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TECHNOLOGY & CLASSROOM BEHAVIOR MANAGEMENT. [ There’s an App for that! ]. Jim Horwat EDUC-504. Classroom management is one of the biggest challenges teachers face…. New teachers are particularly unprepared for dealing with behavior problems in their classrooms.

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technology classroom behavior management


[ There’s an App for that! ]

Jim HorwatEDUC-504

classroom management is one of the biggest challenges teachers face
Classroom management is one of the biggest challenges teachers face…

New teachers are particularly unprepared for dealing with behavior problems in their classrooms.

New teachers universally report feeling particularly overwhelmed by the most difficult students.

15 percent leave the profession and another 14 percent change schools after their first year, often as the result of feeling overwhelmed, ineffective, and unsupported.


is a FREE downloadable App.

It has been described as:“one of the best educational tools of the 21st century” (Bilingual Monster, n.d.).

is this presentation propaganda for yet another software app
Is this presentation propaganda for yet another software app?
  • Are teachers really using this “dojo” thing?I have enough ‘new technology’ to keep up with. How does it relate to my classroom?
  • Can I have a ‘nonbiased’ opinion?What are the real deal Pro’s / Con’sof Class Dojo? Should I care?
these concerns will indeed be addressed but first
These concerns will indeed be addressed. But first…

A review of ‘Internal’ & ‘External’ motivation

(Class Activity)

class dojo
Class Dojo…

Favors positive feedback over punishment

Communicates directly; reinforces instantly

Can be used for simple behavior tracking, progress monitoring, goal setting, attendance and parent communication

Collects, saves and graphs data

Mobile / universal:works with a tablet, smartphone, laptop or smart-board

Colorful, light-hearted, engaging

how about sharing some pros cons of class dojo
How about sharing some Pros / Cons of Class Dojo?



Works short term but fails to regulate behavior long term

Generalizes complex individual behaviors

Shames students publicly who get negative points

Focuses on external rewardsvery “carrot on a stick”

  • Reinforces responsibility
  • Helps students track their own academic goals, progress and expectations
  • Valuable, time-saving tool for data collection; Special Ed
  • Found to improve intrinsic motivation over time
what about common core

Class Dojo can be used in conjunction with Common Core standards.

  • Academic units of study can be entered, incorporated and tracked within App
  • Use “I can statements” for Common Core benchmarks and goal setting each quarter
  • Students can self monitor their progress
What about Common Core?
how about some tips for using class dojo successfully
How about some tips for using Class Dojo successfully?
  • Use in conjunction with small prizes, awards, contests etc.
  • Utilize the new ‘trend spotter’ feature
  • Positive Points have a greater impact on behavior
  • Only assign Negative Points for “Big Deals”


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