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Unit seven. where is the post office?. 上海市洋泾菊园实验学校 周连秀. 1A. 宾馆. say them out. 1. Say them out. 2. Match and learn. hotel. park. bank. pay phone. supermarket. street. post office. library. restaurant. Talk about the picture. A: What’s in the picture, A?

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Unit seven

where is the post office?

上海市洋泾菊园实验学校 周连秀



say them out


Say them out

2. Match and learn

Talk about the picture
Talk about the picture

A: What’s in the picture, A?

B: There is a supermarket.

A: What’s in the picture? B?

B: There is a supermarket,

there is a post office.


Fifth Avenue

Center Street


Bridge Street

Step 2 Pair work competition

talk and draw

Is there a supermarket?

Yes, there is.

Where is the supermarket?

It’s on Fifth Ave.

Step 3 let s talk about our city
Step 3 Let’s talk about our city

Is there a supermarket?

Yes, there is.

Where is the supermarket?

It’s on…

Step 4 read and match
Step 4.Read and match.配对活动,将句子与图配对,把号码写在图下的括号内。


across from


next to


Post office


Step 5 guess the answer of the sentences then listen to check it
Step 5. Guess the answer of the sentences then listen to check it.

The library is ______ the restaurant and the supermarket.

The park is _____ the bank

The supermarket is ____ Fifth Avenue.

The pay phone is _____ the post office.

The restaurant is _____ the post office.

The hotel is _____ the library.

Are they the same? check it.

How many differences can you find?

Look at the pictures. Are they the same?

You can have a discussion with your classmates.

Then let’s see who can find more.

Group report
Group report: check it.

1.The library in Picture A is on the right of the restaurant

But it is on the left of the restaurant in Picture B.

2. The restaurant in Picture A is between the library and the

supermarket. The library is between the restaurant and



Step 7 : check it.心有灵犀一点通

For example:

Is it on Avenue?

Is it next to the restaurant?

Is there a pay phone across it?

It is the bank.

Step 8 play time pair work talk about our classmates seats
Step 8. Play time + Pair work Talk about our classmates check it.’ seats

  • Play time: 叫一个同学蒙上眼睛,凭他(她)对班级坐位的记忆回答:

  • Who sits next to Tom?

  • Who sits between A and B?

  • Who sits in front of C?

  • Who sits behind you?

SELF-CHECK check it.


More places
More places check it.




1 fill in the blanks with the words in the box
达标检测题 check it.1. Fill in the blanks with the words in the box

  • ( next to, in front of, between, behind, across from, on, near, left, right, in)

1.The hotel is on the other side of the street, _____

the tall building, you cannot see it.

2. Would you please not stand ________me?

You are so tall.

3.Weiwei sits ______ to me, we are close friends.

4. Come and sit ________ Liling and me.

5.There is a payphone _____ the Green Street.

You can make a phone call there.

  • 6.The bus stop is ____ our school, you check it.

  • can walk there.

  • 7.Who sits on your _____ ? ---Tom.

  • And he sits on the ____ of Jay.

  • 8.Someone is ____ the classroom, look,

  • the light is on.

  • 9. Don’t worry, there is a library ________ the street

2 fill in the blanks the first letter is given
2. Fill in the blanks, the first letter is given check it.

  • 1. Can you help me to post the letter at the p__________?

  • 2. Just go straight and turn left, you will see the Hualian s_____.

  • 3. Take a taxi , then go through fourth Avenue, The l______ is just on your left.

  • 4. Luxu P____ is a good place to have fun.

  • 5. There is a big and clean h______ in my neighbourhood.

  • 6. We go out eating at the r______ once a week.

  • 7. Can you see that tall building behind the p_____? It is the b____ on our Bridge Street..

Thank you check it.