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MGC 7.0 Sales Presentation. Outline. What is the MGC Unified Conferencing Bridge? MGC Value Proposition MGC ROI MGC Conferencing Types – Reserved, On-Demand Meeting Rooms with Entry Queue WebOffice ReadiManager LX100 MGC Key Features MGC Key Differentiators.

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Presentation Transcript
  • What is the MGC Unified Conferencing Bridge?
  • MGC Value Proposition
  • MGC Conferencing Types – Reserved, On-Demand
    • Meeting Rooms with Entry Queue
    • WebOffice
    • ReadiManager LX100
  • MGC Key Features
  • MGC Key Differentiators
polycom mgc conferencing bridge

The MGC enables the seamless transition from point-to-point to multipoint conferencing, with added value features such as advanced conference management

Polycom MGC Conferencing Bridge
  • What is the MGC conferencing bridge?
    • The MGC is a multipoint, unified conferencing bridge which delivers voice, video, data and/or Web conferencing applications over any network, from a single platform
mgc value proposition
MGC Value Proposition
  • Unified Conferencing and Collaboration
    • Polycom MGC is the only solution offering complete unified conferencing flexibility on a single platform
    • All types of conferencing – Reserved and On-Demand – can be delivered concurrently with consistent end user features
  • Industry-leading “Ease of Use” Features
    • Single number per conference
    • Universal Transcoding
    • On-Demand Conferencing with Meeting Rooms
    • Video-to-the-Desktop with Buddy List and Presence
    • Web-browser/Outlook scheduling and management interfaces
  • Market Leadership in IP / SIP
    • Only solution that supports full featured VoIP and IP video in the same conference on the same platform
    • Best-in-class solutions to meet growing trend of video-to-the-desktop
    • Polycom first to market with end-to-end SIP solutions
    • Enhanced SIP-based applications with key partnerships
mgc roi
  • Lowest Cost of Ownership in the Industry
    • One platform to purchase, manage and upgrade for all applications
    • One scheduling & management system
    • One common feature set and end user interface reduces training
  • Simplified Deployment
    • Single platform supports any application, any endpoint, any network
    • Transitions seamlessly from pt-to-pt to multipoint conferences
    • Simple to operate for both scheduled and on demand conferences
  • Investment Protection
    • Supports both legacy and future environments
    • Single platform lets you migrate from ISDN to new technologies such as SIP
mgc flexibility access the conference any way you want
MGC Flexibility –Access the Conference Any Way You Want


  • Controlled conferencing environment where IT staff schedule, initiate and manage the conference
  • Guaranteed service availability
  • Attended or Unattended
  • Can be scheduled by end user (Web Browser, Outlook, Lotus Notes)


  • The ability for an end user to easily and spontaneously start a conference, from any endpoint at any time
  • Single number dial from any audio or video endpoint
  • Or…instant access from desktop “buddy list”
why on demand
Why On-Demand?
  • Increased productivity for both end users and IT administration
    • End users can initiate conferencing from anywhere at anytime, when needed
    • Required support resources are significantly reduced
  • Conference parameters are set up on the MGC only once, according to meeting requirements and corporate policies
  • Resources remain “dormant” until the conference is activated
  • Better internal customer service
  • More conference control for “power-users”
on demand conferencing with meeting rooms
On-Demand Conferencing with “Meeting Rooms”
  • Only Polycom offers flexible On-Demand conferencing…
  • Includes “Meeting Rooms” with entry queue service for complete conference control and security
  • Meeting rooms can be assigned to individuals, work groups or departments…each with a unique conference ID and password (conference and chairperson)
  • End users can launch an On-Demand conference from any endpoint (audio or video) with the same dial-in number (e.g. 1-800…)
on demand conferencing from buddy list with weboffice
On-Demand Conferencing –From Buddy List with WebOffice
  • Increase day-to-day productivity with video on the desktop…
  • Polycom WebOffice allows instant conferencing from the desktop with just the click of a mouse
  • Simply Point & Click on buddy list to initiate a conference (audio, video, data) from desktop PC or laptop
  • Or… send IM from presence-enabled buddy list
  • Buddy list shows who is on-line, along with their status and endpoint capabilities
  • External participants can join in via Web URL

*Optional Microsoft® Windows® Messenger integration

or reserved
Or Reserved…
  • Reserved Conferencing always takes precedence over On-Demand on the MGC, for formal conferencing needs
  • Can be attended or un-attended, depending upon meeting requirements
  • Full control, schedule all resources, know the status of every room
  • Resources are guaranteed, network availability guaranteed
  • End users can search, view and book resources direct from desktop with Web Browser or Outlook / Lotus Notes
  • No new applications to learn
scheduling your conference with polycom readimanager lx100
Scheduling Your Conference with Polycom ReadiManager LX100
  • Do-it-yourself end-user conference scheduling right from the desktop
  • Single, dedicated “appliance” connects directly to the enterprise network
  • Fast and simple scheduling through an intelligent “wizard” web-based interface that prompts users for information….or..
  • End-users can easily schedule and manage conferences using Outlook or Lotus Notes
  • IT administrators can manage and monitor network devices from remotely accessible Web interfaces
mgc key features
MGC Key Features
  • Open, flexible chassis architecture
  • Ease of Use
    • Common conferencing features for both audio & video
    • Continuous Presence, Click&View
    • On-Demand Meeting Rooms
    • Entry Queue Services
    • Instant Conferencing from Buddy List
  • Quality of Experience
    • Universal Transcoding
    • High video/content resolution
    • Unique audio features
    • IP Enhancements
  • Security
    • Password Management and Conference Control
    • On-Demand conferencing with external database authentication
    • AES
    • Firewall gateway
mgc conferencing platforms
MGC Conferencing Platforms
  • MGC 100 large enterprise and service provider conferencing platform
    • Custom system configurations
    • 16 universal slots
    • Redundant power supplies
  • MGC 50 enterprise conferencing platform
    • Custom system configurations
    • 8 universal slots
  • MGC 25 workgroup and distributed conferencing platform
    • Fixed system configurations
    • Popular pre-configured systems
mgc open architecture mgc 50 100
MGC Open Architecture (MGC 50/100)
  • Flexibility
    • Highly customizable MGC can be configured for any application – or combination of applications
  • Scalability
    • Easy migration path to meet growing or changing requirements
  • Redundancy
    • Hot Swappable modules can be changed even during an ongoing conference
    • Redundant power supplies (MGC 100)
    • Shared hardware and software architecture
  • Maximum Capacity Utilization
    • All hardware and software resources are shared dynamically across applications, and can be used to maximum capacity
    • Unlike the MGC, resources are lost in a closed box solution in the process of mixing, matching and cascading between MCU's and gateways
ease of use

Ease of Use

On Demand with entry queue services

Audio and Video conference management features

Continuous Presence


on demand conferencing with entry queue services
On-Demand Conferencing with Entry Queue Services
  • What is an entry queue?
    • EQ is a special “routing lobby” to which one or several dial-in numbers are assigned
    • Participants with different capabilities may all dial the same dial-in number (from either video or audio endpoint) and will be routed to the appropriate conference
  • Participants are prompted for the conference numeric ID (password) by the IVR service, and enter DTMF codes from their keypad
  • Entry queue can be linked to an external database for further authentication services

Fully Featured Audio and Video Conference Management

  • Attended Conference Service Voice
  • Unattended Conference Service Voice
  • Ad Hoc Conference Service Voice
  • Full, Automatic Transcoding Of Audio & Video Voice
  • ISDN & IP Conferences Voice
  • Web Browser Based Conference Scheduling And Management Voice
  • Conference Entry Queue With Greeting Voice
  • Invite New Participants To Conference Voice
  • Blast Dial-Out Voice
  • IVR / DTMF Based Conference Management Voice
  • Conference & Chairperson Security Codes Voice
  • Conference Rollcall Voice
  • Voting / Polling Voice
  • Question And Answers Voice
  • WebOffice Integration Voice
  • Siren 14 Khz audio Voice
  • SilenceIT Voice

& Video

& Video

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& Video

  • 30 Frames Per Second In CP, Promotion (60 Fields Per Second) Video
  • Hardware And Software Based Continuous Presence Video
  • Click&View Video
  • Automatic Rate Detection And Downspeeding Video
mgc continuous presence three types of cp
MGC Continuous Presence – Three Types of CP
  • IP Software CP is default on MGC with IP configuration
    • Video+ module not required, limited CP layouts
    • Conf on a Port and Advanced CP require MGC Video+ module
  • Conference On a Port (COP)
    • Each port on video module can be used for a conference with up to 128 participants
    • Click&View available to Chairperson only
    • CP layout selected is for the entire conference
    • Personal layout is not available
    • All conference participants communicate at the highest common video parameters
    • All participants need to connect at a certain speed threshold
  • Advanced CP
    • Each port on video module is used for a single participant
    • Click&View is available to every participant
    • Each participant can select their personal layout
    • Maintains the highest possible capabilities for each participant
    • Participants can connect at any speed

Industry-Leading Continuous Presence -COP and Advanced CP

  • Choose the layout which is most productive for your particular conference needs
    • 27 different video layouts to choose from…
  • Visual Effects in CP
    • Display Site Names
    • Speaker Highlights
    • Customize Backgrounds & Borders
  • Better Quality
    • 30 FPS @ H.264 in CP
    • Low Latency

Speaker Indications, Site Names,

Customized Borders

conference on a port cop
Conference on a Port (“COP”)
  • “COP” is a cost effective method of delivering large video conferences on the MGC
  • Supports up to 128 video participants using only a single Video+ module (or any combination e.g. 8 concurrent conferences x 16 users)
  • One CP layout is chosen by Chairperson and is viewed by all participants
  • Only the chairperson can change the conference layout with Click&View
quality of experience

Quality of Experience

World’s Best Universal Transcoding

High Resolution Video

Managing Your Conference


Value-add IP features

world s best universal transcoding reliable connectivity for unified conferencing
World’s Best Universal TranscodingReliable Connectivity for Unified Conferencing
  • Automatically connects participants with different audio/video algorithms, video resolution and frame rates, transmission rates and network protocols
  • Relieves network admin of continual setup and tear-down of conferencing parameters
  • Ensures each endpoint dynamically connects at its optimal capability
  • Support across the board for all your applications and standards

Frame Rate






IP (H.323)

Expanded to include SIP, H.239, H.264, 4CIF/XGA graphics in MGC Rel. 7.0

managing your conference from any endpoint device
Managing Your Conference…from any endpoint device

Essential Control

  • Customizable Rights Chair \ Participant
  • Lock Conference
  • Secure Conference
  • Change Chairperson
  • Terminate Conference
  • Mute All But Me
  • Change Conference Password
  • Place conference On-hold
  • Change Conference Layout
  • Mute Dial-in Participants
  • Request Private Assistance

Value Added Features

  • Silence IT – get rid of annoying on hold music!
  • Voting
  • Question & Answer
  • Participant Invitee
  • Roll Call
  • Click & View Personal Layout
  • Audio Adjustments and muting
  • Request Conference Assistance
  • Active speaker camera focus
audio quality feature silenceit
Audio Quality Feature – SilenceIT
  • MGC automatically detects noisy lines or music when put on hold, and mutes those participants
  • Participant is notified if he/she has been muted
  • Participant has 4 choices to re-join the conference
    • Un-mute and re-join
    • Adjust the SilenceIT algorithm and re-join the conference un-muted
    • Disable the feature and re-join un-muted
    • Re-join muted
  • SilenceIT feature can be selected only if IVR is enabled
  • IVR/DTMF is used to select options
  • Patent pending
mgc 7 0 value add ip features
MGC 7.0 Value-Add IP Features
  • H.323 Welcome Slides
    • Graphic greeting display for participants when they enter the entry queue in a video conference
  • Far End Camera Control (FECC)
    • Supported in unified and gateway conferences
  • Conferencing Reliability
    • DNS – link DNS name to the IP module, especially useful in SIP-based applications
    • Alternate GK – enables redundancy in case the primary gatekeeper fails or wants to share its load with other gatekeepers
    • NAT Traversal – each internal IP address is translated into a specific external address
    • DHCP support
  • Audio Error Concealment
    • MGC capability to generate synthesized audio to replace missing audio packets


Participant level security

Firewall Gateway

On Demand w/ External Database Authentication

multi level secure conferencing
Password Management

Conference Password

Password Hierarchy

Guest Password

Chairperson Password

Auto Generate Conference Password

Conference Control

Lock Ongoing Conference

Entry & Exit Tones

Chairperson Required

Auto Termination Conference Roll Call

CLI Support

Announce Participants Name Upon Entry or Exit Of Conference

Media Encryption

AES Encryption

DES Encryption


Integrated Firewall Gateway

Certified Firewall Solution

NAT traversal (PathNavigator)

Multi-Level Secure Conferencing
polycom firewall gateway makes video work in a secured data environment
Polycom Firewall Gateway Makes Video Work In A Secured Data Environment
  • MGC Architecture provides inherent security
  • Works in conjunction with your existing Firewall
  • Specifically designed for interactive applications over IP
  • Doesn’t force you to leave any firewall ports open for interactive applications
  • CheckMark certified
conference level security external database access authentication
Conference Level Security - External Database Access Authentication
  • Participant profiles are created and maintained on external enterprise database, including access and conferencing privileges
  • This allows centralized management and maintenance of employee profiles in one location (as opposed to saving on MGC)
  • Conference initiation and access for each participant is validated against the database
mgc key differentiators
MGC Key Differentiators
  • The capability to offer full featured audio, video and unified conferencing on the same platform across any network connection
  • Open, flexible and modular chassis architecture
  • Multiple conferencing types (reserved and on-demand) that can run concurrently on the same platform
  • On-demand conferencing with entry queue services for both audio and video conferencing
  • Unique multi-level security solutions, including integrated firewall gateway
  • Reliable connectivity with industry-leading automatic transcoding
  • Industry-leading features that enhance quality of experience - Continuous Presence,“Click&View”, SilenceIT
thank you
Thank You!

First Name Last Name

Polycom Division


  • AT&T
  • BellSouth
  • Conference Plus
  • MCI
  • Quest
  • SBC
  • Sprint
  • Verizon
  • Applied Global Technology
  • Global Crossing
  • InterCall
  • IVCi
  • V-SPAN
  • Wire One Glowpoint
  • SKC Conferencing Services
  • BT Conferencing (UK)
  • France Telecom Viasolutions
  • Deutsch Telekom
  • Telefonica (Spain)
  • Iceland Telecom (Siminn)
  • TeliaSonera (FI)
  • KPY / KPO (FI)
  • HELTEL (Elisa) (FI)
  • Genesys (UK)
  • ACT Teleconferencing (UK)
  • Direct Visual (UK)
  • Network-i (UK)
  • Keridge Media Services (UK)
  • VideoCall (UK)
  • Avikom (NO)
  • Symetria (CH)
  • MVC Conferencing (DE)
  • Compodium International (SE)
  • SNT Conferencing Services (NL)
  • Talk & Vision (NL)
  • AIMS Optronics (BE)
asia pacific
Asia Pacific
  • China Unicom
  • China Telecom
  • China Railcom (CRC)
  • China Netcom
  • NTT Phoenix (Japan)
  • Chungwa Telecom (CHT Taiwan)
  • PCCW (Hong Kong)
  • SingTel (Singapore)
  • Thailand Telecom (TT&T)
  • Vietnam Post and Telecom (VNPT)
  • Telstra (Australia)
  • Reliance Infocom (India)
  • Sri Lanka Telecom
latin americas africa
Latin Americas / Africa
  • ADCOM (Canada)
  • TELMEX (Mexico)
  • EMBRATEL (Brazil)
  • Telefonica (El Salvador)
  • Brazil Telecom
  • CTI Argentina
  • Telekom South Africa
  • Dimension Data (South Africa)
  • Golden Lines (Israel)
  • Veidan (Israel)
some of our high tech customers
Some of our High Tech Customers
  • Adobe
  • Avaya
  • Cable & Wireless
  • EarthLink
  • IBM
  • Intel
  • Marconi
  • Microsoft
  • Nortel Networks
  • Raytheon
  • Symantec
  • Unisys
  • Xilinx