Peculiar potions
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Peculiar Potions. Look at what we have been up to. We made potions. On our first lesson, we made our very own potions we were aloud to choose from these. Olive Oil Food Colouring Glitter Cranberry Crush

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Peculiar potions

Peculiar Potions

Look at what we have been up to

We made potions
We made potions

On our first lesson, we made our very own potions we

were aloud to choose from these.

  • Olive Oil

  • Food Colouring

  • Glitter

  • Cranberry Crush

  • Lemonade

  • Lemon Juice

  • Vinegar

  • Peach flavoured sparkling water

We also made crispy cakes
We also made crispy cakes

  • This helped us know what reversible and irreversible meant

  • We learnt the state of chocolate that when you warm up chocolate it turns into a liquid and if you cool it down it will become a solid

  • We had learnt about reversible and irreversible for a few weeks

  • We also made posters on what we had done

Chocolate making

  • We made our own chocolates and designed boxes for them to go inside

  • After we made our chocolates we filmed our own adverts for our chocolate

  • Alicia Megan Rachel and Ina’s advert was about a bored person called Amie didn’t know what to do so Zoe Zoom introduced her to orange delight then 2 evil villians called MrBumgron and Ed and they steal the chocolate but luckily Zoe Zoom saved the day yay

Making our lip balms
Making our lip balms

We were very lucky because Tiger’s nan came in to teach us how to make our very own lip balm in one afternoon.

  • The things we needed were like beeswax which we found quite disgusting because we were aloud to feel it

  • When it was ready, we were given small containers to put the mixture in


  • We made our own pizza

  • Ingredients

  • Pitta bread

  • Tomato puree

  • Grated cheese

    And when we got home we cooked it and ina likes to say bake!!!!!!!

Science investigations
Science Investigations

We also carried out investigations, made predictions, and completed graphs. We’ve done…

  • Dissolving sugar

  • Melting butter

  • Filtering (sand from water)

Safety posters
Safety Posters

One afternoon we learnt about how we should keep safe

We then made posters for children so they know what to do when they are in danger

Here are some signs that mean danger look out for them

Thanks for watching
Thanks for watching

By Alicia Rachel Megan and Ina