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Your way. -. By: Anthony Molina and Vy Le. What is about Your Way?.

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Your way

Your way


By: Anthony Molina and Vy Le

What is about your way
What is about Your Way?

This chapter is about how the fast-food restaurant changing. When it's changing and the fas-food restaurant. It's about how to make a new rules for every fast- food restaurant. Also, it's about the soldiers that waiting to buy the fast-food to opened.

Storming kfc
Storming KFC

Mcdonald's was doubling all over and kfc too. In the war they bomb the place many mcdonald's were damage and kfc but no pizza hut were not bombed during the war.

New ronald
New ronald

The new ronald was different than the other ronalds.It had more healthy rules to protect the humanbeen and animals like chickens they made more spase for han to lay thair eggs but thair was still not enoff spase but it was better. now they sell more salads and more healthy food.

Changing the world
Changing the world

In the paragraph says that we should change the world by not selling unhealthy foods like fast foods and more but they are still selling it but they made it more healthy new rules and they are still making it better for kids to be healthy.

Kids the knives
Kids the knives

In the 1950s, Alice Waters was a picky eater. She doesn't like to eat stew, creamy spinach, or overcooked meat, her family didn't spend a lot of money to the restaurant to buy food. When she was 19 she in France and she fell in love with the food in there and she start to care about food. In 1971, she opened a restaurant in Berkeley where she use to live. She offered food that was simple and fresh, food that mainly got its tast not from fancy sauces and seasoning.