Simple Procedures To Reduce/Correct SPONDYLOLISTHESIS through YOGA THERAPY - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

simple procedures to reduce correct spondylolisthesis through yoga therapy n.
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Simple Procedures To Reduce/Correct SPONDYLOLISTHESIS through YOGA THERAPY PowerPoint Presentation
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Simple Procedures To Reduce/Correct SPONDYLOLISTHESIS through YOGA THERAPY

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Simple Procedures To Reduce/Correct SPONDYLOLISTHESIS through YOGA THERAPY
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Simple Procedures To Reduce/Correct SPONDYLOLISTHESIS through YOGA THERAPY

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  1. Simple Procedures To Reduce/Correct SPONDYLOLISTHESIS through YOGA THERAPY By Rajeev Atre, Yoga Therapist Dated Sept. 25, 2013.

  2. Importance of Yoga Therapy Yoga Therapy is a medical remedy & a great hope for the patient of Spondylolisthesis, as it helps to avoid/postpone Surgery.

  3. About Myself • I, Rajeev Atre, am a Yoga Therapist . • I am a disciple of Dr. S.V. Karandikar (Acharya Yoganand), Kabir Baug, Narayan Peth,Pune. • I have done PG-Diploma in T.R.Y. & have • worked for one year in our Institute. • I have submitted a thesis on Lumbo-Sacral Spondylosis. • I have been running a small ‘Yoga Therapy Clinic’ at Dhanakwadi since last 2½ years.

  4. Definitions • Spondyl : Vertebra. • Spondylitis: Inflammation of Vertebrae. • Spondylosis: -Degenerative Spinal changes due to Osteo-arthritis. • Age-related changes. • Sponndylolysis: a)Breaking down of a vertebra b)Defect in Pars interarticularis c) Vertebrae break down near the lamina with increasing pressure on them. (contd.--)

  5. Definitions • Spondylolisthesis: a)Forward displacement of a vertebra over a lower segment, usually of the 4th or 5th lumbar vertebra, due to developmental defect in Pars interarticularis. b)Slippage of one vertebra over the other – Grade Ⅰ- 25 % Grade Ⅱ- 25-50% Grade Ⅲ- More than 50%

  6. Medical Requirement • Digital X-Ray: Spine→ Lumbo-Sacral AP/Lat –{Extra X-Ray film measured Listhesis} Rt/Lt Oblique views. • M.R.I.:If already the patient has the M.R.I. I do not recommend M.R.I. as I am not a doctor. I request patient’s family doctor to get his M.R.I. done.

  7. LISTHESIS- SYMPTOMS • The symptoms could be mild/moderate /severe. • Severe low back-pain. • Pain radiates to L/R hip-thigh-leg. • Tingling & Numbness. • Sitting/ Standing/Sleeping movements restricted. • Pain in the hip joint. • The patient has difficulty in standing/ is unable to stand.

  8. Patient’s (Sadhak’s) Condition • Anguished/Irritated due to physical problems. • Patient has already undergone various medical modalities such as: a) Consulting/ Getting treated from the family Doctor. b) Orthopedic Doctor- In many cases the patient is advised Spine surgery. c)Ayurvedic Panchkarma, Massage etc. d)Yoga, Pranayam etc. e) Any other.

  9. Patient Card • Complete medical history noted such as: - location of pain, duration(since when). - H/O major Surgery. - Past major illness/ Hospitalization etc. - Trauma/Fracture/ fall etc. - If lifted weight beyond his physical capacity. - Past/Present occupation. - Occupational hazards , lifestyle (connect it with his/her present complaints). - Excessive Driving. (contd--)

  10. Patient Card • To study the M.R.I./X-Ray & apprise the patient about its findings. • To make him/her aware about the causes/postural mistakes on his/her part which probably have led to the ailment. • To ascertain the time-period of the development of the ailment. • To inform/warn the patient about the mistakes he/she should strictly avoid in future.

  11. Advice/Counseling • Posture Correction (Sitting & Standing). • Lifting/Pushing of materials. • What to do. • What not to do or avoid. • For ladies(Special Specific instructions). • Sleeping posture correction. • Care to be taken when travelling/Driving. (contd.---)

  12. Advice/Counseling • ASHWAGANDHA- (Indian medicine gets U.S.A. patent) + Milk+ Baidyanath Mahanarayan Oil. • Diet, adequate water intake. what to eat & what not to eat. • Continue the medicines advised by the patient’s family doctor for some time & gradually reduce their dosages/stop them after consulting the doctor. • Backache- to apprise the patient of its ‘psychological causes’. (contd.----)

  13. Advice/Counseling • Complimentary Ayurvedic treatment (Basti + Steam Bath). • To guide the patient fully & give him/her confidence that the surgery can be avoided & he/she will get cured if the ‘Yogopachar’ is taken consistently & religiously for 2-3-4-5-6 month’s time as required. • Patient to mentally repeat that “ I am getting better & better every day in every way.”

  14. Equipment needed for Yogopachar • Wooden bricks -2 nos. • Large/Medium Rope - 2 nos. • White belt- 1+2. • Medium Rope -2 nos. • Small Ropes-2 nos. • Green belt-1 no. • Blanket.

  15. Yogopachar & its demonstration • B.M.R.T./Lumbar Traction. • Sitting ‘Adhomukh’. • Scietica Stretch • Ham/Calf stretch. • What takes place anatomically when the Yogopachar is being given.

  16. Supporting actions to Yogopachar • To develop friendly relations with the patient. • To find out if he/she is making erroneous movements while conducting routine duties & make him avoid them. • To boost him/her physically & mentally with the aid of ‘Vishnusahasranam’, ‘Dattatraya Bhajans’, ‘Haripath’, ‘Gayatri’, ‘Mahamrutyunjay Mantra’.

  17. Monitoring of the progress • To daily monitor the changes occurring in the Patient’s condition. • To get X-Ray done after three months & show it to him. • Take Patient’s first feedback after 3 months & 2nd one after 6 months (if the Listhesis is on higher side). • Also advise the patient to show the X-ray reports to the referring doctor & thank the doctor for helping to avoid/postpone surgery.

  18. Importance of Yogopachar • In India how lucky we are! • There is an option for us in the form of Yoga Therapy which can avoid Surgical intervention. • In this context , the letter written by an American patient to our ‘Guruji’ is worth referring to.

  19. Our Website • Website which covers full information about yoga therapy, treatment and patient’s feedback. • Website:

  20. I sincerely thank you all for giving me a patient listening & evincing deep Interest in the subject! Thank You!