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February 23 , 2007

Welcomes You February 23 , 2007 AGENDA Objective of the workshop About Us Our Products & Services Our Products and Services in Banking Sector TEV Studies Our customers Quarterly Performance Analysis of Indian Industry & Companies Overall perspective Manufacturing sectors

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February 23 , 2007

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  1. Welcomes You February 23 , 2007

  2. AGENDA • Objective of the workshop • About Us • Our Products & Services • Our Products and Services in Banking Sector • TEV Studies • Our customers • Quarterly Performance Analysis of Indian Industry & Companies • Overall perspective • Manufacturing sectors • Service sectors • Discussion

  3. ABOUT US • Cygnus in Latin means “Swan”, the legendary bird that separated milk & water. It also symbolizes Quality and speed. • The same values –Quality ,speed and innovation drive our Organisation • We are a knowledge services organisation – covering the entire value chain - Business Intelligence products, Research Projects and Advisory services • We enableorganisationsgrow profitably, leveraging knowledge as a resource and work with them as long term partners • Market, People and Process driven • Our Knowledge centre is in Hyderabad and branch offices in Ahmedabad, Bangalore, Chennai, Delhi, Hyderabad, Kolkata and Mumbai • 75 qualified people (MBA/CA/CFA) with experience in industry • Over 500 customers in India and overseas • A business unit of ICFAI. Leverages ICFAI resources where needed

  4. Infrastructure • 10,000 Sq Ft of work area in Central Hyderabad • High speed dedicated Internet Back bone • High end servers • Two-tier Power back up • Firewalls & Secure Logins to ensure confidentiality of the projects • Subscription to Databases • Structured processes

  5. Our People • A team of over 75 qualified and experienced Business and Financial Analysts (MBA/CFA/CA/Engineers) and Project Managers • Domain experience in a range of manufacturing / services industries • Techno-commercial-financial skills • Have both global and India perspectives • Can take up primary surveys and secondary analysis

  6. OUR PRODUCTS & SERVICES • Business Intelligence Products • Custom Research Projects • Business Advisory Services

  7. BUSINESS INTELLIGENCE PRODUCTS • Reports cover Economies, Industries and Companies • Economy : • Indian Economy Insights (India and top 12 Indian states) • Monthly Economy Monitors – Monthly update/analysis on Global economy / Chinese Economy /Indian economy / major 12 Indian States) • Industry : • Industry Insights – Sectoral Reports (Global/Indian) • Global Industry Monitors – Monthly update/analysis of developments on 35 industries (both manufacturing and services) • Monthly Chinese Industry Monitors (7 industries) • Country profiles –for specific industries • Quarterly Performance Analysis of Indian industries and Companies (QPAC) (Industry analysis , Inter Firm comparison and future projections) • Industry Value Packs (Credit Value Pack -Comprehensive online Knowledgebase on industries- manufacturing and services ) • Company: • Company profiles • Corporate database – CygnusProgress (of top 2500 Indian listed companies) … All reports - analytical and well presented and can be delivered electronically (Online, CD or e-mail)

  8. CREDIT VALUE PACK (GOLD) FEATURES • Economy - Global - India – Macro economic performance - 12 Indian states- Economy, industry, investments, policies, projects - China – Economy,8 industries • Industry - Monthly developments on 35 sectors (manufacturing and services) - Global and Indian perspectives - Industry Reports- Global and Indian • Quarterly analysis 25 sectors in India - Industry Analysis - Inter –Firm Comparison - Cost structures (Industry and companies) - Performance Analysis of major companies in each sector - Future Outlook • Industry Statistics (Production and sales- India and global, Trade between India and the world in 35 industries) • Product Focus – One Product every month in each sector • Company Scan – One Company scan every month in each sector • Stock market performance

  9. CREDIT VALUE PACK (Platinum) • In addition to Credit Value Pack- Gold • Cygnus Progress Company Online Database • 2500 listed Indian companies • Comprehensive 360 degree analysis of all major companies covering basic,operational,financial & strategic information updated on a continuous basis. • Key information such as key people ,bankers,auditors, • Financials for last 5 years • Daily stock prices • Daily news updates on companies • Credit ratings

  10. CUSTOM RESEARCHPROJECTS • Business and economy research • Industry studies/Market surveys (Products / Markets / Geographies) • Market entry strategies • PEST studies (Political, Economic, Social and Terrorism) • White papers on specific themes (for conferences/seminars) • White labeled Industry/Company reports

  11. CUSTOM RESEARCHPROJECTS • Credit Research • TEV studies • Asset valuation studies • Rehabilitation and restructuring • Sectoral studies • Empanelled by SBI ,BOB,IB (conducted a no of studies across the country in diverse sectors – green field, expansion and restructuring) • Securities research • Equity research (IPO reports, Sectoral tracking, Company valuations and tracking) • Company relationship profiling • Bond market studies

  12. TECHNO ECONOMIC VIABILITY OF PROJECTS Management of the company Technical Analysis Appraisal of the project Business Environmental analysis Financial Analysis Cygnus undertakes Scrutiny, Pre-feasibility and vetting of the Feasibility analysis reports of the projects. Evaluation is made on the following lines :

  13. METHODOLOGY FOR TEV STUDIES METHODOLOGY FOR PROJECT EVALUATION RATING • Unique methodology to evaluate the proposed project on the basis of scoring given against each criterion. • Criteria are basically chosen on the basis of following factors – • Ability of the client to absorb the technology • Technology flexibility to produce range of the products • Qualifying the machinery suppliers and the machines in terms of their acceptance in the market place • Raw material availability • Competitive landscape • Major players and perceived threats • Any import threats for the proposed product • Demand - supply gap of the product • Managerial capability of the key personnel.

  14. METHODOLOGY FOR TEV STUDIES METHODOLOGY FOR PROJECT EVALUATION RATING • Financial viability criteria are based of following factors: • Comparison of past performance and future projections in case of an existing unit going for expansion or new product • Benchmarking with competitors • Financial ratios – comparison with industry average • DSCR and capability of the unit to service short term and long term • Payment of dividends to equity holders

  15. STUDY OF STRESSED ACCOUNTS OUR APPROACH • Identification of the Stressed accounts – as per mutually agreed criteria • Collection of data on the sector and the Unit • Analysis of the sector (Technology, Competition , regulations etc.) • Business Analysis of the unit • Financial analysis of the unit • Diagnosis of the problems/issues • Strategy /Plan of action suggested

  16. Types of Projects done • Green Field • - Manufacturing • - Services • Brown Field • - Mergers & Acquisitions • - Takeover projects • - NPA/ Rehabilitation Project





  21. WE SERVE • Corporates • Trade Associations and Consulates & Trade Facilitation Bodies • Government • Commercial Banks • Educational institutions Partial List Of Our Clients










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  32. CONTACT US CYGNUS BUSINESS CONSULTING & RESEARCH 4th & 5th Floor,Astral Heights, Road No 1, Banjara Hills, Hyderabad-500 034,India. Phone: +91-40-23430203-05Fax: +91-40-23430201 Email: info@cygnusindia.com Web: www.cygnusindia.com

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