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Planning for different activities in Portugal PowerPoint Presentation
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Planning for different activities in Portugal

Planning for different activities in Portugal

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Planning for different activities in Portugal

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  1. ACTIVITIES TO DO ALONG WITH GOLF IN PORTUGAL As soon as you think about a vacation in Portugal, you automatically picture yourself visiting the beautiful places, trying new cuisines, and cherishing your time in this new country. But, in order to have an enjoyable vacation, you also need to have a plan in advance. One element of a proper plan is deciding the activities you want to do. As there are many places to visit and activities to do in this country, it might leave you puzzled. One classic example can be playing golf in Portugal. However, you can try out different activities as well.

  2. DIVING IN MADEIRA AQUARIUM If you are planning to have an unforgettable experience, then Madeira is the place to be. Diving amidst the dark blue waters, looking at the different corals, and different kinds of fishes around you; will enhance your experience here. You will first be trained by an instructor. This will help you learn how to breathe underwater and how to handle diving equipment. Viewing this from the other side of the aquarium can be a stunning sight too, if you do not enjoy diving.

  3. GOLF IN ALGARVE Algarve offers its visitors endless options. This can range from going for a boat ride, dolphin watching or exploring different places to play a round of golf. Playing on the long stretched of fresh grass, under the pleasant sunlight with the bunch of your friends, is the day you would have here. This place should definitely be there on every golfer’s list.

  4. GO PARAGLIDING IN MADEIRA Stunning views of steep cliffs, rarely seen flora, lush greenery, are some of things that Madeira offers to its visitors. While it is also well-known for its salt water aquarium, there are some other activities to do here as well. One of them, which can give you an adrenaline boost, is paragliding. Along with this, you shouldn’t miss the world famous Madeira wine and the kind of fishes that are available here.