describing a person ville valo n.
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Describing a person. Ville Valo PowerPoint Presentation
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Describing a person. Ville Valo

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Describing a person. Ville Valo - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Describing a person. Ville Valo. 10 class Anastassia Shabelnikova.

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Describing a person. Ville Valo

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    1. Describing a person. Ville Valo 10 class Anastassia Shabelnikova

    2. I would like to introduce you my favourite rock singer Ville Valo from the band HIM. He is well-built and tall. He has a lot of tattoos on his body and the biggest one on his hand. He has a tottoo on his back with an eye of his girlfriend and on the shoulder his favourite writter Edgar Po.He has dark, short and curly hair. He often wears a hat on his head, so you are not able to see his beautiful hair. He also has a bristling moustache. Ville has green eyes, straight nose and narrow lips. His favourite clothes are black T-shirt, jacket and jeans. This picture was taken last summer in Tallinn on the Summer Festival. He has a happy face there. I was in this festival and I liked it very much. His style is gothic because of his music career, but I think he is very kind and has a sweet soul in real.  I like his appearance and admire his music.

    3. Thanks for attention…