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Employee Involvement Teams PowerPoint Presentation
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Employee Involvement Teams

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Employee Involvement Teams - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Employee Involvement Teams. Employee Involvement Teams To Future Business Leaders Scott Sneddon EHS Engineer GE Oil and Gas GE Oil and Gas. Employee Involvement Teams. Driving awareness and engagement through sustainable processes and growth opportunities

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Employee Involvement Teams

  • Employee Involvement Teams
  • To Future Business Leaders
  • Scott Sneddon
  • EHS Engineer
  • GE Oil and Gas
  • GE Oil and Gas

Employee Involvement Teams

  • Driving awareness and engagement through sustainable processes and growth opportunities
  • Establishing a Peer to Peer Safety Culture of influence
  • Developing future leaders today







Employee Involvement Teams @ GE Minden

Safety Teams Steering Committee


Qualification & Commitment

  • Employee must be in good standing with no disciplinary action
  • A minimum 1 year commitment (Sign Contract)
  • Attend at least 70% of all meetings and complete required training
  • Support committee initiatives and site EHS leadership Team
  • Every Team member will receive an annual evaluation and performance will be communicated to Functional Manager
  • Rewards & Recognition based on individual performance

Team Member Development

  • OSHA / Site specific training
  • Participate in formal audits and evaluations
  • Engage peers in committee initiatives
  • Plan and execute activities / events
  • Peer to Peer advocacy
  • Presentions to site leadership team
  • Assist in incident investigations
  • Lead Sub-Committees

Leadership Development

  • Ensure Committee alignment with site
  • Develop rhythm for team meetings.
  • Communications Plan
  • Establish budget
  • Develop Sub-Committees
  • Engage Site Leadership Team
  • Conduct Annual Reviews
  • VPP Mentoring Initiative
  • Rewards & Recognition

Annual Goals & Objectives

  • Provide meaningful site wide communications through strategic utilization of communication outlets.
  • Develop a series of Employee Events and Activities to engage more employees and their families with safety
  • at work and at home.
  • Continue to improve upon our current system of concern reporting and follow-up in timely manner.

Communications Plan

  • Weekly Communications
  • Bi-weekly Team Meetings
  • Monthly Newsletter
  • Upcoming Events
  • Membership Drives

Monthly Newsletter

  • Digitized newsletter sent to everyone on site
  • Provides updates for all Safety Teams
  • Topics to take home


If you have any feedback or comments please feel free to visit our support central survey and tell us what you think!


MST Community Website

  • A central location for Employees to access information on all Employee Teams
  • Allows employees to engage directly with the team to report concerns and request assistance.

Safety Concern Reporting Tool

  • Digital process of reporting
  • Track progress to closure
  • for concern reporting &
  • ergonomics evaluations
  • Data mining tool

Annual Reviews

  • Standardized process of evaluation recognized by HR.
  • Feedback for the Employee
  • (Coach and Calibrate)
  • If poorly performing, basis for removal
  • Recognition and Advancement


  • Employee engagement through Peer to Peer influence
  • Team and Leader development plan
  • Promoting a culture of self-reliance
  • Safety team members have received site wide recognition.
  • Two safety team leaders have been promoted to significant site Leadership Roles
  • Q&A