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Unit Seven PowerPoint Presentation
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Unit Seven

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Unit Seven - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Unit Seven
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  1. Unit Seven First Aid

  2. What’s First Aid? • First Aid is the science of giving medical care to an injured person before a doctor can be found. Anyone with the right knowledge can give first aid, you don’t have to be a doctor.

  3. Why is First Aid important? • First aid, if it is quickly and correctly given, can save a person’s life.

  4. Questions Open the mouth and make sure that there is no food at the back of the mouth. • 1. If someone has had an accident and still can breathe, what should we do? • 2. What’s the best way to save a person who is not breathing? • 3. What should we do to stop bleeding? • 4. How many common injuries are mentioned here? To use the mouth-to-mouth way. Press a handkerchief onto the bleeding point and hold it there. Three

  5. You are a doctor ,tell your classmates how to deal with these 3 common injuries. Now please finish the following table.

  6. Common injuries animal bites burns cuts Washthearea of cut Dryit Coverit witha piece of dry clean cloth Stopbleeding Coolthearea of skin Washitunder the cold tap Coverthewound with bandage / clean cloth Seea doctor if necessary Washthewound with cold running water. Seea doctor as soon as possible

  7. If the foreign object is under the upper lid眼睑, look down and pull the upper lid away from the eyeball by gently grabbing the eyelashes睫毛. • . nose bleeding Bend the victim's head slightly forward to help blood come out the front of the nose. Pinch the nostrils shut using your thumb and forefinger.. sunburns object 异物 in the eye Do not move the patient. send for an ambulance at once, treat for shock if necessary • Cool the burnt area with clean towels dipped 浸 in cool water. Rest in a cool, quiet room. Find a comfortable position. • Drink plenty of water broken bones

  8. Discussion First , … Second, … Third, … Finally, … What should you do in the following situations?

  9. 2 3 1 4 6 7 5

  10. Making a first-aid kit A first-aid kit is a box or bag of useful items and information that may be helpful in case of emergency. A well-stocked first-aid kit, kept in easy reach, is necessary in every home. It should include: • bandage • alcohol • basic drugs • thermometer • soap • sharp scissors merbromin disinfector • plastic gloves (at least 2 pairs) • your list of emergency phone numbers …

  11. Summary First aid is a matter of life and death

  12. Writing Write a paragraph in which you tell the reader how to give first aid.Choose one of the accident scenes above. Try to use these words first, then, after and finally.

  13. Homework • Review what we learned in this period. • Write a composition on how to give first aid.