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  1. Horticulture Why major in Horticulture at ISU?

  2. Horticulture study abroad students resting after conquering Ben A’an in Scotland.

  3. Why Horticulture?Plant Yourself in the Perfect Career Life’s a garden, dig in!

  4. HortClub students in the VEISHA parade.

  5. Why Horticulture? Plants impact our lives every day in multiple ways. They beautify our surroundings and provide materials for our basic needs of food and shelter.

  6. Horticulture Study Abroad students in Scotland.

  7. Why Horticulture? Horticulture is the art and science of growing plants: edible and ornamental. In addition to growing plants, horticulturists create beautiful landscapes and manage recreational areas like golf courses and sports fields.

  8. Why Horticulture?Protecting the Environment & Feeding the World Today our world presents new and complex problems related to the environment and the need for secure and reliable food supplies. Horticulturists will play an important role in addressing these issues.

  9. Horticulture students helped design and install the Horticulture Hall green roof.

  10. Why Horticulture?Opportunities are growing Jobs in horticulture continue to increase. And, the number of available jobs continue to exceed the number of graduates.

  11. Why Horticulture? Fruit and Vegetable Production Students in fruit and vegetable production help feed the world.

  12. Why Horticulture?

  13. Why Horticulture? What students are saying… “I want to have a job where I work outside with my hands and don’t have to sit at a desk all day. Plus I can eat my work which is pretty awesome.”

  14. Why Horticulture? Landscape Design, Installation and Management If you can imagine it, we can design it, build it, and maintain it. We create your perfect outdoor living space.

  15. Building a paver patio at the national Student Career Days competition.

  16. Why Horticulture? Students working on projects in the landscape installation lab.

  17. Why Horticulture? What students are saying… “I chose Horticulture because it allows me to work outside with the environment. Not only to enjoy my surroundings, but to do my part in creating beautiful spaces, like back yards and green roofs, that will result in a better tomorrow.”

  18. Why Horticulture? Nursery and Greenhouse Production & Management Students in the nursery and greenhouse option grow the the plants that beautify the world inside and out.

  19. Landscape management students learning about new equipment.

  20. Why Horticulture? Public Gardens Management & Education Have you ever enjoyed the beauty of a public garden or listened to a garden guide talk about the plants you’re looking at? Odds are your guide studied public garden management and education.

  21. Why Horticulture? Turfgrass Management: Golf Course Golf course superintendents manage and direct the day to day activities of golf courses. They help create the perfect golf shot.

  22. Golf course student preparing the fairway for play.

  23. Why Horticulture? What students are saying… “I chose Horticulture because I wanted to work in the golf course industry and grow my knowledge in turfgrass science.”

  24. Why Horticulture? Turfgrass Management: Sports Turf Sports turf managers care for athletic fields. They create the perfect playing surface.

  25. Sports turf students painting the field at Jack Trice Stadium.

  26. Jacob interned at the Minnesota Vikings practice facility

  27. Why Horticulture?Career Opportunities Horticulture offers many career possibilities including: • Nursery & Greenhouse Production • Landscape Management & Lawn Care • Landscape Design & Installation • Golf Course & Sports Turf Management • Garden Center Management • Fruit and Vegetable Production • Public Gardens Management and Education

  28. Why Horticulture?Is Horticulture Right for You? You should consider a career in horticulture if you: • Are creative • Have an interest in the environment • Enjoy the outdoors • Want to help people • Like problem solving • Are tech savvy

  29. Why Horticulture? Why Horticulture?An Invitation Come share our passion for all things green and growing. For more information contact: Barb Osborn107 Horticulture Hall (just through the double doors to the left)