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EMPLOYEE INVOLVEMENT. Group M EMBERS. Shazia Shabbir F-10-CE-001 Hira Ali F-10-CE-111 Asmaa Rana F-10-130 Muhammad Amir F-10-CE-122. Outline. Employee involvement (EI) Shazia Benefits of Employee Involvement

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    2. Group MEMBERS Shazia Shabbir F-10-CE-001 Hira Ali F-10-CE-111 AsmaaRanaF-10-130 Muhammad Amir F-10-CE-122

    3. Outline • Employee involvement (EI) Shazia • Benefits of Employee Involvement Hira • Employee Motivation Asmaa • Conclusion Amir

    4. EMPLOYEE INVOLVEMENT • The degree that employees share information, • knowledge, rewards, and power throughout the • organization. • Employees must: • active in decisions • power to influence decisions • knowledge sharing

    5. History of Employee Involvement • In the United States, Eastman Kodak company’s employee suggestion system, established in 1898. • During World War II, 35 suggestion system administrators founded the Employee Involvement Association (EIA). • In the 1980s and 1990s, Organizations became aware that those that involved with their employees were likely to benefit from increased motivation and commitment.

    6. Forms of Employee Involvement • Direct form: Where employees are in some way directly involved in their immediate place of work. • Team briefings • Suggestion scheme • Job enrichment • Job design

    7. Forms… (Cont..) • Indirect or representative participation: Where some notion of a representative structure is involved. • Works councils • Quality circles • Board representation • Involvement groups • Task forces

    8. Levels of Employee Involvement • High involvement • Full consultation • Selective consultation High Medium Low

    9. Benefits of employee involvement (EI)“If everyone is moving forward together, then success takes care of itself ”

    10. Identify and define problems better Usually identify more and better solutions More likely to selectthe best option How Involvement Improves Decisions Employee Involvement

    11. A new management Philosophy Delegation Authority Employee Involvement Communication Information Training Skill Incentive Reward

    12. Benefits of Employee Involvement • Increase in ownership and commitment • Retention of the employees • A balanced and friendly environment • Helps to achieve the employee satisfaction • It is one of the most factors that help to promote team building.  12

    13. Positive Effecton Quality& Productivity Employee involvement improves quality and increases productivity, because they: • Can make better decisions • Are more likely to implement and support decisions they had a part in making. • < • Are better able to pinpoint areas  for improvement. 13

    14. Positive effect on Quality & Productivity---cont’d • Are better able to take immediate corrective actions. • Are better able to accept change • Have an increased commitment to unit goals • Reduction of labor/management friction • Increase in employee morale 14

    15. “Motivation will almost always beat mere talent”


    17. Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs • Abraham Maslow stated that motivation could best be explained in terms of a hierarchy of needs having five levels

    18. Herzberg’s Two Factor Theory Herzberg talked about motivators and dissatisfiers. • Motivators: People are motivated by recognition, responsibility, achievement advancement and work itself. They areintrinsic in nature. • Dissatisfiers: These are low salary, poor working conditions, ill defined organizational policies and mediocre technical supervision. They are also called hygiene factors and are preventable. They are extrinsic in nature.

    19. Achieving a Motivated Work Force Some of the concepts to achieve a motivated work force are: • Know thyself • Know your employees • Establish a positive attitude • Share the goals • Monitor Progress

    20. Achieving a Motivated Work Force (Contd.) • Develop interesting work Job Rotation Job Enlargement Job Enrichment • Communicate Effectively • Celebrate Success

    21. Conclusion Important factors while going for Employee Involvement:- • Power • Information Sharing • Knowledge & Skills • Rewards

    22. Conclusion Research Paper Effects of Employees Involvement in Techno-Structural Interventions in Textile Sector of Pakistan http://www.cluteinstitute.com/proceedings/2010_Dublin_EABR_Articles/Article%20327.pdf

    23. Thank You