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High Performance Buildings: Achieving Superior Performance for Life PowerPoint Presentation
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High Performance Buildings: Achieving Superior Performance for Life

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High Performance Buildings: Achieving Superior Performance for Life - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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High Performance Buildings: Achieving Superior Performance for Life. Michel van Roozendaal Vice President Service, Controls, Turnkey and Aftermarket Ingersoll Rand Climate Solutions – Europe, Middle East, India and Africa . My Background.

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Presentation Transcript

High Performance Buildings:Achieving Superior Performance for Life

Michel van Roozendaal

Vice President

Service, Controls, Turnkey and Aftermarket

Ingersoll Rand Climate Solutions – Europe, Middle East, India and Africa


My Background

  • Leader for the Ingersoll Rand Climate Solutions services business in Europe, Middle East, Africa and India
  • Responsible for managing the after-market service and parts, turnkey and controls contracting, and performance-based energy services businesses for commercial buildings and transportation
  • Extensive controls and service industry expertise in HVAC, fire and security, building controls and industrial automation
  • Previous leadership roles at UTC and Danaher
  • Engineering degree from Delft University, MBA from INSEAD
  • Based in Brussels

Our Agenda

  • Today’s European and UK operating realities
  • What is a high performance building?
  • Adopting a high performance buildings approach
  • Trane High Performance Buildings offering
  • Case studies
  • Your questions
Most companies were affected by the long, severe recession

Recovery is underway in some sectors; uncertainty remains

Organizations are focused on productivity and cost reduction

Access to cash and credit remains challenging

No appetite for capital investments without clear payback

Energy, operating costs rising faster than most other costs

Energy equals ~40% of a commercial building’s operating costs*

Commercial and residential buildings account for ~40% of EU energy consumption*

All buildings are responsible for 36% of EU CO2 emissions*

There is an increase in public policy activity aimed at:

Reducing energy consumption and protecting the environment

Stimulating the economy and creating jobs

Increasing inspection/certification requirements

Renovating 3% of European buildings (above 250 m2) per year

Expanding use of Energy Performance Contracting

Today’s European Operating Realities

Unprecedented challenges in our energy and operating environments

* European Commission Energy

Growing emphasis on the UK Climate Roadmap

Electricity market reform

The “Green Deal” to improve UK building efficiency

Carbon Reduction Commitment scheme

UK and EU renewable energy plan

25% of UK power stations will close over the next decade

Replacement cost = £110 Billion

Demand for electricity expected to double within 40 years

1.8 million nondomestic buildings are responsible for 18% of UK CO2 emissions

Other Factors Affecting the UK Picture

UK has ambitious carbon-emission reduction and renewable power goals

* European Commission Energy

“Green building has risen rapidly up the agenda in recent years, but that hasn’t translated into mainstream delivery. Good practice is the exception, not the norm. Now is the time for action.” 

- UK Green Building Council

“Now is the Time for Action” - UKGBC



UK sees potential in high performance green building approach

Biggest opportunity is with existing buildings

1 billion square meters of commercial space across Europe

Large cost saving potential for energy improvements

Retrofit enables 20-50% energy and operating cost savings

Potential job creation

Up to 3 million new “green” jobs can be created (

Ability to reduce environmental impact

Retrofit can reduce European greenhouse gas emissions by ~ 12% (

Proven technology, low risk retrofit approaches and financing are available to public and private entities

What this Means for Furthering Energy Efficiency

Improving existing building performance is key to achieving EU objectives of reducing energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions 20% by 2020

High performance buildings:

Are safe, comfortable and efficient

Help owners and occupants achieve business missions

Use a unique methodology – combining financial, operating and energy analysis with specialized services and available financing

Performance standards are created, measured and continually validated to deliver established outcomes

Complement LEED, BREEAM, ASHRAE and other widely accepted standards and guidelines

Meet specific standards for energy and water use, system reliability and uptime, environmental compliance, occupant comfort and safety and other success factors

High Performance Buildings Defined

High performance buildings deliver optimal efficiency, reliability, value and comfort


Goal is to Enhance Operational Effectiveness

High performance buildings are designed, constructed, operated and maintained to enhance organization and occupant effectiveness

  • Providing a safer, healthier, more comfortable environment
  • Operating reliably with minimum unscheduled downtime and fast recovery
  • Maintaining performance within acceptable tolerances throughout their lifespan
  • Enhancing organization and occupant performance, retaining/increasing value and adding luster to the organization’s brand and reputation
Typical buildings have occupied lives of 50-75 years or longer

Operating costs typically account for 60-85% of building lifecycle costs – compared to 5-10% for design and construction costs

High performance buildings reduce lifecycle costs so organizations can invest in other priorities and make buildings “assets” instead of “expenses”

Performance standards are created, measured and continually validated to deliver desired outcomes

Standards based on desired performance levels and industry benchmarks are typically set for:

Energy and water consumption

System reliability

Environmental compliance

Occupant health, safety and comfort

A Whole Building, Whole Lifecycle Approach

Sizeable opportunities to improve the performance of existing structures


Maintenance Innovations Enable Performance

Holistic, technology-enabled, knowledge-based approach is integral to establishing and sustaining standards throughout a building’s occupied lifespan

  • Embracing predictive building maintenance strategies
  • Establishing and maintaining sound operating metrics
  • Adopting performance-based service concepts

A poorly designed building operated and maintained effectively outperforms a well-designed building with poor operating and maintenance practices


Determine Driving Factors for Change

  • Every business, building and project is unique
  • Modeling begins with understanding:
    • Organization’s mission
    • Specific goals and objectives
    • Appetite for risk

Building mission and use determine investment strategy

For example:

Identify and Quantify Mission-Critical Factors

Consider the cost of a building failure on operations and stakeholders

Assemble a team

Choose a qualified energy services partner with local experience vs. “free” auditing services

Define program objectives

Reduce operating costs

Increase operational performance

Improve occupant comfort and safety

Enhance employee productivity

Achieve environmental certification

Conduct a Critical Building Systems Audit

Build an energy management team with buy-in from key internal stakeholders, including owners, managers and department heads


Gather Relevant Data and Make Comparisons

  • Determine current level of performance of key building systems: HVAC, lighting, water, electrical, others
  • Gather 3-5 years of actual energy cost data
  • Use actual data to estimate annual cost of planned and unplanned maintenance
  • Compare actual costs against industry averages and best-in-class performance

Annual energy cost/sq ft


Determine Changes That Make Financial Sense

Taking a lifecycle, whole-building approach offers the best long-term ROI


Top 25 Energy Conservation Measures

  • Many, many Energy Conservation Measure (ECM) technologies and applications  need a methodology to assess and rate
  • Methodology developed using Six Sigma analysis processes and tools
  • Evaluation process based on 5 key customer and Trane “importance factors”
    • Savings potential, Practicality, Commercial viability, Risk management, Business differentiation
  • Score of 0-100% with 100% being the best ranking

Use Six Sigma methodology to select energy measures


Consider All High Performance Building Benefits

  • Human performance – Studies show high performance buildings enhance occupant productivity, comfort and morale
  • Organizational performance – High performance buildings enable organizations to apply their resources to other priorities and improve results
  • Property values – High performance buildings command premium rents, enjoy higher occupancy rates and sell for more on the open market
  • Brand and reputation – High performance buildings help organizations attract and retain employees, students, customers and community supporters
Trane High Performance Buildings Capabilities:Organizations Achieve Financial, Sustainability and Productivity Goals
total lifecycle solutions
Total Lifecycle Solutions




Renovate and modernize

trane offers across europe
Trane Offers Across Europe

Understanding EU and national regulations and requirements

Designing efficient HVAC installations

Identifying measures to improve HVAC efficiency, reduce operating costs

Developing customer-specific solutions to boost efficiency, productivity and mission effectiveness

Providing country-specific inspection services for Energy Performance Buildings Directive compliance

Replacing and retrofitting R22 equipment

We make the High Performance Buildings concept tangible and real

Country-specific offerings for new buildings, major refurbishments and existing installations

Growing our high performance building capabilities in UK and across Europe

trane offers in the united kingdom
Trane Offers in the United Kingdom

Energy modeling to simulate conservation measures, collect data and analyze savings

Whole-building, whole-lifecycle system performance assessments

Predictive maintenance solutions that tie building performance to mission and operating objectives

Turnkey solutions to improve energy efficiency at every phase from design through service

More mature High Performance Building offering

Incorporating analysis and planning, energy procurement and energy conservation

Improvements to existing buildings can achieve major cost savings


Next Steps in Evolution: Trane Intelligent Services

Leverages an existing facility’s investments by using technology to access operational data and optimize building performance

  • Benchmarking current building performance
  • Using custom analytics to provide performance improvement recommendations
  • Performing recommended actions to meet business needs
  • Continuously monitoring and analyzing data against operating benchmarks
  • Documenting progress toward high performance building status

Growing Trane Intelligent Services capabilities in UK and across Europe

new ways to think about service
New Ways to Think About Service


Moment-in-time view

Human intelligence – best individual

Low tech

Reactive, corrective

Truck-based, slow response

Word of mouth benefits

Leveraging technology to create a whole-building, total-lifecycle, knowledge-based approach to establishing and maintaining performance standards

Service Today

Service Tomorrow

  • Component & system-based
  • Continuous (past & present)
  • Collaborative “brain trust” + human intelligence
  • Leverage technology
  • Proactive, preemptive, predictive
  • Immediate access, automated
  • Performance scorecard

Taking a holistic, technology-enabled approach to high performance


Trane Care customer with needs including: environment, efficiency, reliability improvement


Implemented Trane Care, a unique service package for high performance buildings, including:

Refrigerant retrofit

Renewal of compressors, heat exchangers and other key HVAC system elements

Long-term lifecycle management

High Performance Building Case Study

Royal London Hospital

  • Reduced lifecycle operating costs
  • Improved HVAC system performance and reliabilty
  • Reduced risk of environmental problems

Addressing building owner needs with service innovation


Customer looking to optimize HVAC performance, reduce costs and environmental emissions


Worked with consulting partner to evaluate needs in line with operational goals and recommend ECMs:

State-of-the-art monitoring and performance optimizing software

Two high-performance heat pumps

Innovative thermal energy storage system to reduce cooling costs

District heating

High Performance Building Case Study

World Trade Center Amsterdam

  • Estimated 25% reduction in annual energy costs
  • Anticipated 33% reduction in carbon emissions

Improved comfort level for occupants, resulting in fewer comfort calls


Trane customer looking to save energy, reduce environmental impact and improve plant productivity


Analyze building systems, energy use and impact on operational goals

Recommend mission-focused ECMs

Design and install upgrades

More efficient chilled water system

State-of-the-art building automation system

Long-term service/waranty agreement

High Performance Building Case Study

Transitions Optical – Tuam, Ireland

  • Upgrades helped company reduce production costs
  • Estimated 130,000 Euros in annual energy cost savings

Created a more productive, efficient facility for the company and employees


Trane customer committed to reducing energy use, operating costs and environmental impact


Analyze energy and environmental performance

Recommend mission-focused ECMs

Design and install upgrades

New chilled water system

Centralized control system

High Performance Building Case Study

P.P. Porty Lotnicze Terminal – Warsaw Chopin Airport

  • Enough energy savings over 10 years to power a city of 11,000 for a year

Created a more comfortable, efficient environment for passengers


605-room hotel determined to reduce energy use and environmental footprint while ensuring guest comfort and staff productivity


Comprehensive energy analysis

Energy conservation measures

High-efficiency chilled water system

Remotely accessible building automation system

Ongoing maintenance program

High Performance Building Case Study

Sofitel London Heathrow

  • Physical environment linked to hotel mission
  • Estimated 15% reduction in energy use
  • Additional benefits are anticipated

Linking building performance to guest comfort, employee productivity


Bottom-Line Case for High Performance Buildings

  • High Performance Buildings:
  • Drive bottom-line results with lifecycle savings and ROI
  • Link buildings’ performance to their unique missions
  • Help organizations meet new and emerging environmental requirements and goals
  • Create better places for people to work, learn, heal and live their lives
  • Make people and organizations more productive and efficient

Contact Information

Michel van RoozendaalVice President

Ingersoll Rand Climate Solutions

Europe, Middle East, India and Africa

  +32 2 746 1918