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Continuing Professional Development

Continuing Professional Development. Andrew Stewart Agrilink Chairman. Continuing Professional Development. Andrew Stewart Head of DG 90 LLL. Life Long Learning. Background. Joint NIIAS/ASA initiative with 75% funding from Interreg Aims Identify training needs

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Continuing Professional Development

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  1. Continuing Professional Development Andrew Stewart Agrilink Chairman

  2. Continuing Professional Development Andrew Stewart Head of DG 90 LLL Life Long Learning

  3. Background • Joint NIIAS/ASA initiative with 75% funding from Interreg • Aims • Identify training needs • Develop and pilot a Continuing Professional Development (CPD) framework • Development Partners: Aurion Learning www.aurion.co.uk

  4. Survey coverage • Existing qualifications/employment • Training needs in key Knowledge Areas • Attitude to Professional Development • Role of NIIAS/ASA in Professional Development

  5. Survey participants N. Ireland: 58 (33% female) Border Counties 54 (13% female) Membership of Professional Bodies

  6. What is professionalism? Profession “Paid occupation involving Training and Formal Qualification” Professional “Having Impressive Competency in a Particular Activity – Skilful, Expert

  7. Key Knowledge Areas • Livestock Production • Crop Production • Business Management • Rural Development • The Environment • Personal Skills • Other Key Areas

  8. Importance of Knowledge Areas to present work 1. Personal Skills 2. Environment 3. Business Management 4. Other Areas 5. Livestock Production 6. Rural Development 7. Crops

  9. Personal Skills – training required N = 112

  10. Innovation and Change “Challenge norms and champion new innovations/initiatives; act as a catalyst for change and stimulate others to change; pave the way for change, manage change implementation process” N = 112

  11. The Environment – training required N=112

  12. The Environment – CAP Reform “Have an up-to-date knowledge of the environmental implications of CAP Reform and be able to interpret and advise on their impact on local farming activities” N = 112

  13. Waste Management “Have a knowledge of EU and local government legislation/regulations dealing with agricultural wastes and use of agricultural land for waste disposal and be able to provide advice on their implementation (e.g. animal by-product, packaging, IPPC, industrial/municipal waste)” N = 112

  14. Summary of training needs by Knowledge Area N=112

  15. Survey results – Professional Development N=112 N=112

  16. Survey results – Professional Development N=112 N=112

  17. Survey results – Professional Development N=112 N=112

  18. Survey results – Professional Development N=112 N=112

  19. Survey results – Professional Development N=112 N=112

  20. Online CPD Framework and Learning Environment • Survey identified a need for a secure, online environment to allow for the management of continuing professional development activities (CPD) for Professionals working in Agriculture • Identified the opportunity for a communication and collaboration tool to allow for effective knowledge sharing

  21. Currently 3 key components • CPD Portfolio • Database of relevant online and distance learning courses and training/education providers • Knowledge Exchange Forum

  22. The CPD Cycle The CPD Portfolio tool is based on a 4-stage CPD cycle • Members can: • Analyse their training needs • Plan their training • Record training undertaken • Reflect on the training undertaken

  23. Supporting the member • A Record Only option has been added • CPD is still a voluntary scheme • Emphasis is placed on the member to plan and record activities • Inbuilt CPD scheme with a points system • Basis of a framework for regulatory purposes, membership grading etc.

  24. Additional features • Training course database • Database of relevant training providers and accredited courses • Emphasis on online and distance learning programmes • Has the capacity to expand

  25. Additional features • Knowledge Forum • Allows members to profile themselves and find specialists in key areas • Discussion forum tool to support collaboration and knowledge sharing • Capacity to build networks of specialists across Europe

  26. A Proven Alternative – Aurion CPD EngageTM • CPD EngageTM is a simple, robust online CPD Management System • Centrally administered by the Professional Body • Relieves administration burden of registration, monitoring, and annual returns • Supports transparentsampling and verification procedures • Gathers ‘business intelligence’ information on member knowledge profiles and training patterns • Improves decision making capabilities with comprehensive reporting • Acts as an effective communication & marketing tool • Allows for a strategic approach to CPD management

  27. A Proven Alternative – Aurion CPD EngageTM • Member benefits • Reduces the record keeping overhead with: • A simple, diary-based online record of attendance at CPD activities • Facilities to upload evidence of attendance • Facilities to reflect on individual CPD activities and the CPD cycle • An online annual return submission facility for the Professional Body/Regulator • Supports the effective analysis of training needs and will recommend training courses from the training course database • Supports the effective planning of learning and development through development goals and planned activities for the year.

  28. Looking towards the future – Aurion CPD Manager • CPD EngageTM is a simple and robust online CPD Management System • An off-the-shelf solution that can be easily customised to meet the needs of the Professional Body • Can integrate with the Professional Bodies website and membership database as needed

  29. Way forward • Redefine role of Professional bodies • Define competencies needed • Establish an independent Regulatory Body • Harmonise Qualifications across Europe • Develop an online EU Postgraduate Qualification • Develop short online accredited courses • Seek EU funding

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