles that will fit your body type click and…

  4.… you are transported to the Alloy shop where you can buy.

  5. www.bendadryl.comProvides interactive features to educate potential customers.

  6. www.benadryl.comInteractivity engages visitors. Mouse over part of “your home” to learn where allergens are.

  7. www.careusa.comSells its good works to build a community of donators.

  8. www.careusa.comLeverages its global workforce, gathering content from good works worldwide.

  9. www.careusa.comNot only makes its annual report available, but tells the story in pictures.

  10. www.crutchfield.comProducts are front and center, but information is only a click away.

  11. www.crutchfieldadvisor.comClick and visit the company’s separate help- and information-only site, built from years of electronics experience.

  12. insurance can be friendly, fun, and informative.

  13. the latest thing: “Erin’s” Blog.

  14. to help site visitors make decisions about insurance and to help them avoid needing to use it.

  15. customer profiles establish the car as lifestyle choice.

  16. ecards to trigger viral marketing for a budding cult classic.

  17. www.weyerhaeuser.comNews and information to sell the company’s ethics as much as its products.

  18. www.weyerhaeuser.comClient case studies always help sell solutions.

  19. Free Content: RSS and offer thousands of feeds, as do many of your favorite sites. Look for the orange buttons, but be sure that the feeds are okay for use on your site; some are for personal use only.

  20. Create Case Studies Profiles Help Interactive tools Enewsletters Ecards Blogs Communities Co-opt Feeds Industry news Client content Customer-created content Product information Cashing in With Content • Repurpose • Internal reports • Company newsletters • Marketing & promotional copy & images • Market research