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My Career Plan

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My Career Plan
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My Career Plan

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  1. My Career Plan Final Project: Exploring Careers

  2. Section 1: Self Assessment • What’s included (starting on page 205): • List your two favorite subjects • List at least four specific skills you have acquired in your favorite subjects • List as least four achievements in your favorite subjects • List at least four abilities-things you do well (page 207) • List at least two interests (page 208) • List at least four work values (page 6)

  3. Section 2: Lifestyle Factors • What’s included (starting on page 39): • Location: Where do you want to live? Do you want to be near family? Do you want to live in the mountains or near the ocean? Do you prefer a city, the country, or the suburbs? • Salary: How much money do you think you must earn to pay for your needs and wants? Are you willing to work for less money to achieve other goals, such as more free time or less work-related stress? • Education: How many years are you willing to spend in school? Would you be happy taking classes at night while you work during the day? Would you be willing to earn less money while you train on the job? • Time: How many hours a week do you want to spend at work? Would you work at night or on the weekends? Would you mind being on-call, which means being available at any time to cope with emergencies? Do you want to work part-time, even if it means earning less money? • Environment: What type of space do you want to be in? Do you like sitting at a desk? Do you want to be outdoors? What type of people do you want to work with? Do you need windows in your office? Do you like to dress in a suit or do you prefer casual clothes?

  4. Section 3: Your Personality • What's included: • Describe your personality: what are you like? • Discuss whether you are an organizer, doer, thinker, creator, helper, or persuader • Refer to the Myers Briggs Personality Test: Explain your Myers Briggs Personality Test Results (4 letter indicator). • ( • What careers match your personality traits? • Interests and Abilities • What careers and career clusters match up with your abilities (page 207) and interests (page 208)?

  5. Section 4A: Describe Two Careers • Compare and contrast two different careers that you would possibly like to pursue: • Research both careers and look into the following: • Based on your self assessment, is either career a good fit • Based on your lifestyle factors, is either career a good fit • Based on your personality traits, is either career a good fit

  6. Two Career Choices Firefighter Teacher Self Assessment Math is my best subject, Lifestyle Factors Work with younger people Personality ESTP: extraverted, Myers Briggs careers matched firefighter • Self Assessment • Leader, Problem solving skilss • Lifestyle Factors • Work outside, no college, 50k a year, 40 hours/weekl • Personality • ESTP: extraverted, Myers Briggs careers matched firefighter

  7. Section 4B: Career Choice • Of the two careers your researched, which would you like to pursue • Explain why you chose that career over the other

  8. Section 5A: Pathway to Success • What can you do to prepare for your career: • What high school courses you can take? • What jobs can you get to prepare yourself? • What colleges offer degrees in your career? • What internships could you get to prepare yourself for your career?

  9. Section 5B: Pathway to Success • After you enter your career • Describe the jobs within your career and how you can work your way up the “corporate ladder”. • Include job descriptions, average salaries, job requirements, etc. (must have at least 3 jobs). • Entry level jobs, Intermediate jobs, middle management jobs, upper management jobs, executive jobs

  10. Section 6: Networking/References • List 5 people that you feel would be a good reference for your career. • Think of people who know someone within your career choice • Just include their first name and why it would be beneficial for you to include them in your network.

  11. Section 7: Resume • Create a resume for a recent college graduate who would be an ideal candidate for your career choice. • Include: • High school achievements • College achievements • Work experience • High school work experience • College work experience • Internships • Skills, Volunteer experience, etc •

  12. Section 8 (Extra Credit): Interview • Extra Credit: • Interview someone who currently works within the career you have chosen and include your questions and answers within this PowerPoint. • Sample Questions: • Why did you choose this career? • What are some things you like and dislike about your career? • What was the pathway that you took to succeed within this career? • Describe your personality and how it matches this career?

  13. Rubric • *See attached Word Document