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Welcome To PPCD

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Welcome To PPCD. Teacher: Stephanie Bravo “Mrs. Bravo” Assistants: Lorie Terry “Mrs. Lorie” Student Teacher: Lindsey Strait “Mrs. Strait”. Teacher Contact Information Email: stephanieabravo@katyisd.org Phone: 281-234-1826. Parent/Teacher Communication. For. . .

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welcome to ppcd

Welcome To PPCD

Teacher: Stephanie Bravo “Mrs. Bravo”

Assistants: Lorie Terry “Mrs. Lorie”

Student Teacher: Lindsey Strait “Mrs. Strait”


Teacher Contact Information

Email: stephanieabravo@katyisd.org

Phone: 281-234-1826


Parent/Teacher Communication

For. . .

Emergency- (i.e. change of transportation for returning home)

Please CALL the school office at 281-234-1700 as I am not

always able to check email during the day. A signed note has to be sent to school to change transportation.

Fastest teacher response- email

Backpack Mail- (i.e. heads up on child’s previous

night or morning that affected them, questions that

don’t require immediate response, any school notes or


NAME). Folders are checked at the beginning of every

class. Please check your child’s backpack for any notes from

the teacher as well as for projects created by your child.

Your child will be very proud of their work and will want to share

it with you ASAP! Having your child describe these projects

is a great way to develop language skills!

Quick Notes-Small notes sent home occasionally, highlighting remarkable

parts of your child’s day as well as any supplies needed


Communication Cont. . .

Weekly Reports: Fridays. Outline your child’s week as it applies to theme covered, IEP progress, behavior/moods



*Diapers/pull-ups should be provided by parents if child is not yet toilet trained. Please send one package of diapers or wipes as each time you are notified to send them.

*Students who are toilet training as well as students who are already trained will be brought to the restroom 2-3 times per day unless a different schedule has been successful at home. Please keep us informed on progress regarding training at home so we can duplicate this process at school in order to promote training.

*Signs that a child is ready to start toilet training:

-Child signals that diaper is wet or soiled

-Child seems interested in potty chair or toilet

-Child says he/she would like to go to the potty

-Child understands and follows basic instructions

-Child is uncomfortable when diaper is wet/soiled

-Child stays dry for periods of 2 hours or longer during day -Child wakes up from naps with a dry diaper

-Child can pull pants down/up



*Please dress your child comfortably.

*Keep in mind that less is more when choosing clothing for a child who is currently toilet training. It is much more efficient, for example, to have on something with an elastic waistband for easy pulling down/up. This will aide your child in gaining independence with their toileting skills.

*All students need a set of clothes including: shirt, pants/shorts, and socks to be kept in their backpack. Clothes will be sent home when soiled. Please send a clean pair back to school the next day. When the weather changes, clothes will be sent home to be exchanged for more appropriate clothing according to the season.


*Daily snack provided from home. Please send a healthy snack each day with your child.



  • Please contact our school nurse to discuss any medical concerns your child may have.
  • Medications that must be given during the school day must be provided in the original container with a note from the doctor explaining dosage, time, and contact information.


8:20 Arrival

8:30 Unpack/Restroom

8:40 Circle Time

9:00 3 Station 20 minute rotations (work jobs and home center; art/fine motor and library/puzzle play; language/math activity and block play)

10:00Floor Time/Restroom


10:40 Motor Lab

11:00 Closing circle/pack up

11:20 Dismissal


12:40 Arrival

12:50 Unpack/Restroom

1:00 Circle Time

1:20 3 Station 20 minute rotations (work jobs and home center; art/fine motor and library/puzzle play; language/math activity and block play)

2:20Floor Time/Restroom


3:00Motor Lab/Recess

3:20Closing circle/Pack up

3:30 Dismissal


Ray and Jamie Wolman Elementary

School Supply List for PPCD

Box of 24 crayons

A large box of facial tissues

1 Plastic Communication Folder

1 Medium Bottle of Glue

1 Bottle of Hand Sanitizer

1 Set of Plastic Plates

1 Scissors

1 Package of Watercolor Markers

1 Box of Gallon Size Bags

1 Package of Construction Paper

1 Clorox Wipes (Bleach Free)

1 Glue Stick

1 Package of Diapers

1 Package of wet wipes

1 Set of Paper Towels

1 Change of clothes for Summer/Spring

1 Change of clothes for Fall/Winter

1 Backpack

1 Lunchbox for snack

frog street press

Letter of the Week

  • Number of the Week
  • Shape of the Week
  • Color of the Week
  • Theme every 2-3 Weeks

We sing songs and read aloud books for each letter, number, shape, color, and theme. Be sure to ask your child about the letter, number, color, shape, and theme of the week to increase language skills at home.

Frog Street Press

If you ever have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask!

  • We are in this together to help your child succeed at school. 
  • Thanks for coming this evening!

-Stephanie Bravo