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Race Cars

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Race Cars. ECH Block Spring 2013. Phase 1- Experience and Knowledge. Our goal was to find out what the children know about race cars Our first lesson involved drawing a picture of what the cars looked like and sorting toy cars. Sorting Cars. Drawing Cars. KWLE Chart.

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race cars

Race Cars

ECH Block Spring 2013

phase 1 experience and knowledge
Phase 1- Experience and Knowledge
  • Our goal was to find out what the children know about race cars
  • Our first lesson involved drawing a picture of what the cars looked like and sorting toy cars

Sorting Cars

Drawing Cars

kwle chart
KWLE Chart
  • Our KWLE chart was moved to be horizontal
  • We would review previously taught information by asking the children the wondering/question.

K Portion

All Four parts of the KWLE Chart

word wall
Word Wall
  • We decided to create the word wall as a track for the car to be able to go around.
  • We also added photo’s for the children to match with the words.
  • Many of the children learned vocab through review more then using the word wall.
rebus chart
Rebus Chart
  • Created by Sara
  • Each child would take turns getting to put up a new number or certain number of race cars
  • By end of experience each child could say it on their own

5 Little Race Cars

phase 2 investigation
Phase 2- Investigation
  • Starting with a very concrete activity
  • The boys helped create the windows for our race car.
  • We worked on our culminating project throughout the project.
  • One of our earliest experience was with our expert visitor Mechanic Woody!
expert mechanic woody
Expert- Mechanic Woody
  • He came and showed the boys many things that surround the race car
  • Each boy got the chance to see what a Piston is like and we were able to have each boy to run to the Pistons and have the checkered flags waved

The boys feeling how thick the safety suit is

The different types of race flags

expert mechanic woody1
Expert- Mechanic Woody

Our class got a picture with Woody the Mechanic. He gave each child a NAPA racing hat and two sponsor stickers. (Not pictured: Lucian, he was absent due to illness).

Kaden drew these on the playground after woody showed them to us.

window nets
Window Nets!

Lucian, Patrick, and Kaden worked together to create this window net. Ryan is inspecting their net to make sure it is safe.

Ryan, Brian, and Kade worked together to create this window net.

constructing our own
Constructing Our Own

Below, Kaden built a “really fast” race car!

Above, Patrick, Lucian, and Kade built a race track out of foam blocks.

Above, Kade built a race car with a “rear wing”.

constructing our own cont
Constructing Our Own cont.

Above, Kade built a parking garage for all of his race cars to take a rest in. To the right, Ryan proudly shows off his car garage with many layers and even has a house on the top!

story time
Story Time!

We love books!

who s that lady
Who’s That Lady?

Girls can be race car drivers too!

phase 3 culmination
Phase 3- Culmination
  • As we created our race car throughout the project, we were thinking of ways the really bring everything together
  • The children all got he chance to take turns as different aspects of racing:
    • Driver
    • Tire Changer
    • Gas Filler
  • Each boy showed us what they learned of those jobs
our race car
Our Race Car

Sponsor Stickers

Window Net

Window and Wheel

role playing in the race car
Role Playing in the Race Car

Patrick and Kade filling the gas tank

Lucian Driving the Race Car

Ryan driving the Race Car and Kaden checking the front

role playing in the race car1
Role Playing in the Race Car

Patrick is driving the car, while Brain is Filling the gas tank and Ryan is changing the tires

Kaden is changing out the tire during the Pit stop

project approach your experience
Project Approach & your experience.
  • Very child-lead instruction: even though we did not get direct questions, we would build wondering off of the things they were talking about
  • A lot of fun and eye opening to spend time with the children- made so many new friend 
  • Interesting to see how the children learn and retain information
  • It was very cool to see how developmentally different the children were and how much the age of the child affects the teaching style
what did you learn
What did you learn?
  • Not every child learns the same way
  • Lesson plans take a long time and a lot of thought
  • No matter what you do you have an impact on the children's lives
  • Authentic/ Concrete experiences work the best
  • The children can get off task very easily, need to hold interest and move quickly
  • The teach has so many different roles, not just teaching curriculum
what went well
What went well?
  • Reading books to the children
  • Expert visit
  • Authentic items: Helmet, tire, trophy
  • Talking to the children one on one
  • Getting to know the children and how they interact with each other
  • The schedule of the day- children knew what was happening next
what would you change if you could
What would you change if you could?
  • The time of day/ time spent teaching: maybe scatter throughout the day
  • More talking to the parents face to face
  • More books!
  • Field trips!- going to an actual garage
  • The way circle is put together maybe do it in a larger area, so the children are not touching each other
how does the project approach match
How does the project approach match?
  • Putting the child first!
  • Involving the families with what we are doing in class: communication is key!
  • Learning in many different ways: classroom, community involvement, authentic experiences.
  • Structure to the day: schedule that must be followed
what time is it
What time is it?
  • You got it! Brain break time!

“How fast are you rolling”

  • Cross your arms
  • Put them in front of you (this is now your car engine)
  • To make your car go slow, make the engine turn slowly
  • Now make your engine go really fast so you can win the race!
we miss you boys already
We Miss You Boys Already!
  • It was so hard to say goodbye, but we’re glad we got to experience the past four weeks with our boys. 