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Teaching and Learning

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Teaching and Learning. Courageous Journey Presentation by: Glenn Maleyko, Ph.D December 9, 2013. Specific Growth Edge.

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Teaching and Learning

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teaching and learning

Teaching and Learning

Courageous Journey Presentation by: Glenn Maleyko, Ph.D

December 9, 2013

specific growth edge
Specific Growth Edge

Implement an effective process for evaluating all district employees using effective growth measures that improve employee development and performance. With regards to Teacher and Administrator Evaluations, monitor state recommendations and implement an aligned model that meets both state and district goals.

growth strategies
1. Use the teacher and administrator evaluation committees as a platform for making important implementation decisions. Monitor State requirements and ensure that our evaluation tool is aligned.

2. Provide support and professional development to all district administrators with regards to teacher evaluations. (over 75 administrators). Ensure that all administrators attain proficiency on the Danielson Teachscape Proficiency System.

3. Provide support and leadership in the area of evaluations especially when it comes to employees that have performance concerns.

Growth Strategies:
growth activities
Growth Activities:
  • 1. Continue to lead professional development sessions during monthly general administrator meetings and other principal meetings. Meet and dialogue with principals to ensure proficiency with Teachscape.
  • 2. Meet with the evaluation committee and break into sub-committees to both develop and refine the formula for the effective implementation of evaluations which includes growth measures.
accomplishments evaluation protocol training
Accomplishments--Evaluation Protocol Training
  • I completed over 40 hours of training with the teachscape system. I passed both assessments which took approximately 6 hours
  • Over 55 administrators have passed the assessment
  • I provided over 20 hours of training to administrators.
  • I continue to provide training and Direction via both the General Administrators Meeting and Building Visits.
weighted formula
Weighted Formula

75% will be based on Observation Protocol and the 5 Standards for Effective Teaching.

This includes observations (formal and not formal), walkthroughs, other performance measures that are related to the teacher evaluation rubric which includes all 5 standards. Professional Responsibilities are included as one of the standards.

25 growth data
25% Growth Data

5% District growth based on state accountability measures

10% Building Growth based on state or building or district common assessments

10% Classroom Growth based on State Assessments,

10 building growth data
10% Building Growth Data

Elementary -SRI, DRA & DRA task analysis, Star Math, 6 plus 1 traits, Building/District Common Assessments, NWEA, MEAP, Art, Music and & PE common Assessments.  

Middle School -SRI, DRA, Star Math, 6 plus 1 traits, Building/District Common Assessments, NWEA, MEAP, Art, Music and & PE common Assessments, and Explore.

High School- Explore, Plan, MME, MEAP, SRI, Star Math, Common Assessments, AP exams, and Departmental Assessments.

10 classroom growth data
10% Classroom Growth Data

10% Classroom Growth based on State Assessments, District Common Assessments or Classroom Assessments  (ex. Performance or product measures or other formative assessments, pre and post tests are required).

3 electronic evaluation system

3. Electronic Evaluation System

Delayed Implementation Due to MCEE Committee report.

hr website

HR Website