wx 365 satellite and radar weather interpretation l.
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WX 365 Satellite and Radar Weather Interpretation PowerPoint Presentation
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WX 365 Satellite and Radar Weather Interpretation

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WX 365 Satellite and Radar Weather Interpretation - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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WX 365 Satellite and Radar Weather Interpretation. Dr. Brad Muller. Course Description. Read course description in syllabus. Three basic components to course: (1) Physics of electromagnetic radiation and its application to remote sensing.

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course description
Course Description
  • Read course description in syllabus.
  • Three basic components to course:
    • (1) Physics of electromagnetic radiation and its application to remote sensing.
    • (2) Satellite remote sensing and image interpretation
    • (3) RADAR remote sensing and image interpretation
  • Prerequisite: WX301 or WX352 or WX353.
course text
Course Text
  • An Introduction to Satellite Image Interpretation—Eric D. Conway and the Maryland Space Grant Consortium.
  • Available at bookstore or…
  • On reserve in the university library.
  • Note CD-ROM at back of book.
course notes
Course Notes
  • Go to Blackboard and click on “WX365 Course Page” button.
  • An alternative way to get to that page that does not require Blackboard is:
  • http://wx.db.erau.edu/
    • Click on “Faculty Pages” (upper left)
    • Click on “(Not So) Brief Wx Links”
    • Click on “Courses/Notes/Information”
    • Click on “WX 365—Satellite and Radar Weather Interpretation”
  • Exams will be mostly based on the notes.
course notes cont d
Course Notes (cont’d)
  • Three groups of links corresponding to three parts of course:
    • Exam 1 material--Physics of electromagnetic radiation
    • Exam 2 material--Satellite image interpretation
    • Exam 3 material--Radar image interpretation
course calendar
Course Calendar
  • See “Course Calendar” button in Blackboard.
  • Consult on a DAILY basis!! to know when homework is due, when exams are, and what lecture material we will be covering when.
grading and standards
Grading and Standards
  • Grading: 1st mid-term exam: 25%
  • 2nd mid-term exam: 40%
  • Homework assignments: 10%
  • Final Exam (Exam 3): 25%
  • Standards: A: 90-100 D: 60-69
  • B: 80-89 F: Below 60
  • C: 70-79
  • Attendance will be recorded daily. Make every effort to attend every class session. Students who do not come to class waste time for the instructor and other students by not being familiar with the course requirements and their responsibilities. Excessive absence adversely affects your grade.
makeup exams
Makeup Exams
  • If a student misses a scheduled quiz/exam, prior notification is expected and a makeup quiz/exam will only be given if a valid and documented excuse is provided.
  • The key is to make sure you communicate with me!
  • An unexcused absence will result in zero credit for that quiz/exam.
unexcused late assignments not accepted
Unexcused Late Assignments Not Accepted!
  • All assignments are expected on their due dates. Unexcused late assignments will NOT be accepted.
  • If you cannot hand in an assignment on time, email me on or before the day it is due with the reason for your being unable to turn it in, and it will be excused and accepted late at my discretion.
  • This component is worth 10% of your grade; therefore, if you care about your grade you will hand in all assignments.
  • Remember: 10% of your grade means that an 85 test average equates to a 75 class score (i.e, a “C”) for a student who does not hand in any homework!
in class exercises
In-class exercises:
  • Many class days will include in-class exercises in finding and recognizing satellite and radar examples of phenomena discussed in the lecture. These are not for credit or graded, and nothing is handed in.
  • Your ACTIVE and ENTHUSIASTIC participation is essential!
  • These exercises are relatively unstructured and flexible due to the variable and ephemeral nature of weather.
  • Show me your most interesting findings, but keep looking for new examples, other variations, etc.
  • Don’t just find one example then stop and sit on your hands or play video games for the rest of the period!
  • The more you look at in class, the more effective you will be at recognizing these patterns in the future.
classroom computer use
Classroom computer use
  • During class time, computers on the desktops are to be used to do in-class exercises, view the course page, online notes, and relevant meteorology-related information.
  • They are NOT to be used for games, instant messaging, shopping sites, email etc. Class time is for lectures on the subject matter and meteorology-related activities.
  • Experience shows that unauthorized computer use is distracting for the student who is doing it and also to those around them.
weather center
Weather Center
  • The ERAU Weather Center (room 356) provides a place to study and receive help from student tutors.
  • Computers available for completion of lab/homework exercises.
office hours
Office Hours
  • I am here to help you learn. See me if you have questions or are having trouble.
  • INSTRUCTOR: Dr. Bradley Muller
  • PHONE: 226-6862
  • EMAIL: mullerb@erau.edu
  • OFFICE HRS: MWF 9:15-10:15, M-F 1:00-2:30 p.m. or by appointment.
wx links page
Wx Links Page
  • Click on “Wx Links” button.
  • Starts off with a dozen or so of my favorite wx links.
  • Additional links organized by category.
  • Best satellite links (in my opinion): NASA MSFC and ERAU.
  • See list of Satellite Links.
HW 1
  • See Course Calendar and Homework buttons.