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High Performance Buildings - Introduction PowerPoint Presentation
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High Performance Buildings - Introduction

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High Performance Buildings - Introduction - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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High Performance Buildings - Introduction
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  1. High Performance Buildings- Introduction Matt Pinczes CEM, CEA, CDSM Energy Engineer – Trane / Ingersoll Rand • Eleven years in the energy performance contracting industry. Six years at Trane and previously five years with Siemens. • I specialize in finding cost effecting ways for our customers to save money and energy, augmenting their existing systems, and utilizing grant opportunities to fund facility improvements.

  2. High Performance Buildings ™ The Upstate New York Energy Efficiency Expo April 7, 2011

  3. High Performance Buildings- Agenda • The challenges we all face in a struggling economy • What we can do to provide value to our organizations • Strategies for making your building high performance “Keep it simple” • Jefferson Community College overview

  4. High Performance Buildings- Our Struggling Economy • Global Oil Prices • Natural Gas Pricing Uncertainties • Health, Safety and Environmental Issues • Evolving Regulatory Requirements: Health Related (Asthma, Allergies, Mold) • Aging Public Facilities – Shrinking Budgets • Limited Revenue and State Budget Crisis • Comfort and Productivity Issues (school closings)

  5. High Performance Buildings- Our Struggling Economy The Problem Zone Declining Operating Budgets Declining Revenues/Income $ % Increasing Operational Costs Increasing Energy Costs YEARS

  6. High Performance Buildings- Provide Value Thru Energy Management Even the best performing new and existing buildings have room for improvement. • The new buzz term is Retro-Commissioning • Keep it simple • Examine your building schedules • Perform night time treasure hunts • Enhance existing systems • Bundle measures and projects

  7. High Performance Buildings- Enhance Existing Systems • Enhance existing programming • TOD, Critical Zone Reset, VV-VP • Know your required ventilation rate • Has something changed in your operation • Add CO2 –sensors • Real-time ventilation reset • Add occupancy sensors • Control ventilation rate and fan operation based on occupancy • Add VFDs • Open throttled valves and re-balance systems with the drive • Vending Misers

  8. High Performance Buildings- The Simple Facts At some point during the day most buildings require less fresh air than they are providing. • 25% (or more) of the energy consumed by an HVAC system is attributed to the conditioning of fresh air. • Controlling system duct pressure can reduce fan energy 25-45%. • Opening throttling valves on pumping systems and using a VFD can drastically impact pump energy. A 5% reduction in speed can result in a 15% reduction in energy. • An unoccupied space does not have the same ventilation and temperature requirements as an occupied space. Using occupancy sensors can optimize systems serving sporadically occupied spaces. • Bundling fast payback measures with longer ones can take the sting out of heavy metal chiller and boiler projects.

  9. “At Trane we believe a High Performance Building is one that is managed to contribute to your mission.” --Larry Wash, President Global Services

  10. High Performance Buildings- Jefferson Community College JCC EPC Project at a Glance Upgrades: • Updated two 1966 vintage boiler plants with (6) new high efficiency boilers • Enhanced boiler water reset on two other boiler systems • Adjusted time of day schedules utilizing existing EMS • Added ventilation reset utilizing occupancy sensors (dual purpose lighting and ventilation). • Added VFD to glycol pump opened throttled valves and re-balance system with drive. • Install vending misers on all machines selling non perishable items. • Campus wide light retrofit and upgrade. Project Economics $116k Savings Annually $183K National Grid Grants $17.5K NYSERDA Grant $1.2M Project Cost 8.6 Year Payback

  11. Impact to date