content management with mambo l.
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Content Management with Mambo

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Content Management with Mambo. Sean Tierney legaltech at My Background . Self-taught (no formal CS training) 10 yrs in Web Primary experience is in ColdFusion apps After various corporate jobs… Now own and run “Lights Out Production”

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content management with mambo

Content Management with Mambo

Sean Tierney

legaltech at

my background
My Background
  • Self-taught (no formal CS training)
  • 10 yrs in Web
  • Primary experience is in ColdFusion apps
  • After various corporate jobs…
  • Now own and run “Lights Out Production”
  • Launching Grid7 developer co-op shortly
what is content management really
What is Content Management (really)?
  • Visual consistency
  • Searchable
  • Manages media assets conveniently
  • Authoring tools
  • Organization is decoupled from presentation
  • Consumable in different formats
  • Varying levels of role-based access
  • Scheduled deployment capability
  • Ability to syndicate material and consume other feeds
  • Ability to view changes historically
  • Takes care of “plumbing” like navigation and page creation
  • Caching capabilities
what is open source
What is Open Source?
  • Free as in:
    • “speech”
    • “beer”
  • Developer can:
    • Read
    • Redistribute
    • Modify
  • Faster bug fixes
  • Draws on collective intelligence of community
  • Promotes spin-off uses and advances industry
an entirely oss solution
An Entirely OSS Solution
  • PHP
  • MySQL
  • Apache
  • Linux
  • Mambo (Joomla)
the basics of mambo
The Basics of Mambo
  • Two-minute install process
  • Template-driven design
  • Static vs. Dynamic Content Pages
  • Menus
  • Media Manager
  • Users & Roles
  • Components (backend)
  • Modules (public-facing components, multiple pages)
  • Mambots (page controls, occur on a single page)
advantages of mambo
Advantages of Mambo
  • Free
  • Intuitiveness of use
  • Masks the complexity of adding advanced features
  • Extensible through components (
  • HUGE, helpful developer community
  • OSS means flaws are fixed relatively quickly
  • Inline editing easy to grasp for non-administrators
  • Galleries of pre-built designs to start from
disadvantages of mambo
Disadvantages of Mambo
  • Its prevalence makes it a prominent target for hackers
  • Some other frameworks are more customizable but with the cost of simplicity
  • Non SEF Urls (can be mitigated w/ 404SEF component)
  • Certain features unfinished (versioning management)
  • Independent instances means no global control over many sites at once
  • Alternatives ->
beyond cms how to best position yourself
Beyond CMS: How to best position yourself
  • Mentors and trusted “weather vanes”
  • Having a strong foundation in the “principles of flight” vs. chasing the latest “jet engine” technology
  • Be an “index” rather than a “book”
  • Architects and Brick Layers – titles aside, which position is more likely to be commoditized?
  • Strength in peripheral supporting skills (communication)
  • Play! Side projects outside of work are the best way to learn new stuff and develop contacts
extras tools of the trade
Extras: Tools of the Trade
  • Sourceforge is your friend
  • Google Desktop - the 24/7 “helmet cam”
  • Basecamp for collaboration
  • Read blogs and keep your own
  • iTalk for archiving meetings
  • Treo (or other PIM device)
  • David Allen’s “Getting Things Done”
  • Listservs
  • User Groups
  • Podcasts – for the conferences you couldn’t attend
  •, Digg, Forums, O’Reilly books
  • Subversion, Beyond Compare, Single-click VNC, Eclipse, Anagram, Visual Mind, Xenu Link Sleuth, VPC, Trillian, Shoutcast, Bloglines
  • Technical details of the framework…
  • Experience as small business owner…
  • Career suggestions…
  • Interesting projects I’m currently involved with…
  • Technologies to keep an eye on…
  • What else?
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