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K-12 ADMINISTRATION. Victoria Ash Director, K-12 Assessment Administration. COMMUNICATION. K-12 Assessment Memoranda and Information

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k 12 administration

Victoria Ash

Director, K-12 Assessment Administration

  • K-12 Assessment Memoranda and Information
    • A link has been added to the FCAT Home Page http://fcat.fldoe.org/default.asp to provide coordinators with information pertaining to K-12 Assessment, FCAT, HSCT, NAEP, PSAT/PLAN, and Reading Diagnostic.
  • FCAT Contractor’s Contact List
  • Emails filtered through Leads
    • DOE
      • Kris Ellington
      • Victoria Ash
      • Jackie Mueller
      • Daphne Csonka
      • Tracy Halka
    • TDC
      • Vince Verges
      • Steve Ash
      • Lyla Springfield
      • Linda Oravetz
      • Lissa Cone
      • Trish Lyons
assessment schedules
  • 2007-08 and 2008-09 FCAT Schedules (provided in folder)
  • Updates
    • Comprehensive Calendar(PDF version only)
    • 2007-08 FCAT Schedule
      • Test Dates: March 11 – 24
      • Pickup Dates: TBD
      • NRT & Grade 11 Science
        • Districts should provide their NRT (all grades) and Grade 11 Science schedules by Friday, October 12, 2007 to Kira.Sullivan@fldoe.org.
what s new for 2007 08
WHAT’S NEW FOR 2007-08
  • Electronic Devices
    • Possession of any electronic devices that reproduces, transmits, calculates, or records IS cause for invalidation.
      • “Possession” will be defined as “within arm’s reach,” even if the electronic device is not visible.
      • For example, students should not have cell phones in their pockets, clipped to their belts, at their desks, or anywhere it can be easily accessed during testing.
what s new for 2007 087
WHAT’S NEW FOR 2007-08
  • Large Print Grid Sheet
    • The options of the fraction slash (/) and the decimal (.) have been added to the large print response grids for Mathematics and Science tests that include gridded-response (GR) items.
    • The 2007-08 Sample Test Materials do not reflect this recent decision.
    • Examples:

Response Grid from Previous Administrations

2007-08 Response Grid

what s new for 2007 088
WHAT’S NEW FOR 2007-08
  • FCAT Forms
    • Missing Materials
    • Breaches of Administration
  • Testing Guidelines
    • If a student starts a session and leaves the building without finishing (for an appointment, illness, etc.), he or she will NOT be allowed to complete the session.
      • NO EXCEPTIONS will be made once the student leaves the building; therefore, if you have concerns about a student, you should not allow the student to begin.
      • Consider administering the test during one of the make-up days.
    • Test administrators must NOT administer the FCAT to their family members. Students who are related to their assigned test administrator should be reassigned to an alternate test administrator.
    • Test administrators are required to use ALL of the allotted time in each session and not end a session early.
  • PreID Label
    • Use the PreID label if the studentlast name, student number, district number, school number, and grade level are CORRECT on the PreID Roster, even if the other information is incorrect.
  • Test Group Codes
    • Test Group Codes will be used on SSS answer documents for Grades 5–AD.
      • School Coordinators will provide test administrators with test group codes that the FDOE will use to isolate testing anomalies to a specific group of students.
  • Comment Forms
    • Ensure that all school coordinators and test administrators review the online comment forms BEFORE testing so that their feedback will address the concerns of the FDOE and contractor.
    • CTB: www.ctb.com/fcat
    • Harcourt: Links TBD
psat and plan


  • Florida Statute 1007.35(5)
  • Pre-college entrance examinations for enrolled Grade 10 students in public high schools
  • Test Dates
    • PSAT – October 17 and 20, 2007
    • PLAN – September to December
  • Contacts
    • PSAT – Linda Owens, The College Board, (850) 521-4918
    • PLAN – Jacque Twiggs, ACT-Atlanta, (404) 231-1952
      • Jenine Brewer, (850) 878-2729
        • Broward, Dade, Duval, Hernando, Hillsborough, Manatee, Orange, Palm Beach, Pasco, Pinellas
      • Ginger Green, (850) 878-2729
        • All other districts
reading diagnostic assessment
  • Contracts/Contacts
    • DAR (Grades K-12), Riverside Publishing
      • Michele Baker, (850) 212-7945
    • ERDA2 (Grades K-3), Harcourt
      • Michael Keeton, (352) 874-4284
  • Transitioned the funding from DOE to the reading allocation within the FEFP
  • When ordering materials for DAR or ERDA2, please inform the customer service representative that you are purchasing under the FDOE contract to receive the lower rate.
    • Riverside Customer Service: (800) 323-9540
    • Harcourt Customer Service: (800) 211-8378
k 12 test administration contact list
  • Victoria Ash, Director (850) 245-0788
  • Daphne Csonka, Supervisor (850) 245-9203
  • Linda Rhea, FCAT ESE (850) 245-0742
  • Kira Sullivan, FCAT, PSAT/PLAN (850) 245-0784
  • Ben Palazesi, Contact Updates (850) 245-0780

K-12 Assessment Administration

Assessment Coordinators


if you need us!!!

Back: Linda Rhea, Daphne Csonka, Victoria Ash, B. Seetachitt, Ben Palazesi

Front: Susie Lee, Debbie Crews, Kira Sullivan