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Classroom Procedures

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Classroom Procedures. Ms. DiEdwardo. Why Do We Have Procedures?. Procedures are guidelines we follow to make everything run smoothly and efficiently. Cooking Movies Riding a bike . Classroom and Academic Expectations. Classroom Expectations.

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Procedures are guidelines we follow to make everything run smoothly and efficiently.

Cooking Movies Riding a bike

classroom expectations
Classroom Expectations
  • You are expected to treat others with respect and dignity!
  • You will work hard, learn mathematics and enjoy the process
  • You are expected to follow all daily guidelines put into place
  • Follow all school procedures and policies
i expect
I Expect…
  • Attend class and arrive ON TIME
  • Have all classroom materials ready when the bell rings
  • Listen when others are speaking
  • Follow directions the first time
  • Get permission before speaking
  • Be polite and respectful for others and yourself
  • Stay on task and focused on Mathematics
academic expectations
Academic Expectations
  • Do your BEST!
  • You are responsible for your own learning
  • Seek Extra Help
  • Do not complain
  • Do not think negative
entering the classroom
Entering the Classroom
  • Line up outside the door, in a straight and file line, ready to be greeted by me
  • Quietly find your assigned seat
  • Take out all classroom materials (pencil, calculator, textbook, homework, paper to take notes on…). All materials should arrive and leave with you
  • Read and copy down today’s objective(s)
  • Copy down homework in planner
  • Complete the DO NOW quietly
  • When finished, raise hand and ask what to do next
daily schedule
Daily Schedule
  • DO NOW
  • Daily Objective and Instruction
  • Activity
  • Closure/Exit Card
what if i choose not to follow classroom procedures
What If I Choose Not To Follow Classroom Procedures?
  • 1st Offense:
    • Warning and Documentation
  • 2nd Offense:
    • Action Sheet,
    • Parental Contact
  • 3rd Offense:
    • Disciplinary Referral
    • Detention after school (Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday)
following guidelines will result in
Following Guidelines Will Result In…
  • Verbal acknowledgement
  • Stress free learning environment
  • A pleasant and orderly classroom atmosphere
when you are tardy
When You Are Tardy
  • Enter Quietly
  • Excused
    • Place excuse on my desk
  • Unexcused
    • Sign name on tardy list
  • Have a seat and take out materials
getting your attention
Getting Your Attention
  • I will…
    • Stand in front of the class
    • Raise my hand
    • Wait for everyone to be quiet
    • Begin Speaking
  • It is your responsibility to complete ALL homework
  • Each marking period, I will give out one free homework pass to students that completed all homework (on time) from the marking period before
  • If you did not complete an assignment, you must fill out a Missing Assignment Slip.
  • All assignments must have complete page header, done in pencil and showing all work.
when done finishing work
When Done Finishing Work
  • Raise hand and ask what to do next
  • Work on unfinished assignments
  • Must see me. (I will not chase you)
  • There will be an absent folder to receive all the work you missed
class group work
Class/Group Work

If individual or group work…

  • You will stay on task
  • Will not discuss anything with group members other than the topic you are working on
  • If you need help, use the HELP Red Card
  • You will work quietly and efficiently
leaving the classroom
Leaving the Classroom
  • Clean up your own mess
  • Take all materials with you
  • Push in chairs
  • I dismiss you, NOT the bell